Chyna Has Had Major Plastic Reconstruction


I was looking at recent pictures of former wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Laurer and noticed that her lips appear to be much bigger then usual. So, on my quest to uncover the plastic truth I found some old pictures of our dear Chyna…and, HOLY SH!T! girlfriend has had some work done!

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer before plastic surgery:


Joanie “Chyna” Laurer after plastic surgery:

Joanie celebrity plastic surgery“>

Chyna appears to have had a major chin reduction surgery, nose job, breast implants, lip injections and botox treatments. She looks unbelievable different since undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures.

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  • avatar hehe says:

    Mr. Writer, are you unaware that this lady used to be a dude? Her plastic surgeries look successful to me, which is great.

  • avatar None says:

    Chyna was BORN a woman! There are pictures of her as young as 3. She was a great pro wrestler, HIGHLY successful Playboy model and after she left the WWE she fell into drugs but has since gotten her life back on track after going to rehab. She has done 4 movies, “Illegal Aliens”, “Cougar Club”, “Frank McKlusky CI” and a Playboy documentary. She is now back in wrestling for the Inoki Genome Federation in Japan and seems to be doing well.

  • avatar None says:

    You are right about her surgies, here is everything she has admitted to having done.

    – Breast implants 1997
    – Breast implants 1998 (after wrestling accident caused 1st set to burst)
    – Jaw reduction 1998
    – Cheek reduction 1998
    – Lip injections 2006
    – Lip injections 2007
    – Botox in cheeks 2007

    Chyna has been very open about surgery she has never admitted to a nose job but never denied it either. Looking at past pictures it’s very likely. Good job.

  • avatar Kate says:


    love your website, but can’t find your contact-info!

    Why don’t you make a post about Robin McGraw, who’s plastic surgery i very obvious in spite of her always saying that everything is natural.

    Kate, Europe

  • avatar jaghas says:

    Interesting. In the second post-surgery shot, she looks great. The only problem is that she can’t smile any more, and really does look like a different person. Does she still have a manly body?

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    She’s a dude. There are photos of her steroid-shrunken penis here:

  • avatar hehe says:

    Chyna was not born a woman, she was born a little boy. We’re talking physically here, not who she felt in her head she should have been. And her penis wasn’t steroid-shrunken, it was operated on during a sex change operation!

  • avatar None says:

    Actually the large size clit was because at the time she battling a cocaine addiction and “jaghas” I don’t know where you get your info from but Chyna can smile. She’s made a lot of TV appearances lately and has smiled on all of them

  • avatar Getitright says:

    Chyna has lip augmentation in the form of implants you can see the pull that it has and I believe you may also be able to see the scars on the left and right side (little dimples) above her top lip in the last picture. The implant pulls after a few years but I think she still looks great. Her enlarged clit is from the steroid usage, not cocaine.

  • avatar Sarah777 says:

    It should be obvious to anyone who is not deaf and blind that this is currently a man or it’s in the midst of a sex change. Listen to the voice, people, notice it doesn’t have female hips. Look at the face, the bone structure, the broad shoulders, etc. C’mon now. This person was born a MALE.

    • avatar Alexa says:

      You ppl are ignorant about the way things work. You make assumptions without having full knowledge about a subject and carry on as if you are speaking the gospel truth. The facts are these masculine changes occur when a women takes steroids in order to get the body building physique. Their facial features change and become more masculine as well as voice changes. All of these things are explained by steroid use. Yes even the enlarged clitoris that appears to look like a small penis.

  • avatar evo says:

    Joanie is a genetic female. She’s a large woman, so her frame fits her. Her enlarged clitoris and voice are due to virilization side-effects from using old-school anabolic steroid regimens. Newer regimens have reduced these effects somewhat.

    And Joanie, if you happen to read this, NO MORE SURGERY. You look fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar freedom says:

    wel she loks better now

  • avatar SpookCat says:

    “highly successful playboy model” ??????
    there is something to aspire to
    ps what is an unsuccessful playboy model?

  • avatar Zerosleep says:

    Oh damn!!!! thats the best plastic surgery ever done successfully is it ? Oh man!! still cant believe it that she’s Chyna :eek:!!

  • avatar Mark says:

    That gigantic clit is scary and very ugly; men who don’t know this will get a big surprise sleeping with her…brrr

  • avatar lol says:

    well think a lot of men appreciate the “surprise” somehow.. But if I look at the pics.. I would definitly say its born a dude. But If not I definitly understand the steps she took.. and well done..!

  • avatar funkstar says:

    It’s obvious she took steroids. The increase in testosterone makes the clitoris grow into a tiny penis (very common in female to male pre-op transexuals).

  • avatar Alice says:

    She was born woman… Have you ever noticed that with the butch lesbians they also look very manly?(no feminine shape, walk is awkward, strong structure, not feminine)

  • avatar OMFG!! says:

    This “person” is obviously a male to female transsexual, or one in the process.

  • avatar Vera says:

    I have to admit I would never believe she was born a woman if it weren’t a proven fact. I think whomever said she took steroids is probably right. She does look better now at any rate..

  • avatar nafajo says:

    She looks like the man-woman.. Starla.. on Napoleon Dynomite . You know.. Rex Kwando’s wife.

  • avatar bex says:

    Seriously, I don’t know for sure if she was born a man, but I don’t think she was. However, she looks amazing after the plastic surgery… She wasn’t attractive at all before the surgery. Now look at her! BTW, I have heard that the enlargement of her clitoris is due to steroids.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    LOL! I’m sorry but what a hideous woman she was!! It HAS to be she was born a man! No woman can be that ugly! YOY thanks for the link to show she’s a man.

  • avatar John in San Jose says:

    Chyna was born female; she began taking steroids at a relatively young age, which over-masculinized her. When a female takes steroids at too young an age, her body and face can take on a very masculine appearance. The voice may deepen and, even after stopping the steroids, may never revert to a feminine quality. A major side effect of steroid use in females is an overly-enlarged clitoris, which will resemble a small penis. This is very common in female-to-male transsexuals, who usually take steroids and male hormones (testosterone) to appear more masculine.

  • avatar me2 says:

    she took steroids earlier in her body building /wrestling days..thus the elongated chin, wider forehead, leathery skin, flatter chest and of course, bulk. i think she was trying to reverse some of the damage..

  • avatar Bruno says:

    sem duvida nenhuma a minha diva!!!!!!!!

  • avatar emily says:

    i would disagree with most people getting this much surgery… but in this case i can understand her want to feel AND look like a woman

  • avatar Derek says:

    A lot of women who are victims of childhood rape like Chyna was (this fact was in her book) tend to build their body up as a way to deal with it.

  • avatar Sushi says:

    I remember her when she was on Howard Stern many years ago. I can’t blame her for the surgeries, since she was quite masculine looking and sounding. When I first saw her I thought she was a man in drag, but she really is a woman. I’m not an advocate for plastic surgery, but in this case, I think that they did a great job, she looks much more feminine now.

  • avatar N.D. says:

    There is such a thing as intersexed/i.e. hermaphordite.

    Not for nothing, but why would she have had to be born male or female? Isn’t it possible she was born both?

    She looks a lot better after all the surgeries, and she hasn’t hid anything she knows of.

    I just find it fascinating that people see a photo from when someone was 3 or so and think that’s proof positive of their birth gender. I’ve seen genuine little boys who looked like little girls, and vice versa. From what I’ve heard intersexed children are dressed to look like the gender that’s chosen by the doctors or their children. So to be fair, anything’s possible.

  • avatar deeplysuperficial says:

    In the very last picture she looks like a dark haired version of James from the Twilight movie.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    Wow, she looked like a drag queen before her plastic surgery!

  • avatar LadySheamus says:

    People who don’t know/care about her say the most ignorant stuff. I guess people gotta boost themselves up however they can…

  • avatar djjenkins says:

    I am a female, and I think she looks beautiful. I saw her on a reality show and thought she is great. You people who make comments that she was born male are just ignorant. I have a large chin and look similar to her mouth and chin before pics. I never took steroids, but had a hormone condition that caused excessive male hormones to make my jaw bigger, grow facial hair and have a small chest. It is very hurtful to have people call you Jay leno or worse yet, a man! I wish you people would see that words hurt more than fists. I would love to know what she got done because she looks awesome. I would love to get the same procedures.

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Hmm. I’ve seen old (pre-WWF/E) pix of Joanie Laurer when she was into weight lifting and she looked like a woman. Muscular, but a woman. I’m not convinced those before pictures are anything more than someone who bears a vague resemblance to her. Even at the height of her WWE career–“wrestling” the men–she didn’t look that masculine.

  • avatar dustinbc28 says:

    I remember watching the WWF when she first got on there. Yeah, she was really rough looking, but so what. @ReginaPhalange – Yes, those are her before pictures. I’ve still got some old vhs tapes of Chyna where I recorded the pay-per-views of wrestling in the 90’s and early 2000’s. lol If she wanted to get plastic surgery, whether it be for the better or not, so what?! BTW, she looks great now. lol

  • avatar Mark says:

    If the pics didn’t scare ya; this is her nowadays:

  • avatar KBiz says:

    Those are old pics of her. She has had excessive steroid use which leads to enlarged clitoris, shrunken breasts, voice deepening, and enlargement of other features.

    She very well could have been born INTERSEX (formerly called hermaphrodite). This is much more common than people think. Look it up and look up pics. There’s several ways of being intersex. Some beautiful, feminine females are INTERSEX, having testes inside them that haven’t dropped. Look it up.


  • avatar Adalberto Braucks says:

    You might want to put in a facebook button to your blog. I just tweeted this page, but I had to do it manually. Just my $.02 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She really did look like a dude before! This is what happens when women want to bulk up & inject themselves with testosteone & steroids in order to do so.

  • avatar Kris says:

    I will admit, Chyna looks much more feminine and better post surgery. She was extremely homely and masculine looking before any of her surgery. Im wondering if she had a hormonal imbalance or was born with a chromosomal disorder. I would have truly mistaken her for a man trying to be a woman. She does look alot better now.

  • avatar Vermillion says:

    She’s recently released a porno called ‘Backdoor to Chyna’ for Vivid Entertainment and I have to say she looks friggin’ hot in it!

    I think she’s one of the rare exceptions of plastic surgery where everything has gone right, she’s unrecognizable now and looks fantastic!

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