Brigette Nielsen tried to whip up much to do about her German reality show “From Old to New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Clinic”, where she underwent several plastic surgery procedures on camera. Well, I just saw the before and after pictures and I think she should have saved herself $100,000 and just went to the gym for a couple of months…

Here is Brigette Nielson before & after plastic surgery:

brigette nielson plastic surgery
(Click picture for close up of Brigette Nielson before & after plastic surgery)

Can you guess which picture was taken before Brigette’s extensive plastic surgeries (eye lift, teeth implants, breast lift, breast reduction, face-lift, spot removal and liposuction), and which picture was taken after? She doesn’t look bad in either picture, but she also doesn’t look $100,000 better in another.


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  • avatar jaghas says:

    she doesn’t look unnatural, which is good. however, i think she actually looks OLDER now. more regal or something. weird. it must be her eyes and teeth–they now lack character.

  • avatar D Blackwell says:

    It’s the picture on the right with just her face is the ‘after’ picture. Brigette had major wrinkles. She looks more youthful. Surgeons are going to charge more if the person is somewhat of a star or has a name for him/herself. $100,000 I think was a bit overboard, but the results are very good.

  • avatar Tessa says:

    I normally am against major plastic surgery. I’ve had a chemical peel and some laser work done, and it really improved the texture of my skin. I think Brigitte looked tired and run down before the surgery, and now looks refreshed and somewhat younger. The price was expensive, but I’m sure she had a plastic surgeon to the stars working on her and charging a bundle!

  • avatar Anita says:

    She is a beautiful woman and all she’s ever needed was to take good care of herself. No alcohol, drugs, etc.etc.etc. I can’t really tell with the before and after pictures, but that is just me. If she is happy that is great for her.

  • avatar Sally says:

    She had great work done and looks fabulous – refreshed and youthful – not pulled and stretched. She had been looking haggard. The thickening waistline and the old breast implants were not working for her anymore as she was looking like a football linebacker. I am glad to see her looking well. At least her surgery looks better than Sylvester Stallone’s – he looks like a made corpse in a casket.

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    But her teeth look better in the before picture?

  • avatar B. Wilson says:

    I couldn’t really tell that she had plastic surgery. I guess the hundred grand didn’t go to waste, since she managed to keep her face from looking like a caricature of her pre-surgical appearance.

  • avatar Tracy McClellan says:

    She looks great! Her doctor did a beautiful job! Finally someone in the public eye who tells the truth about their plastic surgeries! I am sick and tired of these celebrities telling the public that they look 25 @ 45/50 years old thanks to yoga and eating right! So many of them look “done” and they still lie about what procedures they had.
    Brigitte…thanks for being so open & honest! If I could do all that for free and show it on TV , I would too!!!

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