Tyra Banks Has Had Plastic Surgery


Tyra Banks has been adamant about defending herself against rumors that she has breast implants. She went so far as to have a plastic surgeon inspect her breasts in front of a live audience on her talk show.

Tyra Banks proves she doesn’t have implants:

While Tyra might not have had plastic surgery on her breasts, she certainly has had work done on her face. More specifically, Tyra Banks has had a nose job:

Tyra Banks before and after rhinoplasty:

<a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

It also appears that she may have had her hairline lowered. Although, she wears so much fake hair, that it may just be a beauty trick accomplished with her weave, rather then actual surgery.

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    It’s obvious that her nose is fake. It doesn’t look natural now nor does her hair. She doesn’t impress me cause she’s not a natural beauty since she’s altered her appearance. That’s cheating in my book.

  • avatar ju says:

    The video is in malay language subtitle …hahahahaha

  • avatar angie says:

    yeah that is a different nose! definite nose job

  • avatar Nat says:

    Sorry, but she’s definitely had a boob job.

    I wonder how much that surgeon was paid for his appearance on her show.

    And although her old nose was big, her new one doesn’t look right on her face…

  • avatar Sydney says:

    She is wearing a lacefront, she hasnt had her hairline lowered. Like the one Jessica Alba wore and fantastic four 2

  • avatar bocelli says:

    She definitely had a nose job, boobs job, and I think jaw implants because her face was very thin with no jawline definition before when she was a young model. She is a big phony and hypocrite for castigating an Asian girl for having eyelid surgery to make her eyes bigger, hey Tyra you’re such a hypocritical bitch!

  • avatar Mary says:

    i dont know how they change they ethnical features to look like someone completely different, it must take some time to get used to see their faces in the mirror in the morning and recognize it.

  • avatar Nic says:

    “Ethnical” features…what the hell are those…that just sounds ignorant. If you look closely, that nose in the second picture is a trick accomplished with make-up. I’m a make-up artist, that’s an easy change. Also, Tyra wears lace-front wigs, so that may be the reason why her hair line seems “lowered”

    • avatar Beverly says:

      You can clearly tell that she has had a nose job, no makeup tricks can change her nose that dramatically since her debut in the Samuel video back in the early nighties. SHE HAS A FAKE NOSE!!!

      • avatar Beverly says:

        its a fake nose so what? its not fake they just changed it just like whites who does surgeon on their sharp point nose…

        • avatar Carrottop80 says:

          You’re annoying! How much surgery have you had that you feel you have to vehemently defend a woman you don’t know and please use the term “whites” unless you want a racial slur thrown right back at YOU!

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      A make-up “trick” wouldn’t change that original nose to the one you see on Tyra now! It has been done and only someone extremely naive OR feels they are defending their own surgeries through defending Tyra would think otherwise!

      • avatar Carrottop80 says:

        Please *don’t* I meant!

      • avatar stargirl8014 says:

        why r u so hung up on what she does the lady doesn’t even know u.She does not care about u. And while you are here arguing about weather she is fake or not she is making a lot of money. And i am not allowed to have surgeries because i am only 12 and i am naturally pretty with a big forehead..but if that helps Tyra’s career it shouldn’t concern you.I bet in real life you are ugly and self conscious and this the only way u can relinquish you’re insecurities.

  • avatar reggie b says:

    Look at her appearances on fresh prince of bellair no breast no booty

  • avatar Maggie says:

    OMG, I’m astounded. What a difference! Mind you her real beauty are her eyes and they’re real.

  • avatar Cat says:

    Her eye color isn’t real. Ever hear of colored contacts?

  • avatar Liz says:

    It is so scary that the biggest afro-american model has a white mother, an aryan nose, and has to wear a weave so she has hair like Barbie. She never would have been a big model with that nose. No way. We wouldn’t want anyone who looked like their family, African, Italian, or anything non-anglo. Even WASPs get nose jobs. This proves that nowadays, no one is sexy enough unless they have their face cut up and get the pre-assembled generic Bewitched nose. These celebrities have alot in common with Nazis.

    • avatar Bambou says:

      Her mother is not white but black…Otherwise I agree with everything you said =)

    • avatar Beverly says:

      all whites are FLAT behind so shut up

      • avatar Carrottop80 says:

        That’s bull! There are plenty of white girls with nice butts! Most black women have no boobs so you need to shut your trap! I’d rather have a normal butt and nice boobs then vice versa hun!

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      I totally agree! Everyone in this society is being brainwashed by the media to think they are not good enough as is!

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      Italians are caucasian btw. Some have olive complexions but they ARE caucasians!

    • avatar WallFly says:

      How on green earth is that an Aryan nose? It doesn’t look like anything other than a black nose to me. Just smaller and cuter than the one she was born with.

  • avatar Dr Adford says:

    She is trying to be WHITE. Because obviously when she was black, she wasn’t very beautiful…

    Why do so many black women wear weaves? 99.9% of white women don’t wear weaves. And NO white woman has ever tried to have her hair turned into the pubes that Africans wear on their heads.

    • avatar Tia says:

      So I suppose white women who tan, get lip injections and wear butt pads are trying to be Black?

    • avatar Beverly says:

      U are such a rasist Adford, shame on you..whites also tan their pale skin, fatening their lips &FLAT bums a bit r they trying to be black? 99.9%of white woman get weave because of their few countable hair to give it volume the is its not visible lyk blacks, when black woman wear weave they are not trying to be white if they were doing it for that reason then they would all look like Michael Jackson. so get your fact right…and whites looks older than they are thats y they do wrinkle surgery now & again….

      • avatar Carrottop80 says:

        God, you annoy the living hell out of me! Everytime I see a reply of yours it makes me think how ignorant you are! Tanned skin is not the same as dark skin. It gives you color but that doesn’t mean every white person who tans is trying to be black! You freaking WISH! Such a lame argument that white people want to be black and more then that NOT even based in truth!

    • avatar jo jo says:

      that is so dumb hello? it was for modelling and a better career so is cindy crawford trying to be whiter ? she had her nose done too that was just an ignornate statement and your dumb about hair too many too count wear hair peices or your just not a girl the most obvios answer

    • avatar jo jo says:

      too dr.add-a forehead girls and men have things done but people try and better themselves if you had a huge nose of something wrong with yourself would you do nothing or add-a-forehead as in braincells a lil joke or are you trying to be another race you see? or maybe not

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      The three replies of mine are the annoying ones! Denial, Denial, DENIAL!

  • avatar Ant says:

    Liz: Get your black celebrities straight… Tyra’s mom is black, Halle Berry is the person with the white mother…
    Dr Adford: You are ignorant. A lot of white women have weaves- or hair extensions as they call it, do your research before you show how ignorant you really are.

  • avatar mil says:

    Dr. Ass you are the dumbest human being alive on earth you need to take your own life and make sure that you take the elevator down. Either you don’t know anything about anyone in the black american/african american race (in the case which you should shut up) or are confusing the beautiful coarseness of an african american’s hair with the pubes of all the men’s cock you suck everyday (in which the case you need to jump off a bridge). Either way you should end your life now because you serve no purpose at all living

  • avatar disha says:

    I WAS Alway Wondering Why Her Forehead Wasnt Huge Anymore because the B!tch had it lower
    and also a nose Job!

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    Tyra wears wigs most of, if not, all of the time so she never had her hairline lowered. However she definitly did have her nose done and jury’ still out on the breasts.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    Tyra has NOT had a boob job. She has those big, jiggly breasts. No implant in it. She HAS had TWO nose jobs.

  • avatar anyoungs says:

    i effing HATE tyra!! she is the most fake self-obsessed hypocrytical bitch out there. I used to like her but the more i see her i get more pissed.just shut your mouth tyra and retire!!!

  • avatar MST says:

    Dr. Ass: I am African American and I love my natural hair. I don’t want any fake-azz hair on my head, it looks ridiculous. I’m sorry, but white people’s hair is always shedding and when its wet it smells like WET DOG!

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      Can it, racist! You’re comment is way worse then the comment you’re foaming at the mouth about! Wet dog, bullsh*t! Don’t get me started on the smell of hair and race because you will NOT like what I have to say about it!

  • avatar Sasha says:

    It’s crazy how the world judge people every day. Nobody is perfect and everybody has something wrong with there bodies. If we all had money no telling what we might have changed with ourselves. We as the human race need to execpt the thought that it is ok do what we want to ourselves. It’s not a black or white thing anymore we are all human. I love myself so much and in my head i think that i am perfect but to others they see flaws but who cares. if i like to wear fake hair so what, if i like fake breast so what its my body i take care of it. If tyra likes fake hair, boobs, or nose who cares she paid for it so legally its it belong to her, yall act like she is committing a crime. we all want something we already dont have so stop judging her. its like if you have a red car but you want a blue car no one would judge you cause you want a different car. my main point is to just stop all this nonsense.

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      Noone is saying she commited a crime….we’re just saying she isn’t satisfied with who she really IS and she’s fake!

  • avatar Miss MJB says:

    hi i love are anyway, i work in the salon and 99.9% of people who come in putting fack hair on their head is white plp. beside whiteness is not a preondern bological porperty but a socially catogier of race, so what the hell plp want to say about balck plp. all those who saying bad things about tyra, all i know is that u wish u would be like her but hahhhhhhhhhhh no ways. in ur dreams. love u tyra

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      Anybody with half a brain can see that you are attacking white people because you KNOW what is being said about YOUR race is true! Yes, white people do mess with their hair but WAY more people from other races do it! Yes, I want to be someone I’m NOT just like HER! LMAO!

  • avatar Miss MJB says:

    Dr Adford : what the hell do u know about hair, u even don’t know about the hair on ur dam fucking head. 100% of white plp have extensionon on their head fucking to be long or something.who invente extension anyway, not u dam plp and waht purpose do u think they made it for??????????? to put it in front of ur private part??????????????

  • avatar cath says:

    Mr Adford…dude you really are rascist man.Why dont you just get a life?gosh you’re such a loser..haha

  • avatar Lala says:

    Dr Adford you’re forgetting that Tyra Banks is STILL black and STILL beautiful but I’m not going to call you a racist asshole and insult you in the way others have cause thats sinking down to your level. All I want to say is I’m sorry you feel that way and are unable to live with and appreciate the beauty of every race and their differences. I feel Sorry for you, because the truth is all the black folks that have read your post are just gna move on and still continue to feel good about themselves but from the sound of your post your gna feel angry and bitter for the rest of your life.. why? becuase your unable to accept the differences of every race. So, I feel sorry for you. And I hope that one day you might coem around.

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      First off they DON’T feel good about themselves and neither do YOU and Second you just DID stoop down to his level!

  • avatar Black and Beautiful says:

    Dr. Adford, your forgetting that while you’re sat at your computer with nothing else to do but insult black people, the likes of Oprah winfrey, Tyra Banks, Queeen Latifah, Naomi Campbell are making money that you’ll never drem of earning depsite the fact that they wear “pubes” on their heads. 🙂

  • I think Tyra is beautiful as well as smart…bankable productions says it all! On today’s show about how making fun of thin & heavy women is hurtful, she said something like ‘I have double d breasts forever, nothing I can do about that’….on another of her shows, a year or more back she said she’s had breast implants, & said “I have issues”… well, just wondering * besides who cares!

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Were friends

  • avatar Me says:

    It is True ..why DO so many black women wear weaves. If it was because they have a condition like thinning hair or illness I’d understand but many are trying to get that pochahantas look..oops I forgot arent 90% of you part cherokee? LOL …Im German, Irish and Puerto Rican I would NEVER be in denial about my heritage. And you are 100% right she would never be where she is w/out the surgery. But face it, its like Janet, nobody wants to marry and have kids with them afraid what they will come out looking like, monkeys!

    • avatar Miss.Exotic.Eyes says:

      You are dumb as well as PATHETIC. I mean who cares about YOUR heritage?? or whether u claim it or not…. Tyra didnt deny hers. At the end of the day whether or NOT she has had surgery it doesn’t judge her CHARACTER. So THAT is why she is where she is today IDIOT. Where are her other peers that she used to model with?? (I don’t count Naomi) NOWHERE. She is doing BIG things and all u and losers as urself can do is squabble about her LOOKS. and the FUNNY this is that she would STILL look BETTER than YOU even if she didnt get any surgery. LOL. Have a great life. 🙂

    • avatar cdsbooks says:

      Me: A lot of Black women have long hair. A lot of Black women have short hair.
      A lot of White women have long hair. A lot of White women have short hair.
      And a lot of women of all ethnic groups wear hair extensions.
      Guess the chicks on Jersey Shore are going for the Pochahontas look.
      Monkeys? I think a lot of people look like monkeys…including the Irish and German. and by the way, I am white and partially Irish. Did a Monkey steal your boyfriend? Stupid and Ignorant Bitch. During slavery, the Irish were “getting busy” with the Black women. During Germany’s invansion of South Africa, the Germans were raping African women. I will have you know that your Puerto Rican heritage is from the Spanish coming to that territory and raping the Indians and if you are Puerto Rican, I hate to break it to you, but if your DNA is done, Africa will show up. So much for your “heritage”.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    I think that before she used to look to like “Oh I’m going to the mall to buy a cute little black mini dress with cute black high heal shoes!To look cute!”

  • avatar Care4dworld says:

    I think some pple shud get a job or even go sleep instead of disrespecting and insulting other pple’s race, we are all human for f*ck sake and defifitly not perfect. for dr afford or whatever his name is…i mean what d hell..if you’ve got problem with black pple then you must be sad and shud go learn more about races,and by the way if black pple wear braid/extension…so does white pple. to cut this short….seriously pple commenting on someone else look or life shud go listen to BLACK OR WHITE BY MICHEAL JACKSON (R.I.P) OR EVEN GET A LIFE FOR THEIR SELF!

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      Do you follow your OWN advice? For someone who thinks everyone else on here is a loser you’re here does that make YOU one too? What a lame insult!

  • avatar Salsays says:

    I can’t prove it but I don’t think this girl has had any work done. Working in the beauty industry…there are tricks w/foundations that you do. If you put darker shades outside the nose and lighter on the nose makes the nose appear narrow. Also the first pic is not accurate not a professional picture different angle not only that she is younger…everyone features are fuller at younger remember your cheeks as a baby.

  • avatar bibi14930 says:

    i think she removed her boob implants prior to this testing. and after that she just goes to the surgeon to put it back in again. becoz there was one pic of hers where her fake boobs were riding up to her neck and u can tell from the shape of it that they’re just 100% fake. cmon she’s a celebrity and has lots of money. If you’ve done plastic jobs before, you wont stop at one job.

  • avatar Alex says:

    she looks better now.
    her boobs are too big tho…

  • avatar I Agree with Dr. Adford says:

    You can call him ignorant but he is merely reflecting the state of society, black women spend lots of time and money to have their hair like white women, but a white woman would never spend good money to have nappy hair.

    Just go look at the haircare section of any drug store, and you’ll see. You know exactly what I’m taking about, its called a “relaxer” and it chemically straightens black hair. Tyra is a self-hater, and most black woman who get angry when we point out how they’re always trying to keep up with white women are just jealous.

    • avatar K. Breezy says:

      He is ignorant. I am natural but I know relaxing hair is not about “looking white” but instead about having hair that is more maneagable. Besides, you’re ignorant to assume black people have “nappy” hair. Blacks have many textures. Some more tightly coiled, some wavy, loosely coiled, etc.

      The person that said white people hair smells like wet dog is just as ignorant as that fake Doctor that is trolling web pages. He’s saying sstuff to get attention. He likes negative attention b/c that’s all he can get. He stays at home behind a computer all day trolling different sites.

    • avatar WallFly says:

      Yes, because white people are the only ones in the world who ever have straight hair. White people never, ever have wavy, curly or ‘nappy’ hair. And white people never, ever get relaxers or use hair straighteners. And no white woman has ever, ever permed her hair super-curly. Never, ever. And when a non-white woman alters her hair colour or texture, it is always because she is jealous of white women and wants to look white. Always.


      Think about what you just said.

  • avatar Big Pimpin' says:

    agree with tiffany. tyra has NOT had her breasts done. they’re too jiggly and soft. impants do NOT look like that. but tyra has definitely had a nose job. possibly even two. but without a doubt she has had at least ONE nose job. it has helped create her career. but she was already an attractive girl with pretty, green eyes and a smooth complexion so it’s not like she was ugly. but without the nose done i don’t think she would’ve been as successful in modeling. she’s always had a very pretty smile. i love how her mouth goes up when she smiles.
    and she did not lower her hairline. that is a lace wig. lace wigs can do that.

  • avatar laine says:

    tyra has had a bood job, that is why see pays off foriegn docs to say otherwise. her nose is done, her hair is fake. SHE WEARS COLOR EYE CONTACTS. she also bleaches her skin and who knows what else. i do not like her because she is a racist against whites. she seems so jealous and envious of whites. she talks down to whites on her shows. i guess the modeling world was not all enthralled with her, therefore its white peoples fault. you cannot blame companies for only wanting to use models who look like thier clients. i guess she thinks all companies even those who sell to only whites should have black models…. companies with products just for blacks do not do that and are not expected to use white models. when did it come down to ethnics telling the world how it would and should be. if a company has mostly white clientele its should be all white models and ethnics should have no say so in how anyone dose business and choose thier spokesmen. its getting pretty ridiculous. in europe i have seen magazines with all whites and no sign of any other races. it was pretty amazing. america should have plenty of magazines with all white ads for white people and not cater to all ethnic groups. afterall there are all black mags and all hispanic mags. we need all white mags, its 100% right fair and just.

  • avatar reader says:

    Im going to completely ignore what Dr Adford had to say because that is pure ignorance, id like to ignore Laine also but before i do so i’d just like to point out that Tyra clearly isnt racist. If she was so sour about being pushed out of the modelling industry because of her race, why is she now a curvy woman? If she was that desperate and wanted to prove a point to the industry im sure she’d be starving herself just like all the other silly models. Of course they’re all white arent they, because black people EAT (lol) obviously im being sarcastic and am not racist at all. Just had to put my lil comment in. 🙂

  • avatar Avalon Hendricks says:

    Tyra Banks is a huge hypocrite. She always talks about having a “natural look” but she isn’t natural in my book. I don’t understand her. One day she talks very sicere on her show and the next day she is throwing around cuss words like no other. The funny thing is Tyra changes each and every model when they walk into her studio. I don’t understand why she can’t work with the girls naturally have on ANTM. Anyone understand??

  • avatar francina says:

    Dr Adford says:

    She is trying to be WHITE. Because obviously when she was black, she wasn’t very beautiful…

    Why do so many black women wear weaves? 99.9% of white women don’t wear weaves. And NO white woman has ever tried to have her hair turned into the pubes that Africans wear on their heads…

    Dear Dr. Adford: Most WHITE FEMALE CELEBS WEAR WEAVES. I have friends that are the hairdressers to the stars so I know…there are soooo many of them!

    For the record here is just some of what white women do in terms of ‘looking black:’
    And NO. I am not a fan of phony weave wearing fake boob (she was as flat as a board when she started out) & nose Tyra Banks. But hey, she is a multi-millionaire for being ugly.

    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      You are so pathetic! Some white women have nice butts, don’t hate! Since your race prides itself on its backsides you can’t stand it when a white woman has a natural round butt! White and Black woman CAN have full lips, idiot! So when a white woman is BORN with curly hair was God trying to say she should’ve been black! LMAO! And tanning is not changing your skin color to dark skin, it’s giving you color! Tanned skin is not black skin and I highly doubt white women tan to look BLACK but hey props for grasping at straws!PLUS you contradict yourself! You say most white women DON’T where weaves to back up your point how blacks aren’t trying to be white and then you turn around and say that SO many white women get weaves because you know SO many hairdressers who have white clientelle and they all get weaves! You are pathetic my friend! Don’t hate!

      • avatar Carrottop80 says:

        *wear* not where!

      • avatar WallFly says:

        Basic reading comprehension fail. She didn’t contradict herself, she quoted Dr. Adford. As for everything else you said, I can turn it right back around at you.

        Black women can have naturally straight hair. They can have naturally light-coloured hair and eyes. They can have naturally long hair. Not all black women wear weaves.

        Yes, both white women and black women can have full lips, but both black and white women can also have naturally big or small noses. Altering yourself to improve your appearance doesn’t necessarily mean you’re trying to look like a different race.

        Tanning isn’t the end of it, some white people inject themselves with a substance called melatonin just to get darker skin even though it has dangerous side-effects. Google it. Everyone is affected by the ridiculous standards imposed by the beauty industry.

        What are you doing on the internet, anyway? Do you really lead such a sad life that you have nothing better to do than leave racist replies to every comment on this page? Crawl back into your little hole. No one wants you here.

  • avatar francina says:

    I Agree with Dr. Adford says:

    “You can call him ignorant but he is merely reflecting the state of society, black women spend lots of time and money to have their hair like white women, but a white woman would never spend good money to have nappy hair.

    Just go look at the haircare section of any drug store, and you’ll see. You know exactly what I’m taking about, its called a “relaxer” and it chemically straightens black hair. Tyra is a self-hater, and most black woman who get angry when we point out how they’re always trying to keep up with white women are just jealous.”

    Dear I Agree with Dr. Adford:
    You must be joking.
    The next time I see a white chick with braids, extenstions or dreads, your ignorance will come to mine. The web is a good outlet for tons of ignorant, racists, fanatical cretins full of hatred and self loathing. I for one would never want to be white. (Most of you age like muthafukkas and no I am not black)
    And you are just one of many.
    I bet you are shit ugly!

  • avatar reality chick says:

    first of all, no tyra did not get a boob job haters but, she did get a nose job. saying that a black woman wears a weave and slims her nose has nothing to do with self hatred. everyone has insecurities. white ppl may not be able to purchase thick hair but if they could, they would. much like the same way that they get lip injections, butt implants, hell, breast implants and go tanning. those are all charateristics that prove that black is beautiful. africans have been emulated and influenced for thousands of years by more races than just white. please pick up a book ppl. reading is fundamental. i wear weaves but, i for damn sure don’t want to be white. i just want my hair to reflect my personality. its no different than a hair cut or dye, or wearing makeup. everything you do alters your appearance.

  • avatar reality chick says:

    Laine, look up the dutch model Lara Stone. if you are too lazy, i’ll brief you. she is a white woman who appeared in French Vogue emulating a black woman. so back up what you say when want to point out what the client wants. all models wear contacts and weaves and a bunch of other things that change their appearance. and as a fan of Tyra i will say in her defense, her eyes are naturally GREEN. a very common color among black ppl. as well as hazel. like i said, pick up a book. what’s ridiculous is how sad your parents must feel for raising such an stupid child. and i call you stupid but you know that everything you said in your comment is bs. i really do feel a sense of jealousy coming from you. do you want to be black? its okay… i mean, there are a lot of you out there. lol. look im not trying to bash you. and your point is valid regarding all black magazines. but your approach shows that you really do feel inferior and you need to take some time out to love yourself. do you need a hug?

  • avatar . says:

    LMAO! I’m a white woman and I have NEVER had a “weave”, “extension”..whatever the hell they are called! And my hair is midway down my back, so for these people saying all white women have fake hair, ya’ll are just as ignorant as that Dr. whoever…
    Though, yes..some white celebrities do have them, but that’s mainly ’cause they’ve bleached their hair so much it’s starts falling out, so if they didn’t they’d be bald!

    Anyways, I use to love Tyra, until I started watching ANTM and The Tyra Show. I agree with the person saying she’s a hypocrite..that she is!
    I’m not even gonna go over the stuff that has come outta her mouth about being a proud black women..just look at a picture of her and you’ll see how “proud” she is.

    She’s still beautiful though, even with the plastic surgery.

  • avatar Lilly says:

    O gosh. That suprised me. I thought she was a natural beauty that would never go through plastic surgery D: why are all the big models fake?!

  • avatar Rose says:

    Her nose was so much prettier before. It looked natural and fit her face so well.

  • avatar umyeah says:

    “Though, yes..some white celebrities do have them, but that’s mainly ’cause they’ve bleached their hair so much it’s starts falling out, so if they didn’t they’d be bald!

    Uh yeah, good for you, but now you’re sounding rude. People wear wigs/weaves/insert for length and thickness even if they already have long hair. It can jazz things up and look really beautiful. I don’t see why people treat these things like they’re cheap and disgusting and “a black thing.” Who cares if someone has extensions or not? They can look really great.

  • avatar I aree with Francina says:

    I second that Francina. Anyone who agrees with the mentality that Dr. Adford has is an ignorant idiot. People of ALL races wear weave, extensions, wigs, or whatever. Celebrities frequently use these hair methods to achieve different looks for their photo shoots and whatnot, and no, it’s not limited to celebrities only. Sure, a lot of Blacks have to use chemicals or weave to achieve the desired look that they want, but that’s not because they want to be “white”, it’s because they want to have nice looking/feeling hair. Many women are proud of their natural locks and have no problem with keeping in natural. It’s personal taste.

    And what about white women? White women seem to really enjoy constantly changing their hair color, getting perms, or styling their hair in a way to have curls. Does that mean that they’re trying to be black? No. I’ve seen white women and men style their hair in braids or dreadlocks. We can go on and on with all the different races.

    Whether you’re trying to style your hair straight/curly, long/short, using hair extensions, coloring, or not, it all comes down to personal taste and style. Race has nothing to do with it.

  • avatar GorGeousEyES says:

    if she had a nose job SO WHAT? if she had a boob job SO WHAT?the fact of the matter is she IS EFFIN GORGEOUS!!! and makin MONEY!!! and those idiots who claim she only made it cuz of her nose job u are obviously intellectually challenged!!LOL OBVIOUSLY OTHER FAMOUS models in her time HAD WORK DONE(NOSE JOBS BOOB JOBS AND YES EVEN THOSE WHITE MODELS)BUT WHERE ARE THEY???HUH??? NO WHERE BUT SHE IS STILL AROUND!! LOOOLL what i realize is when someone is JEALOUS and MISERABLE they feel lik they have to pick out someones flaws or wanna mention someone got something goin for them because they got this or did that.. BIG DEAL!!! NOT EVERYONE DAT GETS A NOSE JOB LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AFTER OR GET A NE TYPE OF WORK DONE WILL LOOK DOPE LIK HER LOOLL!! Get a life peopleeee stop hatin cuz u MAD whatever work u get done to ur UGLY FACE u wont look dope lik her 😉 WHY CANT PPL JUST BE HAPPY FOR OTHER PPLS SUCCESS? I KNO!! CUZ U JEALOUS!! ewww…so pathetic! yall keep talkin bout this and dat but at the end of the day MEN (and YES, EVEN UR MAN,FATHER BROTHER ETC)will soOO die to be with her and inside u haters hearts u DIE to be her…SO to fight those feelings u hate On her…well too bad ur IN DENIAL!! HOW BOUT THIS….. why dont YOU go get a nose job or 2 And a BOOB job and try to compare ur self to her…hmmm i WONDER who will still be HOTTER??? 😉 think bout that one…..looolll!!! sighhh newho Tyra will keep laughin her way to bank wit her millions while u all haters curl up dyin to be her::secretly:: ONce again, GET a life…. 🙂

  • avatar Jenell says:

    Dr. Adford and the person that agrees with him/her. It’s not the fact that black women get relaxers that makes your comments offensive. There’s just no need to compare them to pubic hair, that’s just ignorant. And in this day and age, more African American women are going natural and finding beautiful hairstyles that suit them well 🙂

  • avatar Rebecca says:

    Tyran Banks is a beautiful woman and we cannot deny that. I think many of you are speaking out of jealousy. She had a nose job, does that automatically make her a demon? Now we can’t think she’s beautiful anymore because she has had some work done? It’s foolish to think that way. Everyone carries insecurities and I do not blame her for wanting to fix what she thought was broken.

    I am very proud of her now that she wants us all to see beauty from a broad perspective and even if she did get a nose job, that doesn’t make her a hypocrite.

    She wears a weave so what? People need to stop being so narrow-minded.

  • avatar Dr Adford says:

    “People of ALL races wear weave, extensions, wigs, or whatever.”

    Sure they do. None of you answered my original question: why do NO white women EVER get their hair turned into the pube like filth that blacks have on their heads?

    Can you explain?
    I can.
    Blacks’ hair is intrinsically disgusting and unattractive. Whites’ hair is intrinsically beautiful and clean.

    Just go and look at the black ‘hair care’ products, and compare them to whites’ hair care products. Show me ONE white woman who has had her hair turned into a shapeless pubic mass of filthy curls, EXACTLY THE SAME AS BLACKS’ HAIR.

    I am not talking about a perm, white women with permed hair look NOTHING like blacks’ pubic hair on their heads, and you all know it.

    And while I’m here, perhaps all you blacks can tell me:
    Why aren’t white people allowed to have our own countries any more?
    And why do you blacks keep following us around the planet? Can’t you survive on your own? (We all know the answer to that question…)

    • avatar Fellow white person says:

      Hey, Dr. Adford. You’re not intelligent. You’re not clever. You’re not unique. And you’re not hurting anybody’s feelings. You’re a fucking joke. The non-racist white people in this world are fucking SICK of “your kind.” Because “your kind” is the scum of humanity, not based on your skin color or appearance, but because of what’s in your heart. And it’s quite clear you don’t have much in there, child.

      I’m sick of pathetic fucks like yourself holding humanity back and tarnishing white people’s reputation.

      Btw- why do you call yourself a doctor? Stop bullshitting. You know damn well you live in your mother’s basement. No “Dr.” would spend their free time typing racist bullshit for the pure sake of pissing people off.

      Suicide’s the only answer for you, putz. Miserable waste of living tissue…

  • avatar Dy says:

    Trya didn’t have a nose job. She has a good make-up artist, who is able to make her nose look like she has had some form of rhinoplasty. It is a very common practice in Hollywood.Not everybody chooses to go under the knife, but instead, use camera tricks, lighting tricks, and even make-up tricks, to change their appearence. If you have seen any recent pictures of her, without make-up, and unretouched, you would be able to see that she indeed has the same nose.

  • avatar mudkips says:

    Saw a comment up there where someone said “%100 of white people wear hair extensions.”

    Uh no, I have naturally long hair, and god knows none of the men in my family are wearing hair extensions! Lol! Idiot!

  • avatar umyeah says:

    @Dr. Adford/Dr. Hatemonger

    Wow, thanks for the laugh. Your entire post was an unbelievable and disgraceful mess of racism. There’s no way I even want to bother responding to someone so obviously consumed with hate and ignorance. Oh, and just a head’s up — the only dirty, filthy “thing” around here is you.

  • avatar Sheila says:

    @ Nat, I don’t know if she has had breast augmentation, but I doubt it for the following reason: When I was about 14, I remember seeing Tyra’s first magazine feature…it was in Seventeen magazine if I remember correctly. I can even remember what she was wearing – because it was the first time I saw a Black girl who looked like me in this magazine. At the time, Tyra was about my age. Her breasts were large, for a model and I can remember noticing that.

    Her nose job is obvious, but I’m a bit doubtful about the breast augmentation for the above reason. A high fashion model is not usually looking to have their breasts enlarged unless they want to be relegated to modeling bras/lingerie for the rest of their career.

  • avatar kim says:

    I think that she can do whateva she wants,,, an any Caucasian American that has a problem with it, is just jealous because their loosers an black women dont want them

  • avatar kim says:

    @ dr. DUMMY… we follow u around because your stupid ass hell and u might fuck up everything…cause u sure fucking incompetent…oh an were not colored people,you are the one that turns RED, BLUE,WHITE,PINK,ORANGE,yellow

  • avatar Lillian says:

    @ Dr. Adford –

    I understand that you’re probably a White Nationalist, but please shove it. You’re making your cause look horrible.

  • avatar someguy says:

    I stumbled on this old article from another website as I’ve been aimlessly bored, but to the point.

    How old was she in that first picture and how old is she now? Yea it would be easy to say she’s had plastic surgery but as you grow up and mature your body shape and bone structure also transform.

    To the point its not completely far fetched to believe that as she aged and her face lengthened that her nose thinned out. It does look like plastic surgery, yes. If you look at it though, the T shape her eyebrows across to the tip of her nose made, is now more of a Y shape. So if your going to say nose job, you might add a face lift to it as well.

  • avatar reality chick says:

    @ DR. Adford.
    first of all, most weave purchased by any race (that includes Black) comes from India. you keep saying that blacks want to be white, but really what you are saying is that you are upset that black have so much influence on your culture that you feel like you are losing your own identity and culture. you can compare our hair to what ever you like, its fine. it’s fine because for every black that you try to tear down, there is a little white child that is falling in love with our culture. face it, your culture is a dying breed. eventually everyone will be influenced by everyone and there will be no way to classify anyone based off race. my husband is white and hates when i wear weaves and loves all my features. and i didn’t fall in love with him because he was white. i fell in love with him because he treats me like a queen. and duh, he’s cute. about the whole country comment, just pick up a book and read please. reading is one way of learning and when you learn, you will be able to actually have an adult conversation and not sound like an idiot. do your country a favor and READ.

  • avatar sonia says:

    hahaa glad u lot ent cussin asians 🙂
    asians got the best THICK HAIR!!!
    most of whites r jelous of mine so r the blacks!
    does it really matta wat colour skin we got???
    u lot need to stop with the kids game about sum1 bein black or white
    we all influence eachother!
    yh y do black ppl wear weaves?
    yh they do want white quality hair?
    coz der her is a lil sruffy
    but den y do whites have lip injection?
    coz dey hav skinny ass lips unlik blacks!
    wh do whites spray tan?
    y do they want most black features, with the dark skn etc
    ppl who r rasict dnt get far in life!
    DIS IS 2010!

    tyra has surgery ….so watt???…..it give her confidenc!
    ppl who h8 r always the jelous ones!

  • avatar Nikki says:

    I have truly enjoy the Tyra Show! What I like best about Tyra is she lets women know that their are different types of beauty! I thought it was so nice that Tyra would help women that feel real insecure about their looks or themselves that have been in abusive relationships or have self esteem issues. What made it really interesting is that she would speak to a diversity of women about these things. She spoke about what her mission was in the industry! She mentioned on a make-over show which had guest (contestant) from America’s Next Model! She mentioned on this that she wanted to break racial barriers among women or models in the industry! What was real touching on one of the last recent show of her talk show when she speak to abused woman to look in a mirror and “Find the one thing about them that is Beautiful!” Tyra Banks was such interesting host for women on things that deal fashion,Beauty,health/fitness relationships of today! I also think that she sports cutest and sophicated outfits on it! It reminded me so much of my taste of how to dress! Tyra can be such a character as well as attractive sometimes I felt a bit ticked or a bit She can certain out wit herself on fun shows or take it to extremes! She has proven to be a Bold personality!
    Tyra Banks has been known as first formal model to launge or parlay into stardom or starting that talk show! It’s a shame that the show has come to it end after ONLY five consecutive seasons!
    Tyra mention on her daytime talk show or on an article that “She would never go under the Knife!” I don’t understand why these comments say that she has had surgery?!!! If I remember correctly or not!.. I not sure were these other ones are getting this information !…

  • avatar BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL says:


    • avatar Carrottop80 says:

      You’re SO jealous of white people that you had to dog them to make yourself feel better! I would say 75% of black people in the media have done something to alter their facial features to look white! Those women who have are the ones who can compete for a white man’s attention and not many natural black women fit this description! Other way around more than not that BLACK men lust after WHITE women! DON’T lie! Dumb A**, I’ve seen more then enough big crow noses and big flat gorilla noses on blacks that you have a huge nerve to mention white people’s noses! There is nothing wrong with white, fair skin freckles or NOT. you WISH you WERE white and that’s why you are hating on us so much! Tyra has had more then just a FEW things done, honey! She has even said back when she was an adolescent she was picked on for having a FLAT booty! So much for the myth that ALL black women have kicking curves. Not to mention MOST don’t have any boobs though they DO have big *sses which makes them out of proportion big time! UMMMMMM, bulls*t if I wanted a race with more favorable features, the black race would be the LAST one I’d pick! LMAO! You know this is true and you HATE it! Hun, it’s the other way around on that ridiculous statement! Don’t get me started on the smell black people have in THEIR hair!Intelligence?! I’ll let that one go! Not to mention their are MANY who can’t wait to election time to roll around again and eradicate the mistake they made 4 years ago! There are plenty of hot white women out their to prove you dead wrong….you wouldn’t even have to use celebrity as an example! As for the celebrities you did choose I have seen before and afters of plenty of them( yes, halle berry and alicia keyes) and plastic surgery has played a large role in making them look the way they do today! Not every white person tans either dipsh*t! It must s*ck to be uncomfortable in your own skin and to be filled with so much hate and envy that you had to type up this bilge!

  • avatar GorGeousEyES says:

    lol@ dR!! She is mad someone she liked had a thing for Tyra Banks. Or shall I say, mainly just BLACK WOMEN….. LOL poor thing

  • avatar Datruth says:

    You are so racist, just because white people don’t call it weave does not mean they don’t wear it. Ever heard of hair extentions, did you know Jessica Simpson have a product line. White women wear just as much fake hair, do you really think all that thickness is real, no for few yes. Dont get me on the constant hair dying and perms.

    Wigs and weaves are nothing knew, egyptians wore wigs, kings and queens wore wig, judges in courts wear wigs.

    You’re so racist, with your white supremacy that you’re blind to the truth, that long ago white men and women wore wigs daily. Pick up a history book, look at victorian pictures, then look at natives who wore their hair in braids not wigs, After they were colonized they were introduced to the wigs..

    And today they rock it better than anyone. I’m sorry you can’t do much with your hair besides put it up or down, straight or curl, blonde or red. Seriously can you do anything new that wasn’t done 100 years ago.

  • avatar REAL Talk says:

    Its a trick of makeup, she did it on her show, it’s also common sense. You can’t compare a picture of someone smile and a straight face, black noses expand when smiling. Also when you put dark make up at the sides of your noses it gives it a narrower look. Tyra does not have a big nose to start off with so the makeup trick works wonders. Pay attention and look how dark the sides of her nose is.

  • avatar Grow A. Brain says:

    1. There is tremendous pressure on models now to have looks which transcend any one racial or ethnic stereotype. This is so that the person that views the ad they are shown in can identify with them. This is a facet of something called ethnocentrism, we sub-consciously identify more easily with people who look like us. Please not that this is a measured and studied scientific phenomenon, and not an excuse for racism, which is an ignorant and disgusting construct of unequal societies. Race is a social construct anyway with little to no biological basis. Ask any sociologist. The point is that if Tyra had her nose narrowed, it was a likely a response to pressure from her former employers (the ad industry) to have features which suggest a middle ground vis a vis the spectrum of facial features common in the US. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that its probably not some “white envy” nonsense, just the dirty exploitative business of modeling.

  • avatar Grow A. Brain says:

    2. Dear ignorant, ranting white supremacist(s) – Your brand of ignorant hate-mongering has turned into a caricature of itself. All you do is continue to create reasons for the rest of the world to mock and despise white Americans. Please stop posting here and go get back in bed with your sister.

    3. Dear reactionary, screeching black supremacist(s) – You also prove your ignorance, by allowing yourself to be baited by some guy whose probably busy right now tatooing a swastika on his butt cheek. Racism is not now, nor ever, an excuse for racism. If you allow yourselves to be filled with hate by the hate of another, they win, no matter what. Its not a question of being justified, or righteous. Your anger is both. It is a question of dignity, and of not being measured as just another reverse racists. Because no matter your intentions, when you write things like that, that is how people will judge you.

  • avatar K. Breezy says:

    Tyra’s had a two nose jobs. I’m a makeup artist and it’s not just contouring. Look at pics of her w/o makeup. (not my blogs):


    The forehead changes with the lacefront wig. Youtube how to apply lacefronts.

    Her eyes are not contacts. Black people (of all ethnicies) have various eye colors. Tyra has shown childhood pictures. They’re real. She looks almost identical to one her her grandmothers she had on her show. That grandmother is light skinned with freckles and green eyes. Tyra has her genes.

  • avatar emreybogart says:

    I see some nude Pics of TYRA at FLICKR.COM website showing her TITS and PUBES….

  • avatar Miss.Exotic.Eyes says:

    LOllllllllllllllllll @ emreybogart u actually went to find pics to prove she had plastic surgery…PATHETIC

    @ ADFORD….UR Pathetic as well soo comical!! ur evidently jealous of the Black race ESPECIALLY Tyra unless ur pathetic enough(o goodness maybe u r) to go on OTHER beautiful famous blk women blogs to VENT(yes thats right i said vent cuz ur clearly MAD)… So enlighten us all please….what did ur daddy leave ur mama for a Beautiful Black woman? or did ur man leave ur ugly self for a Beautiful Black woman? hmm…..ill be ur psychiatrist..aka the Dr.for the time being……LOOLL this made my night HILARIOUS…*sighh** for rest yall haters umm get a hobby quick or better yet get a LIFE muah 🙂

  • avatar Svetlana says:

    Tyra is just fake. Hahahahaha. Everyone trying to look like beautiful Russki girls. We are tall. We are naturally skinny. We have big breast without surgery and we have beautiful shades of eye colors. Evryone is ooh la la about tyra’s eyes. WHY. Russians have real green and blue eyes because tyra has dark hazel and people are like…. THEY ARE GREEN. no they are not green i hope u ppl saying that know that only about 2% of the population has green eyes… which means they cant have any other color in their iris besides ummmmm lemme guess GREEN?!

  • avatar Miss.Exotic.Eyes says:

    Svetlana no one cares lol…clearly!

    kbreezy.. LOL pathetic…get a life EARLY 🙂

  • avatar joan says:

    @Beverly LOL I think you’re the one who should go back to school
    The surgeon IS a guy, it’s HIS not her.
    I wonder how much that surgeon was paid for his(the surgeon’s) appearance on her(tyra’s) show.
    Don’t correct someone unless you’ve read through it.

  • avatar reanna says:

    look this is wrong who cares what tyra looks like. who cares what you look like who cares if tyra got a nose job or a boob job or if here hair line is “lowerd” or if she wears wigs, doesnt every girl wanna try to feel prettier than what they do at one point in life and in wich everyone has there onwn openion on im not taking sides bt damn you guys are acting like you guys are in junior high. this is not a raises sight hello im part black and have white in me hell some indian to; soo what were all human were all children of god people that walk the earth we havet he same rights as everyone else. so stop acting like blacks are better than whites or whites are better than blacks or who has an ass or boobs or real hair or fake hair, does it really matter????

  • avatar Samm says:

    It just bothers me about Tyra that on her shows, she says everyone should be beautiful in their own skin, and that beauty is natural. While saying this, she has plastic body parts to cover her natural beauty.

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