Jackie Zeman Looks Awfully Different


Jackie Zeman is an actress that has appeared on the soap opera “General Hospital” for the last 30 years. She is currently 55 years old and the amount of plastic surgery she has had on her face seems quite abundant.

Jackie Zeman before and after plastic surgery:

jackie zeman plastic surgery

It appears that Jackie has surgically altered nearly every part of her face. In addition to the standard issue Hollywood duck-lips, Jackie also has tried to transform her face into a more heart-like shape with cheek and chin implants. She has very few wrinkles for a women in her mid-50’s, which suggests a facelift and/or Botox injections. She would look like a completely different person without all the plastic surgery, but is that such a bad thing?

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    When is it going to stop??? How many more bad face lifts do we need to see before people realize it’s just not right. I would much rather see a woman age normally than look all puffy faced and drugged out. Just gross. Spend all that money for something good to help others maybe, not for something vain and materialistic. Plus with or without the surgery she’s still the same age.

  • avatar Kandy says:

    She looks way older then 55. Pulling your face too tight just makes you look like the walking dead. I would have guessed that she was 70 (with obvious plastic surgery).

  • avatar Charles Laqter says:

    I used to have a major crush on her when she was on General Hospital, now I wouldn’t even recognize her. Regardless how she aged she still would have been beautiful because she had that cute smile and bright eyes that I’m sure would have stayed the same. Now, she looks like someone dying or on heroin. She looks more like Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island than Bobbie from GH. For shame!

  • avatar ronnie says:

    i think she looks awful. everytime the show has her on, something else has been injected into her face. i wonder if she is so insecure that she actually thinks that she looks better now. jackie, stop ruining your face.

  • avatar Denise says:

    I met her back in 1981 when she was just 28 years old and she was beautiful then before she had all that crap done.

  • avatar Me says:

    This shit is an epidemic..Im 26..good God I hope they find better procedures when Im ready. These women look horrible!

  • avatar megan says:

    It’s a shame! She really was quite beautiful-great skin, pretty eyes, etc, etc. She probably would have aged really gracefully. Hollywood is ultra- distorted about beauty and aging. You have to have strong self-esteem to not cave under that kind of scrutiny. Very sad.

  • avatar Kathy says:

    She looks terrible!!!!

  • avatar Sally says:

    Jackie was always a beautiful woman until she started altering her face. Now it is painful to see her on GH when she appears. Its really sad that that much money has been spent on something so baseless in this economy. I’m unemployed – Jackie, instead of your next surgery, can you just send me the $$$?

  • avatar Dani says:

    She was so pretty. After a break of a few years I recently started to watch the show again and I didn’t recognize her. I thought a different actress had assumed her role. The money she used for plastic surgery could have been used to feed the poor and then the goodness from the deed would have shined from inside out. Aging would not have robbed her of her natural beauty.

  • avatar Sherry says:

    I use to think she was beautiful now think she ooks like he belongs in a freak show. The womans face doesn’t move its just gross.

  • avatar didimoe says:

    I feel badly that actors and actresses feel the need to do this to themselves to survive in the business they have chosen. I must admit, she would work more on the show now if she had not had the plastic surgery done. Her character, Bobbie Spencer, was always one of my favorites. Luke needs his sister.

  • avatar Angie says:

    I saw her last night on a game show. I’m 34 years and have been watching GH since I was 5. I said who in the heck in that? Bobby Spencer!!! Heck no! She looks a sizzling hot mess. Why would such a beautiful woman do that to her face? Gross!!! Sorry Jackie. Not a good idea.

  • avatar Riki says:

    Just saw her on GH. She looks awful!!

  • avatar Bob says:

    I just saw her on the April 8th episode of GH and she looks about the same as when I saw her some months back. Her appearances are few and far between now; just a single cameo scene here and there. Unfortunately, (like with Priscilla Presley), it’s her lips that are messed up the most. I don’t know what she can do fix it…

  • avatar Bob says:

    Correction on my 4/9 comment: last sentence should read “I don’t know what she can do to fix it”.

  • avatar Dustin says:

    Almost as obvious as her facial surgery is the work she has had done to her breasts. My compliments to the surgeon, but wow she looks inflated.

  • avatar Lynn ann says:

    I have injections but I am in my 30s. I have jevederm injections to my upper lip and nasalobial folds every 6 months and I would never have all the plastic surgery done she did. I think people can tell when you have the stuff injected but maybe not all people, hard to say. But concentrating on Jackie, she is a mess and I know she is insecure, because I was an extra on the set of General Hospital when I was in my early 20s and I was treated so kindly by all cast except for Jackie. I am still shocked from it. I was on set and she was looking at me from a distance, then one time as I walked by her I excitedly smiled and went “HI” and her face folded up in anger. Then she was laughing while standing behind the nurses station before a scene, I smiled and her face fell. WTF? Everyone else was nice. I was actually upset because I watched her on the show since I was 14 and it was upsetting. She obviously has issues. And she does look horrid, for real

    • avatar Veronica says:

      I am worried for you too and only read the first two sentences of your comment! You are too young ti “need” these things, and if you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t have work done to it (no really, think about that).

  • avatar Karen says:

    I used to love watching General Hospital and Jackie was one of my favorite stars on the show. I can’t stop starring at the picture wondering what she saw when she looked in the mirror that she felt she needed to do this. I would never in a million years known this was her if I didn’t read it was. She looks as scary as Priscilla Presley does. How sad, a beautiful woman didn’t realize beauty was only skin deep. She totally destroyed who she was on the surface. The big question is what does she think when she looks in the mirror??

  • avatar Paul Brno says:

    I was in a soap opera technique class with Jackie Zeman in 1976 taught by Joan D’Incecco, a casting director for “One Life To Live”. Jackie was one of my scene partners & was living with Murray the ‘K’ at the time. I wanted to reherse at my apartment but she insisted we reherse at her apartment so her jealous older 54 year old sugerdaddy boyfriend can keep an eye on her. He watched her like a hawk. She was a nice scene partner but her sugerdaddy/boyfriend kept coming into the living room and interrupting us. Back in the day (1976) she was beautiful. But now she looks like she’s ready to play the bride of Frankinstein. Wow!

  • avatar Gabe Asher says:

    The cheeks meeting the corners of the mouth is the creepiest part.

  • avatar defy convention says:

    OMG Jackie looks RIDICULOUS! Hadn’t seen her in a while…good GOD what was she thinking?

  • avatar Veronica says:

    I turned 44 this week and really needed to see this! I plan to age gracefully now!! Oh my… I feel so sad for ladies who see something different in the mirror than the rest of us see on their beautiful faces. And WHY are plastic surgeons allowed to make people look like…. non-people? Jackie is so beautiful & today when I saw her (didn’t see this back in 2008) for the first time i just gasped.

    Paul Brno, you aren’t helping and you sound catty. Or doggy.

  • avatar Debraaan says:

    Having just one facelift in your lifetime isn’t such a big deal, but say NO to cheek and chin implants! Those alter the shape of your face and change your original look. OH, OH, Oh, and stay away from lip injections because those look totally ridiculous!

  • avatar Debj says:

    Good grief! Bobbie your face……I noticed right away on GH that something was off. You have distorted your pretty face in too many different ways. It also reminds me of a stroke victim with the way your mouth is showing crooked. Stay away from the knife and needles.

  • avatar CW says:

    I don’t mind telling you this, Jackie, but you look awful with all of that plastic surgery work that you have done! One of the most awful plastic surgery jobs that I have ever seen! Goodness, don’t’ you regret having it done?

  • avatar aJw says:

    I wonder if she’d be able to get some things reversed to look more like her original self?

  • avatar Bob says:

    She’s had a decent role again on GH the last couple of weeks and I hope she stays on. Since it’s the 50th Anniversary I don’t know how much is temporary ‘stunt’ casting.

    That aside, I think she looks better than she did in 2008, above. To answer ajw’s question from yesterday, I think she HAS had some corrective things done to try and fix her face. Sadly, I don’t think she can ever get back that face we loved and still love. Probably some improvement from several years ago is a lot to be grateful for. It’s her face and her decision, but leaving it alone at this point may be her best option. She could risk ruining her face, so it’s pretty serious.

  • avatar CW says:

    Jackie, you are as ugly as sin now! I would be ashamed to even be on the show now! Gosh, don’t you know how your co-workers, friends and fans have to laughing at you behind your back! I would not show my face in public, much less on tv if I had that much BAD work done!

  • avatar liz says:

    Honestly Jackie as Bobbie Spencer was one of my favorites. Vivacious, cute, sparkly. When she came on for the 50th on GH I thought she looked like a clown. Literally. Sad.

  • avatar liz says:

    Monica looked pretty grim also.

  • avatar GIA says:

    OMG, what did she do? She was always naturally pretty and aging very well. I’ve seen this with so many soap stars…Hunter Tylo ruined her face and there are others who now look like puffier weirder older versions of themselves after PS.

  • avatar DRM says:

    Lord have mercy! I thought “Bobbie and Dr Noah Drake” were the bomb when I was a teenager…. Now, she looks so pitiful I feel for her. When looking at those botched face jobs, I’m wondering, is it painful?

  • avatar Natalie says:

    It is literally hard to look at her….she is frightening as is Monica…IT is distracting from the story… do these people actually think they look better than if they had aged naturally? I would think they would e embarrassed to go out of the house let alone go back on TV

  • avatar nikki says:

    Omg!!! She looks awful! How do these people keep do more and more surgery and when will these surgeons finally be accountable for the things they do to people. Just goes to show ya money will buy almost anything!! She must feel pretty bad about herself. So very sad.

  • avatar Debjn says:

    Lucy back going to see Scott and Bobbie opens Scott’s hotel door? Bobbie I am so sorry how you have distorted your face. I do not know how else to say this but it looks as though you have stuffed your faced in different amounts of batting. Your face is not at all natural looking. You looked good before all the mess you did to yourself.

  • avatar Darlene says:

    She looks like a cross between a muppet and ‘The Joker’. Talk about plastic surgery gone bad. I didn’t even recognize her!

  • avatar Leanne Samo says:

    I have watched general for years & have always loves bobbie & thought she was beautiful but now she looks ridiculous! Idk who did all that work to her face but I would ask for my $ back be a she looks awful! !

    • avatar diane says:

      I tuned into G,H. to catch up and was horrified at Bobby` s face. Who does that? It is very sad and likely embarrassing for her. Her neck shows her age and the face looks like a Balloon ready to Pop. Hard to watch. I had to fast forward the scenes. Sad

  • avatar margo says:

    When will entertainers and folks in show business learn to stop making the plastic surgeons rich, Having one procedure done does not entail another 5 or more. Please people, we need to learn to age naturally. Jackie Zeman was such a pretty girl. They could all take lessons from the actress who plays Helana Cassadine, Constance Towers. She looks REAL and is letting God do his work in the looks department. For this, I appreciate and respect her so much.

  • avatar Debjn says:

    I also noticed the aging wrinkles on Bobbies neck. No big deal but with that and her face puffed and looking distorted they do not go together. When she speaks her face does not look natural along with her lips. I agree with margo. Monica haunts me too. I am sorry but they look like that show where the people came back from the dead.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I saw her today on GH OMG! If there ever was a BACK button to plastic surgery like on the computer she should be the first in line. She was way prettier before. Too bad so many women lack confidence in their own beauty. Sign up for that back button GIRL!

  • avatar Cat says:

    I saw her today on GH OMG! If there ever was a BACK button to plastic surgery like on the computer she should be the first in line. She was way prettier before. Too bad so many women lack confidence in their own beauty. Sign up for that back button GIRL!

  • avatar Pam McLaughlin says:

    The plastic surgeon who did this work ought to be ashamed of his/her self. She looks hideous. Nothing moves when she talks. She looks like a ventriloquist dummy. I feel
    so sorry for her. I would advise a malpractice lawsuit.

  • avatar Bob says:

    I agree with a lot of the negative comments here regarding her face, but have to say as a regular GH viewer I’m very happy to see her whenever she’s on because she adds a lot to the show and has been a part of it’s history going back to the ’70s, now an early era of the show.

    Yes, she’s gotten herself into a predicament (obviously) concerning her looks, butI hope there are enough people that can get past that enough to enjoy her wonderful spirit and essence, which has NOT changed at all. She’s still great.

  • avatar Susan Lynn says:

    She has way too much gel or implant in her cheeks. She looks like a grandma cabbage patch doll. I didn’t even recognise her. Who was her surgeon? She should sue him! Get that implant out, or no more gel filler (at least a lot less of it) and no botox over the upper lip.

  • avatar Bob says:

    Susan, I’m sure she’s read all of these comments but I don’t think it’s going to help or make any difference at this point. Perhaps she can try to undo some of it—I’m not a doctor–but if she can’t, she can’t.

    I stand by my statements of 2 months ago. Try to like and enjoy her really good work on GH. She’s been in it a lot more again lately and really enriches the show. It’s 2015 and time to just accept how she looks without criticism which is getting tiresome.

  • avatar Jenna says:

    Bobbi, Monica and Ava. They ALL look awful! Jackie Zeman looks ridiculous. The woman who plays Monica can hardly close her eyes. The woman who plays Ava has horrible trout mouth. Trout mouth in humans doesn’t exist unless you’ve been surgically altered! And, why do women think that it looks attractive?? Do women really think that men find these looks desirable?

  • avatar kathy says:

    Horrible, she was so pretty – looks God awful now

  • avatar Debj says:

    Seeing Bobbi come back a month or so ago, whatever, she looked like she had more surgery upon her face. Today 1-12-17 she looks worse and I also noticed that her neck is all saggy and wrinkled. Her facial cheeks look puffier too. What a horrible shame Bobbi that you did this to yourself. It is very unattractive.

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