What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?


Owen Wilson definately has one of the most misshapen noses that I have seen. Owen always declines to discuss his nose, but apparently his nose was badly broken while playing high school football.

Owen Wilson’s Misshapen Nose:

plastic surgery

Luckly for Owen, his misshapen nose has not stunted his success as an actor and has become known as one of his most identifying features. Good thing he didn’t undergo corrective surgery to fix it! Perhaps he would have ended up like Jennifer Grey? After starring in “Dirty Dancing”, Jennifer Grey decided that she did not like her larger then average nose and underwent rhinoplasty to “fix” it. After the surgery, her unique look was gone and her acting career came to s screeching halt.

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  • avatar Justine says:

    I find his nose kind of distracting for an actor, but I’m not a big fan of Owen Wilson.

  • avatar steph says:

    well i think there is nothing wrong with his nose, why should someone be judged by there nose?

  • avatar Crystal says:

    This link is suppose to be Jennifer Gray. What a surprise. He definitely has one of the largest noses I’ve seen, but he’s still an attractive man. Personality is more attractive than a nose.

  • avatar eggnut says:

    his nose looks like a little penis

    • avatar randomstalker says:

      Your comment makes me laugh.

    • avatar Tanner says:


      • avatar TLAF says:

        Just saw How Do You Know with my mom. She had commented about his nose, and I had told her I always thought he should have had surgery to correct it, but most importantly because I only see a PENIS for his nose!!! She died laughing and we could hardly contain ourselves the rest of the movie….my 65 yr old mom was rolling with gutteral laughter. And once you get us going …there’s Just no stopping us!!!! The theater was almost packed, you’d think they would have kicked us out. I just had to look this up and satisfy my 10yr curiosity of the matter. I’d hate to see someone loose their careers as Jennifer Gray did, but goodness gracious you’d think he would.

    • avatar Rex Remes says:

      Hey! Don’t be calling it little. My penis is just about that size.

    • avatar Google says:


  • avatar Goofy says:

    He looks well like that. It does look like an accident, and as long as ts natural its fine with me.

  • avatar Wicho says:

    I always ask my self what happend to Owen Wilson´s nose

  • avatar violet says:

    No, his natural, busted-up nose actually looks good on his face!

    But he was right not to give in to male-pattern baldness without a fight. (Check out some of his very early movies– Owen had a lot less hair once upon a time.)

  • avatar D says:

    this could be fixed

  • avatar Samantha Grace says:

    Why are there two articles about Owen Wilson’s penis peanut nose and no Jennifer Grey, WTF? Jennifer Grey was so beautiful in dirty dancing. She must have had rotten “girlfriends” or something. Surely, someone could have talked her out of it; Ashlee Simpson did herself the same disfavor. They cheated themselves out of their natural beauty.

  • avatar john says:

    Owen wilson nose is broken obviously but it doesnt matter I have one too. One day I got puched in the the nose and I never got it fixed so it grew back deformed just like Owen Wilson’s nose. I think Owen is ashamed to speak about his nose but yeah he has a broken deformed nose.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    If he gets a nose job than it might be a good nose job or he might look like Latoya Jackson.

  • avatar Kat says:

    His nose looks to me like he used to be a swimmer. I’ve seen some of the same marks from nose clips on long time swimmers. Don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it until I hear for sure otherwise.

  • avatar steve says:

    man, what a horrible nose!! that has to get in the way of a date or two! it looks like a rotting corpse!

  • avatar lauren says:

    i think its ok too have a nose like that,i think it looks cute,im a fan of his whatever his nose looks like.

  • avatar Leeah says:

    Owen Wilson’s nose is his trademark. He just wouldn’t be the same without it. I think it looks sexy on him. Its like a really cool scar that you would show off to other poeople and comes with an interesting story.

  • avatar Rebecca says:

    When I put my finger tip over his nose where I can’t see it in a picture, I think he looks better. I always thought it looked like a penis too. Put me in the “he should fix the nose” camp. With that said, he’s the one who has to live with it!

  • avatar jim says:

    I thought he blew it out doing cocain?

  • avatar katy says:

    the first time i saw him in a movie i thought his nose was like that because of the movie. like idk.

  • avatar LotteNienke says:

    I don’t mind his nose, but seriously, his mouth looks SO weird! He has such a freaky pouty mouth. Did he get botox or did he always look like that?

  • avatar dskdnaknfdj says:

    My life has more twists and turns than Owen Wilson’s nose.

  • avatar Wieda says:

    His nose is fine for me since he’s my favourite actor that i adore much….and he’s good looking enough for me…

  • avatar tayla says:

    can you guys show pics of owen’s nose before it got broken during high school football? If thats even true… -xoxo tayla

  • avatar Dude says:

    He has two penises, to have sex with his suitors now.

  • avatar Grammar Freak says:

    *DEFINITELY, not definately.

    *Larger THAN, not then.

    Few other typos could have been easily corrected with spellcheck.

  • avatar Beverly white says:

    I think if I was him I would take my chances and have nose surgry it would look better very distracting

  • avatar healthy bath money says:

    i love o.w.

  • avatar Jennifer Matthews says:

    Jennifer Grey’s nose was cute, Owen Wilson’s nose looks like it got caught in a grinder. I always wondered why he didn’t fix it.

  • avatar Claire says:

    I know exactly how he broke his nose in the high school “scuffle”. Owen Wilson stole my uncle’s girlfriend in high school, so he punched him in the nose. He broke it, and then later broke it at a football game.

  • avatar Francesca says:

    Has anyone considered that perhaps the divots on his nose were actually surgically placed to create the ‘look’ of a crooked nose. . .that without the ‘divots’, the nose would just have been ‘large’ rather than strange or ‘interesting’. I think it was ‘made’ by a plastic surgeon to break up the too large nose.

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