Patricia Heaton Has No Belly Button


Actress Patricia Heaton had a tummy tuck in 2000, that didn’t turn out so well. Her belly button has gone missing!

Patricia Heaton has no belly button:

patricia heaton belly button tummy tuck plastic surgery
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I don’t know about you, but I would be horrified if my stomach looked like that. Why can’t people just go to the gym, rather then the plastic surgeon, to improve their bodies?

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  • avatar Kandy says:

    How weird is that?! She has breast implants too, btw.

  • avatar bayman says:

    well i think she looks great for a 50 year old chick, to me she looks about 35, she can visit me here in adelaide anytime she wants to (well except for when glenelg are playing a match in the sanfl, as for no belly button it looks like she has one to me & if she had a belly button ring you wouldn’t notice anything at all

  • avatar clare says:

    Because sometimes, for those of us who haven’t been blessed with skin that copes well with being stretched, even if you do work off all the fat, your skin cannot shrink itself again, and just hangs. Thus the need for surgery to get rid of the excess, usually hanging, skin.
    Pregnancy is a big reason for tummy tucks, but people who have been very large and lose weight very quickly could also require it.

  • avatar Chelsey says:

    She did not have implants she had a breast lift, she talked about her surgery in a magazine article. I agree with Claire after having several children if you get stretch marks nothing you do at the gym will get rid of the sagging skin. If I had the financial means I wouldn’t hesitate to get a tummy tuck

  • avatar Tom Ross says:

    Patricia is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If Patricia uses methods to enhance her body it’s OK by me.

  • avatar katie says:

    She looks Great, But why din’t they make her a new belly button. She still looks great.

  • avatar Slick says:

    Or, the photographer could have just photoshopped out the belly button to sell the photo. That looks like a ‘smudged’ belly button, not a surgery result.

    As for not exercising it off, my experience is that the fat does not go off in the same order it goes on. E.g., lose breast fat (and therefore fullness) before you lose any stomach fat at all.

  • avatar deb says:

    because your skin stretches out during pregnancy and ONLY plastic surgery can improve it geez

  • avatar Ashley says:

    What I heard was that when they gave her the tummy tuck, they asked her if she wanted a belly button, and she said no. She thought it would be interesting. So they just cut that part out and pulled everything else in.

  • avatar Sidra says:

    “Why can’t people just go to the gym, rather then the plastic surgeon, to improve their bodies?”

    Uhh…she had four children so the muscles of her stomach were ripped apart!! So even if she worked out a lot, the skin would be loose without a tummy tuck!

  • avatar RottNKorpse says:

    She had children which stretched her skin like everyone has said…its people like you and some of the idiots above that make internet bloggers known as being useless.

    To the guy who said she had breast implants…no moron she had breast reduction surgery…you know the exact OPPOSITE.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    “Why can’t people just go to the gym, rather then the plastic surgeon, to improve their bodies?”

    Because going to the gym would require not making excuses and being lazy…also don’t forget that making healthy food choices means you only get to eat like a rabbit

  • avatar Mindymoo says:

    I’m kinda glad she looks so awful. She’s a bigot and a bitch, not to mention a horrible and abrasive actress, so she deserves to look terrible.

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    It looks creepy not to have a belly button. If you don’t have one, wouldn’t you try to hide it by wearing a one piece bathing suit? You can still look attractive without showing off all the creepy stuff. Sho could use one with a little skirt attached to hide some of the fatty ripples on her thighs.

  • avatar pam says:

    she admitted to a tummy tuck, because she had a mommy pouch. she said in a interview, that she had stretch marks and loose skin. i have the same thing due to my pregancy. going to the gym does nothing for the loose skin and suretch marks, i know cuz i’ve tried. i would rather not a have a belly button than what i do have.

  • avatar Sue says:

    I used to watch Everybody Loves Raymond heaps of times. I thought Patricia Heaton was terribly beautiful in there…just as she was and if she had had cosmetic surgery at the time, it suited her very well.

    But I must say this – and with no offence to anyone, please – that as a neutral observer, I was really shocked when I saw her in The Middle. I wonder if she has had something done to her face. She looks far more haggard than a few years could have brought her. She looks very much older with sunken cheekbones and visible nostrils that don’t flatter. Did she do something to her nose? It’s a pity. I used to find her really beautiful, just as she was.

  • avatar JD says:

    The role she plays in “The Middle” is of a lower middle class mother, who struggles day to day. She intentionally downplays her looks for that reason. She wears a wig and make-up that gives the desired effect.

    Too bad there are those who are small minded and wish others ill will because they don’t agree with them. Pretty clear who the bigot and bitch is.

  • avatar NS says:

    Patrica has always been a very good looking woman regardless of her aging. Love her!

  • avatar t jones says:

    she looks horrible! hunched back, big ears, and she would never pass for 35 (unless as a 35 woman from a trailer park in Middle America). Her neck is nearly non existent!

    Some people have some truly sick tastes…

  • avatar joe from tampa says:

    no offense to anyone here, but i would not fuck that with a 40 foot pole.

  • avatar mscharlie says:

    the doctor forgot to put her belly button back on. why wouldnt she just wear a one piece, cant she look down and see her bb is missing

  • avatar shannon says:

    My aunt was born without a belly button. Not everyone has them.

  • avatar Cheleesa says:

    I know alot of people who lost weight that was as heavy as they were because of the loose skin they had. The had to have surgery to take and tuck it all away. I’m not saying that was her case but I can see why she had the surgery

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