Hillary Clinton Has Had Plastic Surgery


hillary clinton plastic surgeryHillary Rodham Clinton sure does look “refreshed” for a women of 60, don’t you think? I couldn’t help but notice how different she looked while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. She didn’t used to be so fresh-faced and bright-eyed. Has she been getting lots of rest? Vacationing? Having good sex? OR, has she developed a relationship with a new man (a plastic surgeon to be exact…)?

It certainly looks like she has had quite a bit of plastic surgery on her face, since she started running for political office. Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks great! She has been very lucky to have been worked on by a very talented plastic surgeon.

Hillary Clinton before plastic surgery:

hillary clinton plastic surgery

Hillary Clinton after plastic surgery:

hillary clinton face lift plastic surgery

It appears that Hillary has had a mini face lift, neck lift and blepharoplasty (upper and lower eye work), and she has been keeping up her new look with botox injections. She also has a full set of upper veneers on her teeth.


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  • avatar Pollieanna says:

    Sadly, we do judge people on the way that they look, so she made the right decision to get plastic surgery. Since she is in the public eye, she is expected to look her best. Being a women in the public eye is expecially brutal.

  • avatar Dodie Collis says:

    She still has far too many wrinkles to have had a facelift and eyelift

  • avatar Jen#2 says:

    She looks great for her age, it’s not her fault that people are shallow, she was doing everything thing she could to win….

  • avatar Maureen says:

    I agree with Dodie – Hillary has wrinkle’s in the “after” picture that I don’t believe would be there if she did have plastic surgery. Even some botox would get rid of those wrinkles. Why would she have plastic surgery, yet not get a few injections to get rid of those few lines?? I feel she has simply got some pretty good make-up on. Now-a-days, you can cover-up just about anything (with the exception of a few of those little wrinkles) with good make-up and that is what I believe is going on with Hillary. She’s lovely, naturally.

  • avatar Stuart Taranto says:

    you showed a retouched photo as an “after” picture= not fair; Im a retoucher, I now what can be done with liquify and a good hour with dodging and burning.

  • avatar Patrizia says:

    Its good she kept the few wrinkles because she looks natural.

  • avatar Miguel says:

    Not even a barrel of spackle could help this turkey neck win an election. I agree, that “after” photo was retouched and photoshopped to death. And what’s with the forced smile? Her natural look is a scowl. Yay, Obama!

  • avatar Jeanie says:

    She’s gorgeous! She looks like herself, just younger and better rested.

  • avatar Mark says:

    She looks great. Great subtle work. And she would never have all her wrinkles removed. It would be too obvious. Good work is subtle work.

  • avatar stacy says:

    I think the “after” picture may just be airbrushed. it’s definitely a posed picture, whereas all the other pictures are “live action” while she was giving a speech. I think the “after” could just be perfectly planned lighting, makeup, and touchups rather than cosmetic surgery. (not saying it’s not possible, it just seems since the pictures where she looks a lot more tired/old are also “real life” pictures as it were)

  • avatar L says:

    If she did it was very subtle and appropriate. The objective of surgery shouldn’t be to make a 50year old look twenty, but to make them look a little refreshed.

  • avatar congressional aide says:

    The “after” picture is from her official senate portrait, taken in 2000… that’s about 8 years before the “before” pics… and it’s totally airbrushed. All of the older members of Congress get their photos done that way. Look at Ted Kennedy’s official portrait, he looks, well, actually alive.

  • avatar Catherine says:

    I want the name of her docter.

  • avatar Helen says:

    lol congressional. Then is this all a lie? If it is, great work. If it is not, amazing surgeon!

  • avatar Cassie says:

    I don’t think she’s had anything. She’s way too wrinkly in the “after” pictures to have had even a “mini facelift.”

  • avatar gretchen says:

    Nope, I don’t believe she had surgery done. She just appears to be rested and rejuvenated. Campaigning can age one beyond their years- I just saw her in person recently and she looks just like the after picture. She’s just a natural beauty who happens to be aging well.

  • avatar James says:


    I think she looks great for her age.

  • avatar Andrea says:

    I agree with those here who say the best plastic surgery is subtle. Having just had a neck lift myself by a superb PS who believes in this philosophy, I really think that’s what Mrs. Clinton has had done. The objective is never to look tightly pulled (see Kenny Rogers). The objective is to look more rested and refreshed. While I don’t like Hillary, I have to admit she looks so much better post-surgery.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She looks better now than she did when she was young. She was dog ugly as is her daughter.

  • avatar Judy says:

    I think she did have a “mini” facelift, and she definitely has straighter teeth in the after photo. She looks natural for her age.

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