Tara Reid Makes California Look Bad…


tara reid saggy boob jobTara Reid stepped out in Hollywood the other day, showing off her train wreck of a boob job. Tara claims to have undergone addition surgery to correct her original botched breast augmentation, but it appears that if anything, her breasts look worse.

Tara Reid’s breast implants hang way too low, they’re crooked and way too big for her small frame. I would go so far as to say that Tara Reid has the worst boob job in Hollywood. If she can’t afford to get them fixed, she should at least invest in a good bra…

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  • avatar Xtreme says:

    Whos the looser who writes these terrible comments anyways?

  • avatar Jelly Roll says:

    For someone who was so cute in American Pie sure messed up her looks. Maybe less partying might get her more roles and more money to afford a good doctor to fix things.

  • avatar andrew says:

    Who DOES write these comments?

    ‘Way too big’?? Not a chance.

  • avatar Melissa says:

    Ummmm yea, they are way too big. Andrew, what standard are you using? Porn stars?

    She was very pretty before, too bad.

  • avatar B. Wilson says:

    You can’t really tell how good or bad the breast surgery was when they’re completely covered up. The basic shape appears symmetrical, but that’s all i can tell from the pic. You can’t even tell if any of the abdominal scarring was worked on, either.

  • avatar Alex says:

    one looks bigger than the other…
    so sad…
    this girl ruined her once cute all american looks.

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