Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery


Liza Minelli certainly is looking very surprised nowadays. It appears that she has had a brow lift and/or a facelift as well as an eyelift (blepharoplasty) and quite possibly some botox.

Liza Minnelli before plastic surgery

Liza Minelli before plastic surgery

Liza Minnelli after plastic surgery

Liza Minelli after plastic surgery

Liza Minelli is 62 years old, and she no longer has under eye bags or wrinkles and her eyebrows are noticably much higher up on her forehead, which is a telltale sign of an aggressive face/brow lift. With all the cosmetic work she’s had done, I’m a bit surprised at the condition of her teeth. She looks like she could use a good teeth whitening treatment, or veneers to fix the deep stains on her front teeth.

Not only has Liza Minnelli been a recipient of bad plastic surgery, but according to Liza’s ex husband, David Gest, Liza is also a “violent alcoholic with herpes”. Yikes!

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  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    The only problem is that, in your “BEFORE PLASTIC SURGERY” photos, she had already had quite a bit of work done.

  • avatar angelica says:

    i think she looks great
    atleast from this picture it not over done at all
    she looks 45
    it’s maybe the makeup you think is over done
    the teeth can be whitened

  • avatar laurie says:

    I think she looks amazing. You will always have those people who have something negative to say – because they are insecure with themselves

  • avatar Les says:

    Liza Minnelli is the best performer who ever lived. She is a talented, generous, accomplished person… she has triumphed on stage, screen, television, and in the recording industry. She is truly beautiful… that shines from the inside of her and is undeniable.

    • avatar morganleigh says:

      wrong! her mom was better. i can’t imagine all she would have done if only MGM hadn’t abused its child actors.

  • avatar Helen says:

    She looks beautiful! However, yes you are right, she needs a teeth whitening treatment as those 2 front teeth look quite dirty indeed. and YOY? haha.

  • avatar barbara says:

    saw her in person and got a pic with her. She is a truly terrific person who was not a bit snobby but rather down to earth. Let us not forget that beauty is within and if that’s the case then she is the next americas top model… teeth…plastic or no plastic surgery!! she is an icon with one of kind talent that will never be matched!

  • avatar kelly says:

    Liza Minnelli is an ugly person,she is old,fat and disgusting.She has always been ugly,if you think otherwise you are blind.I hate her

  • avatar Marysia_Too says:

    I think she looks pretty good. Her eyebrows are thinner which may be making them look “higher.” However, if ever anyone needed a nose job, it was her. From the front, from the side – it made her look like she was wearing a clown bulb nose.

    • avatar SHARON says:


  • avatar Marysia_Too says:

    And also, her foundation is much too light for her skin tone. She looks like she has white paint on.

  • avatar emily says:

    All I know is that she was incredible on arrested development… her face fits the character soo well

  • avatar judy york says:

    Who cares what we think? The career speaks for itself.

  • avatar BARBARA says:

    I THINK LIZA LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar c pike says:

    i absolutely LOVE liza…she looks great. she always has and always will!!!!!

  • avatar c pike says:

    kelly….eat dirt!!!

  • avatar liz says:

    Kelly-you are a nasty person-how can you hate someone you dont even know for no reason??you are a sicko!

  • avatar claire allen says:

    The “After’ pics look more like badly photoshopped
    publicity photos given to the media.
    Recent shots I’ve seen show her face and neck looking a lot more haggard.

  • avatar michael funk says:

    liza is totally fabulous beyond belief and she is total glamour and mind blowing talent in fact an iconic and more than legendary than do not make women like this anymore im her utilmate fan and my love for liza will never die liza ill follow you anywhere anybody who does not love you needs to get some windex and clean ur glasses to those haters u wish you were liza like you said liza on joy behar why you thought yourself and your mom were such gay icons and immediately responded well because they have good taste thank you darling i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart take care catch you again on your next tour stop

  • avatar dora glasberg says:

    I agree with Claire Allen
    Definitely lousy retouching which kinda make all this cosmetic surgery speculation, just silly.
    Either someone is accused of work, who never had it, or if they admit to work, it’s always termed BAD.
    I think you guys need a life.

  • avatar anne bartee says:

    I saw liza on Oprah and her face and body movements are plastic ,, her face hardly moves and her voice is shot,, she hardly made the high notes and tried to disguise them with body movements and jumping off the high notes fast,, no ,, plastic and phoney was her conversation with oprah,, same old songs and same old bling outfits ,, she should update her act on stage ,, it is like someone singing Stormy Weather which is a bar room drunk song,,, no ,,, not good ,,, looks and vocals are not up to her great past performances ,,, it is over ,,, retire ,,anne bartee

  • avatar Sue K says:

    Kelly is very rude and must be very young, hasn’t gone through life and hard work!!!!!Kellys day will come, one day she will wake up and say what happened to my face and body?????? TIME!!!!!!!!!thats what!!…I never thought it would happen to me, but it did!!! and I am a year older than Liza , I still have a lot my head, I’m still in my 30’s.. but time and my body don’t agree…. I give Liza props!!!! She looks great!!!!! I wish I could afford to have a few things done , but I don’t have the extra money,,,,I would love to have my teeth fixed, can’t afford that either….lucky that Liza can afford it…and her teeth are an easy fix…KEEP SINGING AND DANCING LIZA , YOU’RE GREAT!!!!!A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

  • avatar estatesalelover says:

    I think her after face looks horrible. She looks like a freak. I don’t know why some of these people can’t see it. I thought she looked great before. Now, her eyes and brows are stretched unnaturally high and to the side. I knew she had had plastic surgery when I saw her on the Apprentice and I also thought she was probably close to 70 years old. I was surprised that she is only 63. Maybe her face will settle in. She shouldn’t have any more work done.

    • avatar Kelly says:

      I never thought she was attractive but now she does look freakish. Looks like she can’t even move her face. She must not have had lipo she is still fat

  • avatar Diane says:

    Do we really care what she looks like? Really, folks. I know someone
    who knows her very well and she tells me that Liza Minelli is a very
    kind human being. Having amazing talent and energy is one thing; being
    a kind human being is harder to strive for and from what I hear, she’s
    all that and more.

  • avatar tit says:

    oh! Elvira’s had her hair cunt! I mean cut!! I suppose exploded hips will keep one a permanent mistress of the downright dark!.

  • avatar GloriaW says:

    I think she looks good. I think she would look nice even without the plastic surgery. At 60 plus, she can do anything that she wants to. Just saw her perform on the TV Land Awards and she gets around better than a lot of young people. Go Liza!!!

  • avatar Mike Bee says:

    Liza is REAL. A little touch-up here or there has nothing to do with her HEART or her SOUL. The lady is truly a legend because of immense talent as both an actress and a singer. Leave her alone, juvenile jerks!

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