jenny lee plastic surgeryApparently “plastic surgery enthusiast” is the new politically correct term for plastic surgery addicts, because that is what the TV show “The Insider” is calling Jenny Lee.

Jenny Lee is a 31 year old wannabe model/actress from Texas, that has undergone a ridiculous amount of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. She has had over 30 procedures including:

* Breast implants (twice)

* Cheek implants

* Chin implant

* Lip implants (3 times)

* Nose jobs (3 times)

* Breast lift (3 times)

* Liposuction on her arms, hips, thighs, stomach & knees

* A full body lift

* Botox injections

* Veneers

Unfortunately the only acting/modeling work that Jenny Lee gets is on talk shows to talk about how plastic she is, plastic surgery addiction and BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder). But apparently any attention is good attention for Jenny Lee, because even thought she admits to being addicted to enthusiastic about plastic surgery as well as acknowledging that she has Body Dismorphic Disorder, she has no plans to stop getting plastic surgery.

Jenny Lee – Plastic, posed and airbrushed:

jenny lee plastic surgery addict

Jenny Lee started off her plastic surgery journey by requesting the nose of Michael Jackson, jaw of Jennifer Aniston, profile of Jennifer Lopez and lips of Angelina Jolie. Seriously. She wants her nose to look like Michael Jackson. Wow…

Jenny Lee showing of her liposucked body:

jenny lee plastic surgery addict

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  • avatar Jenny Lee says:

    If you want to write about me, please email me so that I can give you the REAL facts. I actually HAVE acted, and HAVE modeled, and….GOTTEN PAID FOR IT! By the way you have got the list wrong…no chin implant…4 nose jobs, 3 sets of breast implants, left off a few parts that had lipo, and a brow lift. πŸ™‚

    Jenny Lee

    • avatar Spencer Rahal says:

      Hi Jenny

      I Just wanted to tell you that u look beautiful before and after your surgery
      People have said very rude things about your cosmetic enhancements and I think they are completely false
      You look the way you wanna look
      And people should have the common sense to accept that

      On another topic, I would like to ask you a question
      Are you a work in progress? Are you still planning more surgeries? If you are, which ones?
      Thank you very much

      Stay strong and healthy
      -Spencer πŸ™‚

    • avatar Cat says:

      Seriously? You search the internet for articles about yourself?

  • avatar Christie says:

    Jenny, I think you look FAB! If I had $80,000 to spend, I’d do it! In fact, I’m from Texas too and am wondering who your plastic surgeon it! Rock on girl! πŸ˜‰

  • avatar wendy says:

    When I look at this woman, i see someone in their forties. I am thirty five and I get much more compliments. I had no plasic surgeries and no one believes i am thirty. I do not think she looks in the mirror and if she does, her mind is lying to her.

  • avatar CC says:

    All that work and she still looks fugly. Her face is so loooong.

  • avatar marcos says:

    Wait wait wait, I didn’t know you could get lipo on your knees….that’s weird

  • avatar someone says:

    i have babysat for jenny and think she is a beautifull wonderfuull woman. she works for her money so i think she should do with it what she wants without people criticizing her. she is now a great mom of to wonderfull children. so STOP BEING MEAN

  • avatar samantha says:

    I think that people should stop talking crap about Jenny. Im sure if you counted things that you didnt like about your bodies you could probably count about 30 little things too. She just chooses to actually go out and alter them. So seriously she is not a freak and leave her alone.

    • avatar april says:

      Im all for self improvement and doing what makes you happy. Unfortunately, now that she has children,they see her constantly going in to improve on this and that. They see that their mother hates her self image which they share half their dna with. Do you honestly think they are not going to grow up and not have self image issues themselves? And even worse, i think she would probably encourage and even pay for them. Im 35, a recovering alcoholic and addict. I have some years to me but ive damn well earned them. The only thing that i would have fixed are my teeth and that is more to do with genetics than anything. Of course i am not fortunate enough to even have this done. She needs to love herself and teach her children to do the same.

  • avatar Sunny says:

    I honestly think you were already pretty before you started. But then the grass is always greener…. I bet your Mother looks at you and wonders where the daughter she gave birth to went to. ;p I feel more sorry for her.

  • avatar Cathy says:

    Tooooooo Fake…..

  • avatar Tara says:

    She needs to get a life, who cares if some guy didn’t think she was cute, and went crazy doing plastic surgery! You’re over done now lady, wake up there are bigger problems than your face, youre really fake looking u looked much better before.

  • avatar candy says:

    i don’t know if i like it or not. i mean she’s pretty but plastic looking.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    I just finished watching you on tv and I say more power to you. Girl believe me if I had the money to do everything you have done to your self I would maybe not do as much to myself but yeah I would totally get some work done. Just be careful because you have two beautiful children that need their mom around for a very long time. Good luck and stay beautiful….

  • avatar ak says:

    I hope she dies slowly and painfully

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    she destroyed her looks she looks like a doll and not in a good way

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    She can do what she wants but i think she has totally destroyed her looks she looks like a blow up doll

  • avatar mia says:

    I don’t think the writer of this site quite understands what Body Dysmorphic Disorder actually is. I suffer from it myself; it is similar to OCD. Its a serious mental illness with a very high suicide rate for sufferers.

  • avatar Nancy says:

    Jenny you are beautiful you don’t need anymore surgery. You had such an amazing and did not need a body lift. Perfection isn’t beautiful it’s boring. Being gorgeous like you are, with just a few insignicifcant “flaws” makes you human. Don’t destroy your character. Love what you have and show your children you can be happy with who you are.

  • avatar kelly says:

    wow!!!! i hane been watching best and worst celeb plastic surgerys and all i can say is step away from the knife, and take the sergeon off sped dial.jenny, you do not need anymore. you are going to melt in the sun if you keep this up.

  • avatar Karmen Sylvia says:

    Hi Jenny, I would like to say you are so wonderful and very beautiful. My goal is to follow your foot steps because I too would like to get my body scpulted. And on top of all of that, I would like to become a human barbie doll also and I like you very much.

  • avatar daniela says:

    jenny you are sssssooooooooooooo beautiful 4 me ,i do surgery me to but are not goot like you ……..peopel are gelose on you because your surgeri is briliant aperfect wark…good luke again on surgery

  • avatar Ganni says:

    She still looks beautiful!!!!!!

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    She is beautiful.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    People who make up bad things about jenny are just jelous of her because she’s prettier, smarter, and knows herself.I’m so sick and tired of people calling her names like ugly, cheap plastic, huchi mama, stupid plastic, dumbass, 100% plastic, ext. I’m so sick that I gained 20 pounds!I thing that she’s more beautiful than some 20 something year old girls that are being called sexy, hot, and goddesses!People that say things about her are so [email protected]#cking blind!I wish that people can see her beautiness!But instead there so bord of there lifes that they talk crap about her.I also thought that woman that had cancer because she had so much surgery was beautiful too.(I’m using past tence words because she died)People that say things about her are evil and I bet htat they were hye when they talk about her.

    Peace (only the people who say good things about Jenny)

    Up yours (to people that say bad things about her)


  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Jenny if you read my last e-mail and think that its creapy than please don’t sew me Jenny please.

  • avatar Ganni says:

    Ya don’t sew Whatittoya!

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    She’s still beautiful

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    The first time I saw Jenny I thought that she looked beautiful.She dosen’t look like if she had surgery (in a good way) so people who say bad things about her are bubble brains (in a bad way) or just being sarcastic (in a ? way).
    (If want to know more about jenny than go to or just go to her website)

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Her website is called
    Sorry that I didn’t type that before.

  • avatar raetsel says:

    looks older than 31 now because the plasticness is obvious. sad – i bet she was actually pretty before & can empathize with the disorder she has & just feel sorry for her. to me, though, this looks like another up-and-coming joan van ark disaster & almost there. stop before you look like that for god’s sakes. maybe the pictures i see are just bad pictures since everyone else is raving of beauty here (though i think it’s because the first post was by “Jenny Lee” and it is killing any hope of honesty – though the body, outside of the abnormally large boobs, does look good)

  • avatar To Jenny Lee says:

    You look like a freak from outer space!!!Sorry!!!!Not sexy at all!!!

  • avatar Sidra says:

    The overall proportions of her body are all messed up!! Her nose looks sucked in and her chin is way too big for her face. Also her thighs look shriveled up like an old lady’s

  • avatar Demonoid says:

    crazy assed ppl. so u think that u are prettier than her huh? post your videos and photos plz. the difference between you and her – is that she can afford to alter her body in a good way.
    but ppl – calm down – let us see your face and body first, cuz is very unfair poor old males and old ladies to spew hatred. i bet that u are all negro big “natural” mammas…. shake that KFC booties nappy mammas ^.^

  • avatar To Demonoid says:

    Well,I guess we have very different views of beauty,my dear.And NO,I’m not an ugly old lady.I’m a pretty young woman 30 years old.I don’t have silicon boobs,mine are small,but beleive me,I had planty of guys,who liked me that way.I have an athletic figure,round ass and great legs.I’m not a model,and not sexy as Gisel or Bar Rafaeli,but I never felt ugly with my self and never thought I needed any surgery.I really think that she’s ugly now,she was much prettier before all the surgeries.She did’nt know when to stop and now she looks like a weirdo.Sometimes it’s better to stay natural,or at least stop at one or two sergeries,but the biggest problem is that it’s very addictive.If you do one sergery and you like the result,you want the second and then the third and etc.The race after perfection costs people their healthy looks and physical condition.The become obsessed with their look,exactly like Jenny,and that is sick!!!

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    The Cologen made her chin look diffrent

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    Oml does it matter if she’s spent money to make herself look and feel better It’s not up to us to say she looks ugly or not It’s how she feels and to be honest as long as she’s a good Mum to her kids then that’s all that matters really, why are people hatin on her?
    I’m 23 young looking as I always get I.d but I think she looks close to my age so what she’s done has worked for her, I think the only reason why she had 3 boob ops is because one had either slipped into the muscle or had burst so she had to have reconstruction surgery so now she has to wear a bra 24/7 apart from showers she’ll tell you that herself all I say is good luck I hope your bein treated properly for BDO and good luck in the future and all the best, I hate it when people hate on them because they have sumthin nice about them, I’ve suffered with jealous girls all my life so I no how it feels and it can cut really deep.
    Best wishes hun
    Camille from Birmingham U.K

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    Lol did Demonoid just say that everyone on here is a old fat black lady? Hahaha go home and cut your wrists or something. You’re an idiot

  • avatar wendy says:

    OH MY GOD! Seriously…….STOP!!! I feel bad for Jenny! YIKES!!!!!!!

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She looks like a hotter version of Pamela Anderson.

  • avatar To ALEX13 says:

    She wished…

  • avatar millicent says:


  • avatar Alex13 says:

    I think that she looks more beautiful than Pamela Anderson

  • avatar Lisa says:

    She looks fake, older than she is, the body lift scars are terrible and the brow lift and lip injections look horrible too.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    “…She wants her nose to look like Michael Jackson.”

    Does she want it to be a really cool dancer as well (like MJ used to be), or it is OK if it just stays in one place (like MJ does now)?

  • avatar Karmen Sylvia says:

    Hello Jenny Lee, I would like to follow in your foot steps because you are so gorgeous. Could you help me, please?

  • avatar Brian2010 says:

    I met Jenny once and she’s a nice, sincere person.

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    Wow this chick looks a lot older than stated! So all that stuff really works how?

  • avatar Erin says:

    She was pretty to begin with. She looks like too much makeup now, but the surgery seems pretty good. I think heavy makeup and bleached hair can really age you. She would look really good if that was toned down. And by the way, people can’t help the shape of their face, I can’t believe how much it seems to bother some people.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    The lips & boobs are crazy & ridiculous! downsize those & STOP afterwards! Only then will you look good post plastic. You were stunning before you started this mess you crazy woman!

  • avatar Bill says:

    Little late here but I think she looks fabulous – a gorgeous face and a body to die for. Ignore the haters – all they live for is to complain.

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