Adrienne Curry’s Fake Boobs Look Decent


Reality show actress/model, Adrienne Curry, posed for Playboy twice. Once before she got breast implants and once after she got new boobs. Surprisingly, Adrienne’s boob job came out quite nice. Breast implants often look horrible on women that have low body fat (since there is nothing to conceal the breast implants), but Adrienne’s doctor did a great job, in my opinion.

Adrienne Curry before and after breast implants:

CENSORED – Click for photo

Adrienne claims that she got breast implants because she has a miscarriage that caused one of her boobs to grow. While hormones can do strange things, I wonder exactly how much of a difference in breast size Adrienne experienced and if it really was significant enough to require implants? Women often make excuses as to why they’ve had breast augmentation, but at least Adrienne Curry was honest in admitting that she had indeed received breast implants.

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  • avatar Frank Black says:

    For once I have to agree that she needed implants as her breasts were obviously different cup sizes. For a model, that just didn’t look right. I think one or the other size would have looked great because she’s a very beautiful woman regardless of her breast size.

    • avatar Mike Lloyd says:

      I banged her in a hotel restroom one night she was very drunk and her titties are magnificent. Is she still with that Homo that played Peter Brady?

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    Adrienne Curry has done what makes her happy,

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Did you know that she said “suck it” to Jesus.

  • avatar Alex says:

    She looks much better…
    this will not help her “model” career tho…
    1st because she never had one…
    and 2nd because models do not neet boobs…

  • avatar Lisa says:

    In the after pic she doesn’t have to raise her shoulders to keep her boobs from sagging (slightly sagging–but they still sagged)
    There is nothing sadder than two sagging fried eggs for boobs, so she looks tons better

  • avatar Shari says:

    Her boobs look great… natural, even.

    And I can tell you as a mom, that yes… those hormones can do CRAZY things to your body. After my miscarraige one of mine grew almost a full cupsize larger… luckily they evened out once I had my daughter.

  • avatar dale smith says:

    Tacky, tacky woman! Has done everything wrong that Tyra (admittedly no prophet when it comes to anything) said not to do in modeling.

  • avatar B.C. says:

    At least she did not overdo it like I have seen others do in the past. I know a girl that works in Cali that was absolutely beautiful and got implants to the size of Watermelons. Now I know she did it for her career, but there should always be balance and moderation. I don’t know why people tend to overdo things, but I have to say that Adrienne at least did not go overboard.

  • avatar lil eva says:

    God I hate when people overly ‘scape their pubes. Her teeny triangle is totally laughable – first because it’s teeny, second because she or a professional spent time shaving it thinking, “Yes! This looks soooo sexy.” To me it’s the equivalent of Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd thinking they are two wild and crazy guys. Just … tack and bad bad bad.

  • avatar yoli says:

    Perfect size for her body. She’s a great example of a boob job done right. She had said her different cup sizes made her feel really insecure about her breasts even with her own husband. She had the money, didn’t over to it, boosted her confidence in her body so why not?

  • avatar Mel says:

    She definitely looks a lot better. Her new tits actually look really good. They’re a sensible size and look natural, even on her small frame.

  • avatar SAH says:

    I’m normally anti-boob job, but I have to say this is a good one. I think the size was especially well-chosen, and THANK GOD she didn’t go with a wrong dimension implant. Also, if she did correct a size difference, it seems the surgeon did a good job choosing 2 different implant sizes to even them. Her cleavage is definitely improved, and the top ridge of the implant is not visible. She probably went under the muscle, and she always had nice muscle tone, so the result is a very natural look. Good for her.

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