Worlds Biggest Boobs – Maxi Mounds


The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Maxi Mounds as the body that houses that worlds largest breast implants:

Maxi Mounds

biggest boob maxi mounds record

Maxi Mounds has undergone plastic surgery to increase her bust size to 61MMM and each breast weights 20lbs. She has polypropylene string breast implants, which irritate the breast tissue, causing them to grow continuously as they fill with fluid. Gee that certainly sounds disgusting. String breast implants have been banned in the USA and Europe since 2001.

Maxi Mounds, the owner of the worlds biggests boobs, is a pornstar and featured stripper.

Worlds Biggest Boobs

biggest boob maxi mounds record

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  • avatar Georgia says:

    That is disturbing! How does that women’s skin not rip off her chest?

  • avatar pak31 says:

    It’s just wrong.

  • avatar Theisa says:

    Someone finds this attractive? I guess I will never understand men…

  • avatar Timothy Bryan says:

    Please note: this is one man who isn’t concerned over breast size as long as they’re natural. This is just wrong and really belongs in a freak show.

  • avatar Kellie Murray says:

    She should stop with breast surgery and fix her face because she looks like she ran into the back of a Mac truck!!

  • avatar Kim says:

    wow, that is disturbing. too bad more women out there just had a little bit of self esteem and self respect. disgusting….and I’m a liberal.

  • avatar fcuk says:

    This is no where near sexy. Just disgusting.

  • avatar Xtreme says:

    Shes hawt goooo Maxi!!! Its true though, not every guy likes big boobs.. some guys like little boys….

  • avatar Kandy says:

    Wow.Really? I think poster #8 (Xtreme) and Maxi Mounds would be a cute little trailer park porno couple (where we find out years later that “Xtreme” does prefer fucking little boys)…

  • avatar marcos says:

    Well, we definately know who must be having back problems 😛

  • avatar Seanette says:

    Timothy, my husband would actually agree with you. He says anything more than fits in his hands is too much for his taste. (Lucky for me, since I’m a B-cup.)

  • avatar little cute Emo says:

    OMG!!! this woman is just such f*cked up!!

  • I think Maxi Mounds is sexy, deal with it people! Maxi Mounds is so nice, very talented, sexy and very good at what she does. I want to cum on Maxi Mounds, she is so beautiful and sexy, nice smile, sexy big fucking tits, nice legs, nice feet, sexy big peachy ass, nice pretty pussy! Maxi Mounds, you are so sexy! I want to cum on Maxi Mounds’ face, huge tits and all over Maxi Mounds, and after that I would continue to cum on Maxi Mounds. Maxi Mounds is terrific and awesome!

  • Get Maxi Mounds’ dvds, I like Maxi Mounds’ dvds

  • avatar tim says:

    I too like Maxi Mounds, there were rumors of Maxi Mounds being wonder woman in a film or catwoman in the next Batman film, that would be so awesome to see as she is a great porn star

  • avatar Dan says:

    are these real?? how about Delany Decolleur..hers look too gorgeous to be real, but when she lays down they flatten out. Do they make them realistic these days?

  • avatar Miguel says:


  • avatar SolarPurple says:

    My brother took me with him and a buddy of his, to see this lady, a few years back. I was totally blown away!! I had never seen boobs that big before, nor since. She makes Mattel’s Barbie look in proportion. I have a 42c chest and I look flat next to her. At least I can say mine are natural. I hope she doesn’t have a blowout.

  • avatar Vera says:

    EWW. There is no WAY men find this attractive? Is there?…

  • avatar bibi says:

    like im sure if every girl goes for that silly strings operation, every girl will have boobs like that too right. she’s and (if im not wrong i think 2 other women) had this silly string operation and it got banned. so these 3 women are the only ones in the world to have this silly string and really huge boobs now.

  • avatar ShakableStew says:

    This is FUCKING GROSS!!!!!!

  • avatar Hayato says:

    oh my god, how does she live with herself…

  • avatar sharon says:

    omg she is so sick she’s got major mental problems…
    looks like her boobs are about to explode.
    if i woke up one day with boobs like those i would kill myself. i honestly would rather die than let ppl see me with those freaky things..

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Well I guess sanity is not for everyone.

  • avatar Jayde says:

    How does this woman even walk? How can she dress or sit at a table to eat or anything?
    It’s actually creepy.

  • avatar Merary says:

    I thought Sheyla Almeida and Sabrina Sabrok were the most biggest boobs.

    I guess i’m wrong.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    She needs more silcione implants because her boobs are small.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Her boobs are huge and it’s disterbing.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    I was just kidding about her boobs being to small.

  • avatar emily says:

    Well, ya know, as the saying goes, more than a bucketfull is a waste… or something like that. lol.

  • avatar KCK says:

    Shame she didn’t spend the money on her face instead……………

  • avatar josie says:

    What most people don’t know is that “Maxi” was diagnosed with a staph infection 2 years ago in one one of her breasts. She had all of the “silly string” removed, and had a huge flap of skin there for about a year. She then tried different legal implants that leaked and / or did not work due to her mutilation with the original string implants. Her career is now over and she tries to live off her website , dvds, and what she already has in the can. Don’t ask me how I know, let’s just say that I do. It is not worth it!

  • avatar Donnie says:

    I think it’s wonderful that she’s done all that just to shield small children and midgets from the rain.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    “Maxi Mounds, the owner of the worlds biggests boobs, is a pornstar and featured stripper.”

    Amazing revelation! Who’d have thought it? For a moment I thought I was looking at a proctologist.

  • avatar Nikki says:

    This what we get when we live in a society that feeds our need for attention by rewarding bizarre behavior.

  • avatar Irma says:

    well i have Dcups but still these looks gross i mean my boobs look pretty hot but this is nothing but disgusting i mean even im not comfy sometimes. how does she get along with those :S

  • avatar Cheyenne says:

    I have naturally heavy 34DD cups, and have had them since I was 13. I don’t understand why people like them , or pay for them. They hurt your back like no other. But, mine do look firm and soft, and are very nice, These are disgusting. She can do whatever makes her happy, it’s her business….But no man finds this attractive(I hope).

  • avatar kenneth says:

    she wonderful how i get the dvd

  • avatar whappy says:

    Males who find this attractive are the same ones who keep the penis enlargement industry alive. Dumber than a box of rocks.

  • avatar boobmaster says:


  • avatar boobmaster says:

    or is that even what i should call them. theyre more like extra large balloons full of jello

  • avatar boobmaster says:

    i kinda wanna feel them

  • avatar The One says:

    Any guy that says they don’t like big boobs is just lying. And to any women that their husband, boyfriend etc says that small is better it’s because you have small tits. Get over it.. He would LOVE if you got implants and bounced those things in his face.

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