Madonna Reinvents Her Face


Madonna is well know for reinventing herself and it appears that she is desperately trying to restore the youth to her face. Unfortunately, even living an extremely healthy lifestyle can only turn back time so much. The rest of the fine tuning is then left to a plastic surgeon…

Madonna before and after plastic surgery?:

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It appears that Madonna has some work done of her face, right before her Reinvention Tour in 2004. She has certainly had a blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery) as well as some botox and possibly some facial fillers to smooth out the lines. All in all, I think Madonna looks great. She will be 50 years old this year.

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  • avatar EnriqueM says:

    I love Madonna and think she look great for her age. Hopefully she doesn’t overdo the plastic surgery, she seems to be maintaining just fine.

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Madonna still looks like a fine bottle of wine. Nothing needs to be stuffed or added to this Material Girl.

  • avatar julles says:

    Madonna is looking wizened , she definetly has had surgery and she will separate/divorce Guy Richie sadly.

  • avatar Zoey says:

    This was an earlier picture. She had cheek implants in the second photo, which were done so well, almost no one picks up on them. Recently she stepped over the line and got even bigger cheek implants, and she really ruined a good thing. It’s a fine line.

  • avatar Renee says:

    I think she looks great ! A work of art. Most people are way too conservative! Keep up the good work Madge!!!!

  • avatar Mark says:

    She looks great in these photos. Sadly, she didn’t stop here and soon she would get those horrendous jumbo cheek implants and ruin her remaining beauty. So sad…karma I guess.

  • avatar chuchys says:

    she looks pretty ugly with no makeup sooo ugly

  • avatar macabrojavier says:

    obviously madonna made something on her face because she looks so different as she looks a couple of years ago.

  • avatar Honey says:

    Good golly, did she mistakenly go to her auto mechanic and have him raise her cheeks on the hydraulic lift? She never was pretty but not that bad.

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