Sarah Larson Get’s New Boobs


Sarah Larson, the Las Vegas cocktail waitress that George Clooney used to bang, is trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. She bought herself new boobs in hopes of posing for Playboy.

Sarah Larson before and after breast implants:

sarah larson plastic surgery

Sarah Larson was pursuing a modeling career (probably because George Clooney should not be dating a cocktail waitress) and had landed a couple of high fashion runway shows, before she underwent breast augmentation. Personally I think she sabotaged any sort of real modeling career by getting breast implants. Looks like Sarah will be heading back to “modeling” Vegas-style…

Sarah Larson before she met George Clooney:

sarah larson playboy pictures

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  • avatar Kandy says:

    George Clooney is so out of this girls league. A trashy Vegas cocktail waitress (now) with fake tits? I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  • avatar Mark says:

    Clearly, from that last photo, she’s willing to eat anything. Some guys like that. But that’s not a girl you marry, that’s a girl you sleep with. I think (because she’s so skinny) the implants cheapen her even more.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    I say fair play to the gal omg your tellin me if George Clooney looked your way you wouldn’t be flattered?
    His too old for me but I’d still be flattered (to explain this to some people being flattered does not mean you would even hug them let alone sleep with them, just thought I’d spell it out so people don’t get the wrong idea)
    I don’t blame the gal for gettin a boob op I would defo have a boob job if I had the courage but I haven’t although I do think this will hurt her carer in which case I hope it doesn’t.
    P.s I’ve never even heard of this lady in which case I don’t think anyone should judge her if they know her or not. x x

  • avatar Larson implants are larger than Canalis' implants. says:

    Camille, what career? She’s an escort with horse-teeth. Canalis is even further down the skank meter.

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