There is Something About Fergie…


It’s hard to pinpoint, but lately there is just something about Fergie’s face that is a bit off. Her face looks very wax-like nowadays:

Fergie’s Face circa 2004 and Today:

fergie botox plastic surgery

There is definately a subtle, but odd, change in Fergie’s face from 2004 to now and I suspect botox and possibly facial fillers to plump and soften wrinkles.

Fergie at 29: Before Botox?

fergie botox plastic surgery

Fergie at 33: After Botox?

fergie botox plastic surgery

When Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson was with the Black Eyed Peas, I thought she was the hottest women on the planet, but now, it looks like she is peering out of a wax mask that used to be a very beautiful face. Understandably, at 33 years old Fergie is way over the hill in terms of pop-stardom and she probably feels the pressure to look as young as possible in order to keep her fans.

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  • avatar Justine says:

    I have noticed that little something that is different about Fergie too. I think she’s had additional plastic surgery. Maybe a nosejob?

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    Could it be that she’s just a major fug?

  • avatar pak31 says:

    She has had a nose job, when she was young her nose was a lot wider at the bridge. She just has a really weird face. Her hairline is really low, her forehead bulges out between her eyebrows, her eyebrows are odd looking–they seem to dig down into her bridge. Her lips are so puffy and her eyes are droopy and chin kind of manly or square. She is just a strange looking chick.

  • avatar lisa says:

    plastic 100%

  • avatar Hollyhoo says:

    She’s had a nose job too and something is up with her top lip too.

  • avatar Joey Arias says:

    She’s definitely had something done to her teeth lately as they use to not be quite as denture looking during her BEP days. Her face always looked like it had work but if she doesn’t stop she’ll going to look like a dude.

  • avatar Luziana says:

    I think she looks better now. I never thought she was pretty before but now I think she looks pretty. Having a low hairline is not a characteristic of ugliness.

  • avatar Frank Black says:

    For 33 Fergie looks closer to her 40’s. She always had an unnatural look and as everyone commented, she looks like she’s had some recent work making her look even faker. There was a point when she first came out where she looked “cute” but never glamorous. Despite her killer body, she’s a one paper-bagger with that hideous gargoyle face.

  • avatar Aline says:

    Have any of u EVER seen her, face to face? cuz I have, and let me tell you u are all wrong. If she has ever done anything, that is her business, but I dont really think she has done anything. The only thing she has done was some teeth treatment that I forgot the name now – she herself has said this in a magazine.

    Ps.: About the nose, u guys r weird. Dont u all know our noses change naturally from the teenage on? wow. Go back to Bio and Science classes, asap.


  • avatar Stefanie says:

    Fergie is always beautiful.
    maybe she had done something with her face, but for me it looks the same as before. i don´t care about it. She is a great singer and her voice is awesome. And if you noticed other celeb´s in hollywood too, you can see a very big diffrence between fergie and them. She is tring to be fit and she have 5 days a Week Training. Also she said she would eating healthy food. What´s wrong with this people who hate her? They are jealous. Im sorry but its my Opinion.


  • avatar jeison says:

    a ustedes que les importa si utiliza o no utiliza botox es la vida de ella y si yo algun dia quisiera inyectarme botox tambien lo haria es mi cuerpo asi que no se metans chismosos.

  • avatar Melisa says:

    What the fuck are u talking about? I mean,look her face,It can’t be more perfect 😐 ! and all the stupid people who are talking shit about her should get a life and leave Fergie alone.¬¬ !
    All this shit sounds like ENVY.. please,get a life.. fuck Fergie’s haters 🙂 !

  • avatar BlossomEndRot says:

    Well, she is a liar too. She actually said in a recent interview that “I have NEVER had any plastic surgery”. Her nose is not her original nose–and don’t tell me it changed with age. Your nose gets bigger, not narrower. Her brows are higher too.

  • avatar Alice says:

    Im sure she had something done…maybe nose,but thats fine,Im not against plastic surgery.I think u ppl just envy her…she looks nice.

  • avatar lol says:

    well I know one thing and that is Botox never lifts it relaxes(read:paralizes) so it will only take the brows down.. She just had a “bad” brow-lift.. just evil-looking eyebrows.. And a bunch a other work done.. Her nose definitly too.
    She was better of with a foreheadlift. i think.

  • avatar Jenesis says:

    She had surgery, she didn’t have surgery, WTF?! Who really cares? Does it matter? If she lied about it – more power to her, because it’s NObody’s business. Maybe she had a nose job, but you haters are the “nosy” ones. She makes great music, she does very charitable things, she has a good heart…those three things stamp out what jealous shallow douche bags have to say bad about her. And for the record, she’s gorgeous, so suck it.

  • avatar Nesha says:

    i knew she had surgery done, but i think it looks better than before except for the old lines in her face when she smiles!!

  • avatar DUHHHHH says:


  • avatar Dr. Love says:

    It looks much worse on the pic they’re showing on AOL today! Yes, Ferg does have a weird face. Nothing you can really do about that! 😉

  • avatar sandra says:

    having the lowest forehead on earth, doesn’t help…she looks like she’s been hit on the head and squashed a bit.

  • avatar Chris says:

    Mabye she’s suprised when they took the brow lift picture.

  • avatar Me says:

    No..I remember hen she was with that all girl group. She was prettier before all the facial surgery. Way hotter.

  • avatar Nana says:

    Its called meth-face.

  • avatar Nana says:

    Forgot to mention she is a dead-ringer for carrot top

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    Oml I can’t believe you people, I think she’s absolutely stunning I do admit I thought she was abit older than 33 but I still think she’s absolutely stunning I really do and that’s called plucking, waxin, threading or drawing them on, why is it people are so against surgery anyway would it matter if shed had it anyway as long as she’s happy no one should care. x x

  • avatar to Aline says:

    Our noses and ears are the only parts of our body that keep growing all the time.Nose and ears can’t become smaller naturally,just bigger,therefore she definitely had a nose job.In my opinion she did a brow lift and lip injections also.Her lips look much bigger now.

  • avatar beatrix says:

    fergie was ulgy before plastic surgery and she’s ulgy after plastic surgery i dont see anything attractive about her

  • avatar djmazzabee says:

    I personally think fergie is a lovely looking woman all be it she may have had some plastic surgery done, but who cares, i would love to see pictures of half the daft people who have commented and said she is ugly lol as far as i am concerned use are all jealous, she has nothin to prove to use or anyone else!

    at the end of the day she is rich and famous and lives in the public eye, the pressures of her having to look good is ridiculous. she just keeps getting better and it looks like she wont be going anywhere.

    i personaly wouldnt complain if she was my girlfriend or wife!

    10 out of 10 fergie, keep up the good work and f*ck everyone else

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