Kim Kardashian Had Her Nose Done


Everyone is so busy debating if Kim Kardashian has butt implants or breast implants, that her nose job has been totally unnoticed. Or, maybe it’s because every kid growing up in Hollywood has a least one nose job…

Kim Kardashian before rhinoplasty:

kim kardashian nose job plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian after rhinoplasty:

kim kardashian nose job plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian is Armenian and used to have a nose that matched her ethnicity. It appears that Kim had a nose job in 2007, right before she became well known for…hanging out with Paris Hilton and having a huge ass.

Kim before and after her nose job:

kim kardashian nose job plastic surgery

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  • avatar Georgia says:

    Kim certainly didn’t look bad before, but her nose is more refined looking now. Not bad.

  • avatar DK says:

    With an ass like that, whos lookin at her face!

  • avatar Mike says:

    Her nose job looks good. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s a fat trust fund slut

    • avatar bitch says:

      Fat and a slut ur a freakin retarde ur just a HATER so go eff ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • avatar true ppl rule says:

        she is fake, she makes money by her mom pimping her and her sisters out. She got famous for a sex tape and trying to be a fame HO by hanging out with Paris Hilton, who is also a fame ho, even though she is a Hilton…Kim is NOT a good role model for kids, she did playboy, shows up half naked on all magazines, has no talent her one movie is a one star rating, she dates around more then most prostitutes do….her face is so fake now she looks plastic, she is nothing more then NOTHING…a flash in the pan, no talent, no personality…fat butt etc. once age starts setting in she will no doubt become extremely obsessed about her failing looks and hate life….such is life with the SUPERFICIAL fame ho’s like her…this is the truth!

        • avatar Scarlet says:

          Hey “bitch”. You’re telling other people to not be haters by telling them to go fuck themselves…? You should have thought that one through. Makes you look like the retard.

  • avatar Stef says:

    It appears that she may have had work on her under eyes as well. Or, it could just be the 10lbs of makeup that she religiously wears every day now. She is a very exotically pretty girl and I think she looks better without all the face paint. I think her face was more interesting before the nosejob, but everyone wants what they don’t have. In this case a typical “western” style nose.

  • avatar toxic says:

    this is bullshit. taking pictures from different angles does not justify somebody with no life’s opinion that kim kardashian had a nose job. her nose looks the same.

  • avatar cc says:

    we should all just stop p[paying her attention.. she wasn’t famous before her plastic surgery..why should a big fake but and all the tricks of the trade make her? with out the attention she gets for her butt she is a nobody with money. If ya dont like her ignore her, dont watch her show, dont go on her website, dont give her the publicity and she will go back to the surgeons table where she came from!

  • avatar Zoey says:

    I find it funny that people miss the cheek implants, it’s really obvious to me. Notice that they are slighly more defined, and more triangular. I think her’s were well done and match her face well.

  • avatar Chelsey says:

    I’m just sick of this girl in general but I do not think she has had a nose job, I’m pretty sure that she openly admitted to getting breast implants

  • avatar lol says:

    it’s fine if she was n’t happy with her absolutely-Indian features.. But why lie about it.. A bit sad because there is so much material to compare.. The rumours only get worse.. In her disadvantage
    Nobody likes Big-fat -liars

    • avatar Kristin says:

      Umm KimK isn’t Indian you retard. She is Armenian, which happens to be one of the oldest group of Caucasion people. Armenia is in the heart of the Caucaus mountain range, hence the term caucasion people. Also Armenians are the first Nation to accept Christianity. Religiously speaking, Noah landed his Ark on Mt. Ararat in Armenia, after the earth was flooded and man kind died. Once Noah repopulated the Earth, these first people are known as Armenians. Religiously speaking they are the oldest ansestors we have to Noah.

      • avatar not her real nose says:

        who gives a crap about armenians? no one cares about your stupid and unnecessary lecture on armenians. Half the thing you typed is not even true. You just made up crap to make armenians sound good but here is one FACT: armenia is a 3rld world country with the hairiest people. Armenians are also backstabbers and snake of humanity as beautifully put by russian and persian poets.

      • avatar mema says:

        I take offence to your Choice of the word Retard! You should be ashamed of yourself and spouting Christianity on top of it. God does not make mistake’s, we do! You should use a little PC, when defending one group of people & offending another!!!!

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    If we stop talking about her will she go away?

  • avatar Cris eats shit says:

    fake ass sluttt. i agree sex toy she isn’t a real celeb she has no talent. true lol but she’s not indian even tho she looks like a 1

  • avatar Cris eats shit says:

    i agree cc!!!!

  • avatar Lucina says:

    She hasn’t done a nose job. These pictures are taken from different sides. I have a little bump on my nose, just like Kim Kardashian’s. Read this for more clarity about Kim’s so called nose job:

    • avatar 1223 says:

      Really? i dont think so, in the pictures her nose look completely different and in a magerzine i recently read it had pictures of her from different years and in every pic she look different , it is really obvious that she has had plastic surgery and not just on her nose..

      • avatar shut up kim says:

        kim, you need to stop looking yourself on the internet to defend yourself. You had several nose jobs. You used to have your dad’s huge, tucan-like nose (which we can’t see on this page).

  • avatar GiaRex says:

    I highly doubt the nose job…the butt job is also unlikely to me…she has very big hips ad a big butt wouldnt be abnormal. I think the reason it looks so elevated is because she wears body shapers under dresses.
    Does anyone else think she may have had her lips done? I think she uses collagen or restylane.
    As far as the lovely Kim, I think she’s only gotten her boobs and lips done.

  • avatar Tina says:

    Sadly i actually believed her until i saw these photos. I was on her side, but she got a nose job

  • avatar Caroline says:

    I can’t really see it…there is a slight difference, but people’s noses can change…mine has (albeit larger, not smaller).

  • avatar Dan says:

    She didn’t have a nose job. She’s the hottest woman in the world. It looks like the same nose! Girls are so stupid, guys don’t even look at noses.

  • avatar Alex says:

    Shes not indian shes Armenian. Idiots

    • avatar midgetpornslut says:

      did you think kris jenner is armenian ?
      that’s her mother , she’s ENGLISH /IRISH ..
      dada is 3rd generation armenian who never even visited the country ..
      you are the idiot if you think she is armenian ..

  • avatar mark says:

    indians aren’t that hot..

  • avatar Ell says:

    i dont think shes actually got a nose job the pictures of her nose look completly the same so i dont think shes had a nose job.

  • avatar cutiee says:


  • avatar beckers says:

    Didn’t think she had nose surgery but i’m sorry these pics prove it.

  • avatar none of ur business says:

    SHUT UP…mark!!!!!! Indians are beautiful and they don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful. For them, it comes NATURALLY!!!!!!!

  • avatar Shelli says:

    Kim is probably telling the truth about not having buttock implants, but has anyone asked her if she’s had fat transferred to her buttock regions? One can have fat they’ve had removed injected into different regions of their body. I have seen before and after side shots of Kim, and her rear end is definitely much larger. I have also seen before and after pictures of Kim’s nose, and it’s more than obvious she’s had work done on that as well.

    I wish people in Hollywood would stop lying about the procedures they’ve had done. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change one’s self. Just be honest about having the desire to do so.

  • avatar Anne says:

    I can’t know the ages of the commenters who see irrefutable evidence of Kim Kardashian’s nose job/cheek implants – but if they’re largely in their early 20s, that may account for their perspective. As someone nearing 40, my nose, eyes, and cheeks have changed quite a bit since my early 20s, and I’ve not had any plastic surgery or dramatic weight loss or gain. Collagen decreases, the skin looses its suppleness, and for some of us, that’s a good thing, revealing a nicer shaped nose or cheekbones – for others, we look a bit gaunt. I think age is working well for Ms. Kardashian, and can’t see a nose job/cheek implants. I have no thoughts about the lipo/butt implant question, but her facial features seem to be maturing well.

  • avatar muzabella says:

    she looks like an ugly witch..

  • avatar shea says:

    y yall gotta hate on kim shes beautiful and everyone just wants to be her! stop nit-picking who really cares? i wish i looked like her shes sooo pretty.

  • avatar moi says:

    it’s obvious she had the tip and the bridge of her nose shaved/reduced. you can especially tell by looking at the bridge, it is now straight/flat, where before it was curved.

    honestly, I liked her nose before, there was nothing wring with it and it gave her more character. still a beautiful girl.

    • avatar Leeza says:

      lol All the guys say “it gave character” online, but in person, they make fun of it. Anyway, the nose was a good change. She just refined it instead of chopping it all off. I’ve had a similar procedure done and couldn’t be happier with the results. Humps on noses don’t flatter most women.

  • avatar barbie says:

    I think she has had stuff done for sure. Its obvious. She is a beautiful girl but to tell people its all real is wrong. There is nothing wrong with the plastic surgery she did but to not tell the truth about it is wrong especially when little girls look up to her and her beauty. She has been known to lie first with the sex tape and even her own family on their show says she tells white lies. and she got caught in them numerous times. wish she would just tell the truth nothing wrong with what she did but now she will look stupid if she does admit to it.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    It may be plastic surgery, it may be augmented, it may be not. Fact is, though, KK like so many of her kind push the concept that it’s what the girl looks like that is important. You would think that there were hordes of guys waiting in line to bang and/or marry her.
    But there ain’t.

    Maybe she looks good, maybe she’s a traditionally dumb bimbo.

  • avatar Kyle says:

    Are people serious? Her nose looks exactly the same. If you watch recent episodes of keepign up w/ the kardashians she still has that same bump that you claim she got rid of. Have you ever heard of photoshop, my lord. Either way, your nose does get more refined well into your 20’s and 30’s. Most fat teen noses turn into refined thinner noses by their 20’s(see scarlet j)
    The cheek implants are also absurd, your cheeks get more defined as you age. It’s a known fact.

  • avatar Kyle says:

    Btw, well said Anne.

  • avatar Paige says:

    It looks like she had a slight nose job.
    Im armenian and we are kinda self concious about our noses so who the hell cares if she got a nose job.

  • avatar not her real nose says:

    It’s NOT her real nose in the “before” pictures. She’s had several nose jobs. This is her real nose (notice how much it looks like her dad’s):

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Wow maybe if I was born into a well to do family in California, I’d be able to afford to plastic surgery on my 5’9″ tall frame & be a super model like her too (I certainly hope that I wouldn’t have to “accidentally leak” a sex tape for it though! I don’t know, I’m pretyy happy without money & would hate the world scrutinizing my every move!

  • avatar Truth says:

    That is her second nose job in the After picture. Check out her nose when she was 16 years old, it had a very large bump and thick at the top between her eyes, then she got a fairly decent and natural nose job, then she took it to the ultra feminine nose a second time.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She took the Armenian right out of her!

  • avatar MedullaPancreas says:

    Kim looks way worse now. She looks like Latoya Jackson. What a sick and idle mind with too much money. Most pussy guys like fake shit, like blow up dolls and fleshlights! A real man is repulsed by these things. If you ain’t then you just aint a real man.

  • avatar Craig says:

    Oh, man. People defending her by stating that her nose looks “exactly the same”, either have very poor spacial perception skills, or are simply stupid. There was a bump, and now there is not. Can’t get much more simple that that.

    “Noses change over time”. Yes, they do. FROM TEENAGE TO ADULT YEARS! A bump in the nose, regardless of age, doesn’t magically disappear. Especially that of a fully grown adult within a two year period. If anything it becomes more pronounced as one gets older, as the skin begins to lose elasticity and fat under the surface layer of skin. Ridiculous.

    Her lips are huge compared to what they once were, and I find it hard to believe that Kim happens to be the only Kardashian with an ass that abnormally large. It’s not just big. It’s massive for someone her size. Neither the mom or any of the sisters come even CLOSE. It’s fake. And the fact that she denies having anything done other than Botox is irresponsible and ridiculous. She makes me nauseous.

  • avatar brooke says:

    I have to comment on the person saying that noses do not change. My nose has changed every decade. I look exactly like my mother at 30. My mother looks exactly like her mother at 60. My nose has gotten dramatically straighter. It was extremely upturned in my early teens. It started getting smaller and straighter like my mothers.

    My mother’s nose mimicked her mother’s nose as well. It starts loosing the bridge (we don’t do drugs), as did my grandmother as she started to age.

    I don’t think Kim’s nose looks different. Sorry.

  • avatar midgetpornslut says:

    a nose only grows with age plain & simple ..
    but any bimbo with half a brain can certainly compare her before & after schnazz …
    before the schnazz bridge was MUCH higher with a large bump & ‘hook ‘ ..
    it’s pretty obvious in any ol’ foto ..
    in fact she has had her nose done several times ..
    this last time , the bridge has been shaved down sooo much she can’t hold up sunglasses ..
    but photslop is her best friend ..
    the lying about her height & making khloe look like a giant is hilarious …
    all of them even pimpmama are the same height ..
    kourtney & kim are overstyled midgets ..
    kims ass is 3 inches off the floor & if she takes the 8 inch platforms off , it will drop like the ton of lard that it is ..
    phony hair , ugly hands , short tiny legs , shoveled on make-up over a pimply face …
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..
    sorry LOL ..
    doubt anybody will be wanting to date that skank anytime soon ..
    i doubt she has a friend in the world …
    buh-bye dear , you are DUNZO ….

  • avatar midgetpornslut says:

    nice try though ! LOL
    check out the porn stills with ray J tongueing that are all over the media gossip rags ..
    it’s disgustin’ & her nose in all it’s ethnic splendor is there for ALL to see …
    650, 000 is it now already at the boycott ??!!!
    that’s great !
    the stink of greed & piss has become unbearable ..

  • avatar Qui con says:

    She is just like a prostitute she sells her body and she makes a good living off it case closed.

  • avatar shakeara says:

    u all need to leve her am in love with u.

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