Jenny Lee Before & After $80,000 of Plastic Surgery


Here are the before and after pictures of Jenny Lee, a plastic surgery addict, who has spent over $80,000 on plastic surgery.

Jenny Lee Before & After Plastic Surgery

jenny lee before plastic surgery

Jenny is so obsessed with her appearance that she had a brow lift at age 25, along with a laundry list of other procedures, including a nose job to make her nose look like Michael Jacksons. She even recently underwent a full body lift, which is a major surgery normally reserved for obese people that have lost over 100lbs and have excess skin that needs to be removed.


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  • avatar Stef says:

    After plastic surgery she looks like a barbie, but not in a good or flattering way. She looks totallt plastic and really creepy. Yuck.

  • avatar Jenny Lee says:

    Who ever posted this needs to contact me, as they are reporting false information. Ihave never had a chin implant, I have had 3 brest augs, 3 breast lifts, 4 nose jobs, and there are other things missing on this list. If you are going to report on it, at least get it rght.

    Jenny Lee….by the way….ther are no airbrushed pictures….sorry. that is exactly the way I photograph. What is there to airbrush?

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    She could have just died her hair blonde and been far more attractive than she was post slash-and-stitch.

    And to Jenny Lee- don’t act like your disorder and sinful waste of money is something to be proud of. You’re a mess.

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    “Dyed”. Freudian slip.

  • avatar That Girl says:

    that is so sad! She was vibrant looking and fresh faced before, like jennifer garner or amy jo johnson or something. lovely. Now she looks.. not as nice IMO. But it if makes *her* feel batter, its all good. Sometimes it’s not how *other* people see you but how you see yourself, you know? as long as she’s truly happy

  • avatar pak31 says:

    Her nose looks awful as does her eyebrows etc. People like this amaze me. They spend all their life reconstructing their outsides when what really matters is what you are on the inside. If you love yourself you would not need all that surgery. Sad really.

  • avatar Theisa says:

    I saw this women on a talk show a while back. Poor thing is a mess (mentally and surgically). She has children (a little girl, I think) and if she doesn;t get help, they are going to end up as messed us as she is.

  • avatar Jenny Drawq says:

    She looked like a transvestite before and now she looks like a wax figure in a freak show. I can’t honestly say what looks worse in her case.

  • avatar Alicia says:

    My Lord. She looked soooo beautiful before she had all that surgery. She looked absolutely stunning- a dead ringer for Julia Roberts. I feel so bad that she felt she wasn’t good enough. God bless her.

  • avatar fcuk says:

    wtf? She might as well die. Fake creepy bitch. I mean just look at her. Holly shit.

  • avatar AdAmZ says:

    I thought the after pic was a joke at first. She looks like a freakin’ plastic blow-up doll!

  • avatar AdAmZ says:

    HaHaHaHa. I still can’t believe that’s a real picture of her! OMFG. LOL.

  • avatar Meghan says:

    Wow…if they ever decide to make a live-action Barbie movie, here’s their girl! Creepy!

  • avatar Terri says:

    Wow! That is soooo sad! Jenny, you were a healthy, attractive woman before your plastic surgery. Why would you do that to yourself? I feel so bad for you.

  • avatar Sunny says:

    Wow, Before she was a natural beauty! What was she thinking? “Jenny!?”

  • avatar Ashley says:

    You look gross!!! You look like a piece of plastic.. I hope you do not have any children.. Why would you want to look like that?

    • avatar Brian2010 says:

      Hey, dude if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it. Asshole!!!!!!!!!

      • avatar jojo says:

        Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny!! Now I AM getting concerned! Now that you’re using the name “Brian”, I’m worried that you might want to be one of those “Sluts with Nuts!” I know you’re running out of things to operate on, but your “privates” should really be where you draw the line!

  • avatar rolo says:

    To be fair who cares what she looks like as long as she is happy isnt tht the main thing!

  • avatar Brian says:

    I just can’t understand this. Girl, you were beautiful. Now you look like a monster. My sister which is 6 said “oh my god, I’m scared” when she saw your picture. And please, don’t make more operations because you hear these comments. It would even make it worse.

    Sad, sad.

  • avatar L says:

    She wasn’t very attractive to begin with, but compared to what she did to herself…she looks like an old franken tranny. Nasty! Why can’t people get subtle surgeries?

  • avatar J says:

    OMG! She looks like a Barbie doll! thats scary

  • avatar Tammy says:

    I went to school with Jenny. She was and I am sure still is a very nice girl. She had a lot of spunk. Oh and people in glass houses shouldn’t…well you know. Everybody has problems. I do not see how name calling and passing judgment on Jenny would help her. So I say if you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

  • avatar Helen says:

    the real life barbie doll.. she was gorgeous to start with. Well, you know Hollywood, they are walking plastic. (want plastic? Check out that Sarah girl!)

  • avatar mani says:

    personally i think the people that are hating on her just need to calm the hell down. im 14 years old and i would never personally have plastic surgery i think if this is the way she wants her face and body to look then let her do what the hell s he wants. as long as when she looks in the mirror and shes happy thats all the matters so people need to mind there buisness and look deeper into her story most likely ther is a reason she did this to herself. and for the record i think she is beautiful both ways.

  • avatar Bardot says:

    If she had gone in the direction of emulating Julia Roberts, it would have worked out better. She resembes the early Roberts. Roberts has had a couple of nose jobs and some eye work, look at her in Mystic Pizza to see her before plastic surgery. This Jenny Lee person instead chose to be an amalgamation of Dolly Parton, Barbie, Angelina Jolie, and who knows what-all. She has succeeded in actually looking like 50 year old who has had alot of work done. She made herself look older. There is no character or innocence left in her face. Shee’d be perfect running a bordello.

  • avatar emily says:

    she looked animated/cartooney before… so all the surgery just exaggerated it into ridiculousness. plastic surgery is NOT for everyone.

  • avatar rebecca says:

    you women I am sure, are soo hatefull.I think her before is someone who wouldn’t be noticed to a beautiful woman who would be the center of only have one chance on this earth why not be the best you can be….Jenny looks pretty and unique!how is it different for the majority of america to gain 2 -400 lbs that is unatural and freakish to me!

    • avatar jojo says:

      Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny!! Now I AM getting concerned! Now that you’re using the name “Brian”, I’m worried that you want to be one of those “Sluts with Nuts!” I know you’re running out of things to operate on, but your “privates” should really be where you draw the line!

      What do you call someone who follows a blog for years?? A TOTAL LOSER!!

      PS-You might want to try looking into getting a brain implant!!

  • avatar Jrod says:

    Who gives a fuck about what she looks like. Her looks dont concern me and i still get pussy every day. Who gives a fuck about celebrities. Smoke a blunt and chill the fuck out yo!

  • avatar Jenny Lee says:

    You all do not live in the town I live in. It is very difficult having tabloids, and everyone mocking who you really are. Plastic surgery is something that makes me feel more comfortable about myself. Thoughs of you who understand, I thank you.

    • avatar homer says:

      Yeah, I don’t think you are Jenny Lee but let’s play along…
      You were a very plain, normal looking woman & you weren’t famous – nobody, let alone tabloids, cared what you looked like. Any attention you now get you sought out.
      And, “thoughs” ??? Did they remove your brain during surgery or did you just never have one?

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    I understand your surgery needs.

  • avatar Gabriel says:

    She really look like fake, in the future she will look like Jocelyn Weildenstein if she continue…

  • avatar Kim says:

    She has an illness…you have to understand that. I remember seeing her featured on a talk show and she has gotten alot of attention doing this. Kind of a “Faux” celebrity I guess. Her face looks waxy and doesnt move. And she has a daughter? I hope she doesnt grow up to have the same unhealthy obsession with her appearance as her mother has.

  • avatar jojo says:

    How come only one out of 38 people really get it???? Kim is absolutely right!!! This Lady Frankenstein IS MENTALLY ILL! What if she was a heroine addict and a doctor supplied her with heroine?? HE’D LOSE HIS LICENSE.. WHOEVER THE GREEDY BASTARD IS THAT DID THIS TO HER, SHOULD LOSE THEIR RIGHT TO PRACTICE MEDICINE!!!

    I can’t believe the dumb fools who say. “Well, if it makes her feel better about herself…” You really don’t get it. Do you think that after all this, she’s going to quit??? She will just start all over again. There’s only so much that a body can handle before there will be a catastrophe!!! Her health is severely threatened. Think Michael Jackson’s nose.

    The Hippocratic oath contains this phrase, “and never do harm to anyone.” These greedy doctors, who use people like this SICKO as a meal ticket, should be treated like the criminals they are! Lock them up at night, and then have them practice medicine gratis during the day, on people who can’t afford to go to a doctor!

    How sad that Kim was the only one, out of 38, to “get it!”

  • avatar Loli says:


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