Before & After Pictures of Kelly Rowland’s Boob Job


Kelly Rowland, who formerly was part of Destiny’s Child, has herself a new pair of boobs.

Kelly Rowland Before Breast Implants

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Kelly Rowland After Breast Implants

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Kelly admitted to getting breast implants in the March issue of People Magazine, which sounds like a cry for attention, since her solo album is about to be released.

Personally, I think Kelly looked 1000 times better before getting breast implants. She has a nice, small, athletic body that certainly doesn’t need plastic boobs to attract attention. But, at least she didn’t go too big when she chose the size of her implants.

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  • avatar Pollieanna says:

    I don’t think she looks bad with the breast implants, but she didnt look bad before, either. Get plastic surgery is a personal decision and it’s not for everyone. Although I feel that people who say they got bigger boobs to boost their self esteem are silly. Confidence comes from inside, not from having big boobs.

  • avatar Justine says:

    Awwwww! She was so much prettier without the falsies!

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    Nice of her to wear that same purple bikini for both pics. She needs a bigger size now.

  • avatar joy says:

    well, she didn’t really have boobs before, so i think it was a smart decision. she looks great, not too fake at all.

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Kelly has always been the “natural” beauty of the group, so I don’t understand why she decided to buy some plastic boobs.

  • avatar Rachael says:

    I think that kelly looks good with her boob job. if it makes her feel good and look more full chested then i say why not. its all about how she feels. personally i think she looks better with them. i think they are prefectly done no big space in between them either. i would like to know where she went to get them done at. they did a great job. my friend and i would like to get them done. if anybody find out then let me know.

  • avatar angie says:

    they are not too big! they look good on her.

  • avatar Xtreme says:

    This site is obviously a one-sided opinon against breast enhancement for whatever reason… is the author a psycho feminist maybe?

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    They match her hips and they look great. Sometimes not all plastic surgery is a negative. Let’s just hope they don’t cause her any health issues in the future.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    Though I think Kelly didn’t need plastic surjery
    her small chest was alright 2 me. I don’t think
    she really belong on this blog. B/C whoever did
    her boob job did a great job on her. They R
    just the right size and they don’t look all phony and plastic. Great Job Kelly!!! Please don’t go
    any futher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Alex says:

    I think she looks fab , she has nice hips that balance the not so big implants.
    I give my 2 thumbs up.

  • avatar Natural Nita says:

    She had boobs done and a nose job. She’s a natural beauty that looked fabulous before the surgery and her augmentations are actually subtle and enhance her beauty.

  • avatar LOIS VIERRA SMITH says:

    Kelly since these pictures were taken now has a new cute nose.

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