Has Fergie Had a Brow Lift?


Some old prom pictures of Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson have surfaced, and I think they are very telling when it comes to the “What has happened to Fergie’s face?” question.

Fergie before and after a brow lift?

stacy ferguson fergie browlift plastic surgery

Something has definately happened to her brow. I thought it was simply some aggressive botox, but the change is so extreme that I think she may have had a full-on brow lift.


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  • avatar Justine says:

    Absolutely! There is no denying that she has had a browlift judging from these pictures. Her eyebrow is arched a full inch higher then it used to be! I don’t think her plastic surgeon did her any favors either. She looks a bit evil now.

  • avatar kano says:

    i think she just pencils in her eyebrows.

  • avatar scarlett rose says:

    eeeemmmm, sorry 2 burst your bubble Justne, but,
    therse a little thing called EYEBROW PLUCKERS!!!
    yeehh people use them after a while. not everyone has surgory you know.(geees.)

  • avatar Sandy says:

    Her hairline and forehead are low-she seems to have had a lot of Botox. If she had had a brow lifr, her hairline would look different.

  • avatar 藤島明輝子 says:

    Not true Sandy, surgeries for the face are done BEHIND the hairline, not AT them. My aunt had some work done and her hair-line looks exactly the same. Only a really low-end plastic surgeon would do something so stupid as to make an incision at the hairline.

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    More pics would be needed. One image frozen in time and out of context is hard to judge. Eyebrows in the 80s were different (seen old pics of Brooke Shields? her eyebrows now look anorexic compared to her Calvin Klein days). They’ve gotten much thinner since then and botox doesn’t do that. Tweezers do. Plus, there’s this thing called “raising one’s eyebrows”–involves muscles in the face. You’ve all done it, no? Without seeing more pictures from that shoot, I can’t say that that’s not what she was doing. And curse you all for making me defend someone who makes me want to vomit.

  • avatar haha! says:

    Regina obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about.. one, when you raise your eyebrows, the whole thing raises, NOT just the edges.. unless you are isolating one brow, but when you lift both brows.. the ENTIRE brow raises, not just he corners…secondly, you also show creases on your brow and forehead no matter your age. Secondly the post said “brow lift” (who cares that a few mentioned botox, which she has had by the way to other areas of her face) which is a surgery that involves cutting behind the hair-line and then lifting the skin removing extra and then sewing back into place. Tweezers do NOT do that, and having seen hundreds of photos of Fergie with her new overly-surprised eyebrows, anyone with any amount of observation can see that it’s an obvious lift. No one is faulting Fergie for it, however people should be more honest about their surgeries and stop trying to hide it so much. Also if you look at her earlier BEP days, her brows were tweezed, but they didn’t look like she was related to SPOCK from StarTrek either…

  • avatar Rose says:

    I always tried to figure out what it was about her face (besides the puffiness, but that’s from meth). Then I saw a picture of her from high school, and I realized that it’s her eyebrows. They look so high. And it’s not tweezers. Her brows were already tweezed in the before pic. Plus her brows look especially odd since she has a short forehead.
    It’s such a shame that she did meth and had her brows done. She was such a pretty girl. Now she’s harsh-looking.

  • avatar kathy says:

    It’s spelled: Definitely, not definately

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