Mary Kate Olsen’s “Fashionable” Lips


I always suspected that Mary Kate Olsen (and possibly Ashley) started getting lip injections, shortly after they turned 18. It’s pretty much a requisite to have had “work done”, in order to get into Hollywood hotspots like Villa, The Ivy and Chateau Marmont, nowadays…

Any who, my suspicions were validated after seeing Mary-Kate at Paris Fashion Week. She has most certainly plumped her lips and it looks like she stepped out in public before the swelling has gone down this time.

Mary Kate Olsen before lip injections:

mary kate olsen before plastic surgery

Mary Kate Olsen after lip injections:

mary kate olsen after plastic surgery

I guess when you have millions of dollars and a lot of time on your hands, getting cosmetic surgery is just something to do to pass the time until the clubs open…


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  • avatar angie says:

    i hate thier stupids smirks, now she look like a duck in the face!!

  • avatar Crystal says:

    The uneven swollen lips are a dead giveaway. When will people realize how obvious this is and stop the nonsense. She was pretty without lip injections.

  • avatar lol says:

    Obviously she always had a problem with her lips/mouth.. looking at the unnaturally-forced smiles they always have at paparazzi-pics..

  • avatar Helen says:

    She looked gorgeous with out the lip injections. Now she looks mad. why do celebrities always want trouty mouths?

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Looking at that last picture of her I just can’t wait to see pictures of her in about another 5- 10 years. I think we all know where this is going.
    At such a young age too.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    The Olsen sisters should eat but they don’t.They say that they exersize but trust me they don’t.Trust me there breath smell like bomit.

  • avatar Megan says:

    God! Leave them alone! I have a friend who looks a lot like Mary-Kate Olsen and her lips are the same way. You can easily push out your lips and change the way you smile! Heck, once people thought I had plastic surgery because of this one picture where I pouted my lips. Seriously guys, just because some people are pretty, it DOESN’T mean that they’ve had surgery.

  • avatar Holmes says:

    Quite to the contrary my dear Megan. It’s when they goes from pretty to ugly in only a couple of seconds we suspect surgery.

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