Dude Looks Like a (Plastic) Lady – Sergey Zverev


Sergey Zverev is a Russian hairstylist turned popstar that has transformed his looks via plastic surgery.

Sergey Zverev before plastic surgery:

sergey zverev before plastic surgery

Sergey Zverev after plastic surgery:

sergey zverev after plastic surgery

Just like Michael Jackson, Sergey has gone to extremes to transform his face into a very feminine looking man. He has had a very aggressive nose job (that turned out very poorly in my opinion), jaw work and the most ghastly lip implant that I have ever seen on a man. It also appears that he has had botox or even a full face lift (Sergey Zverev is in his mid-40’s) and god only knows what else.

Here is a video of Sergey’s plastic face, hard at work (singing one of his hit songs):


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  • avatar Zooley says:

    Hansel…He’s so hot right now…

    Seriously though…WTF?!

  • avatar Larsi says:

    I like Sergey Zverev very much! He is the strong person extraordinary!

  • avatar lala says:

    looks like a cross between Farrah fawcett and Michael jackson

  • avatar Vron says:

    I love Sergey. I really, really do.
    But his new face is unforgivable. Not to mention his cross between News-At-11 and Farrah Fawcett hair. It doesn’t move!

  • avatar haley says:

    who was his surgeon??

  • avatar juliana says:

    i wonder how does he look without all that make up… oh-shit.

  • avatar CC says:

    That’s good how international this site is, (i.e. not just English speaking people). I like it.

  • avatar Mark says:

    He looks like Pete Burns now

  • avatar Miguel says:

    I think the music was more a distraction than a complement to the video…lol. I was too busy waiting for another emotion to appear on his face. But he sure knows how to shift them eyes around. He looked much better in the before pics. But if channeling Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) is his thing, more power to ya.

  • avatar Connie says:

    He looks like an alien

  • avatar Laura says:

    He looks like a blonde Lisa Rinna!!

  • avatar alex says:

    I personally think he looks really good. These photo’s they have posted of him aren’t good. This is how he looks now. http://images.km.ru/news/grekova/reportaj/14feb/16.jpg

  • avatar Lena says:

    he’s my Hero.

  • avatar Mark says:

    He’s probably bold, that’s why he’s wearing wigs.

  • avatar Daniela says:

    hellow,i am from Russia,i was born in Jarkov,now i am living in Spain about 9 years,i love very much Sergey and all my famili,when i was living in Moscow i always cut my hair in Mezdynarodnom centr on Krasnaya presnia,he is a wondeful person,i like in him that he sad all the true aboyt every body,we wish you many years of love and good luck,we love you!!!

  • avatar Helen says:

    looks feminine and about alex’s photo, he looks mad. Hes smiling but also awkwardly puckering. mm..

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Another one with no real friends that will say… Ok enough already.

  • avatar Demonoid says:

    This guy is kewl. On the photo here, he look like – werewolf guy from X-Men:

    he is NOT a fag ppl – i hate fagz and crossdresserz!!!!!!!

  • avatar max power says:

    He looks like one of those people from interstella 555 daft punk cartoon, no doubt i think he took notes from that.

  • avatar cassandra says:

    I found him oddly appealing. Perhaps he is trying to reflect more of the asian roots that russia often tries to ignore. I think he’s sexy but admit that I like a guy with the calls to wear a little eyeliner.

  • avatar emily says:

    that is disgusting… that is just… NOT what a man should look like at all

  • avatar 藤島明輝子 says:

    It is almost as if he is trying to get Asian features, actually, the photo of him with the straight blond hair he looks like he was tying to mix features from Japanese celebrities…The straighter haircut is definitely from Asian inspiration.. Japan and Korea.. no doubt about that. I don’t think he looks like a woman. His appearance is fascinating, like a living sculpture…. like some beautiful alien.. not of this world. I can’t explain what I mean.

  • avatar kelly says:

    For a 47 year old he looks really, really good. In fact he looks more than just good, HOT!

  • avatar kiki says:

    he’s just awesome – his personality, energy ans sense of humor:))))))great stylist by the way. love him!

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Wow. He looked so much better in the top right photo–with the long hair, but before all the surgery. Now, his mouth kind of looks like an anus. I see that mouth and can’t help but think there’s only one thing lips like that are good for and I won’t say it here. Use your imagination.

    And, yeah, in that video, when the lyrics sounded more passionate, I was hoping to see an expression or two on his face. IT was more like watching a statue lip-synch a song. Truly disturbing.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    He does look oddly japanese…though he also looks like a tranny…

  • avatar Oggi says:

    Hmm… I am not sure at what exactly should I laugh….at his plastic surgery or the the word “popstar” in headline, or the comments. I wander who exactly is claiming him to be a Russian popstar… As a native Russian I may say that in Russia he is considered to be a complete laughing -stock and a freak (the Internet is at ur service). His nose job made him look like a monkey….no offence Sergey.

  • avatar hmmm says:

    without those lips he would look so much better

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    He likes the way that Brangelina looks like so he coped their looks.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Chao, dis is Donatella Versace’s lips.

  • avatar Raze says:

    He was a perfectly handsome man before the surgeries. I think they were unneccesary, but I also think he was going for a certain look, and he looks to be very happy with it. If you can get past his dramatic, painful looking, overdone lips and poorly planned and executed nose job, you will see he has some redeeming features. Beautiful eyes, and a damn sexy bare midsection. I can’t believe he is 47. He would look even better if he would have just left things well enough alone. All he really needed was some eyeliner in the first place. In the photo someone linked above, he actually looks really sexy. His lips and nose seem too have settled into a more natural look. Also, I think that is his baby in the pic (cutie). He is married with a child, I don’t think he is gay, just flamboyant. It’s like guys aren’t allowed to be into fashion and reinventing themselves without being call a fruit.

  • avatar Mark says:

    ”It’s like
    guys aren’t allowed to be into fashion and reinventing themselves without being call a
    fruit.” -Exactly !
    Sergey is not gay, nor were the guys from the Sweet or David Bowie in the 70’s…
    Make-up can do a lot for or against you but men don’t have that choice: you’re labeled ‘gay’ immediately.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Isn’t he married to some woman?????

  • avatar Bill says:

    I know i’m in the minority, but I think he looks very good- very sexy actually. I would love to meet him…

  • avatar Mark says:

    I agree with you Bill, i like his androgynous look too.
    Yes he was married but she died in a carcrash [that’s why Sergey had his first plastic surgery because of the accident], and he has a son .

  • avatar Bill says:

    Thanks for the information Mark. Didn’t know that about his wife. Well regardless of his history or why he started the surgery, he looks very sexy to me. I like what he’s done to himself.

  • avatar marcelo says:

    The most ridiculous lips ever! Looks like a fish! Arghhhhhh!

  • avatar tit says:

    i thought it was a morph being called thereza bazaar david vanny day.

  • avatar Kris says:

    His nose looks awful-very unnatural and is really a distraction. its a shame he has overdone it.

  • avatar €r!(k says:

    He’ll look better without the lip and nose job.

  • avatar Kendra says:

    He was so handsome before the cosmetic surgery!
    But hey, to each his own, right?

  • avatar gaga says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!! WTF he looks like that evil monster guy from harry potter

  • avatar shinydiscoboi says:

    is he gay?i mean,how can a straight guy want to look like that!?
    he actually has a nice voice but how can you take him seriously with a face like that.he looks like a plastic doll!

  • avatar S says:

    Seriously, I love him. Because he is the role model that you mustnt care about people and be whoever you wanna be. Keep that way, Sergeeeey <3

  • avatar NATASHA says:

    ooooooooh i like him i think he is SO HOT!!!

  • avatar Lili says:

    He is really hot !! I like him SO MUCH .. amazingly beautiful and hot <3 <3 <3

  • avatar Youni says:

    He may be a nice guy but his hairpieces are ridiculously fake looking.
    I wonder how he looks without a wig.
    Admire him for doing what he wants no matter what people say, he is not gay by the way ( i wish he was, i’d love doing him), he was cought fucking young starlets.
    In russia being gay is considered much worse than being a pedo.

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