Jennifer Garner Wasn’t Born With Those Lips


jennifer garner <a href=celebrity plastic surgery” align=left hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″>Why so pouty, Jennifer? Could it be because you havn’t quite figured out how to control your collagen injected top lip?

Photos of Jennifer Garner before she became a well-known celebrity show a very different set of lips. Most noticeable is her top lip, which used to be a third of the size that it is now. When Jennifer was younger she had a very cute (yet gummy) smile. She has since traded in her cute girl next door smile for the standard issue puffy Hollywood lips.

Jennifer Garner before and after lip injections:

jennifer garner lip injections collagen

In addition to lip injections, Jennifer looks like she may have had surgery on her top lip, to bring it down and reduce the amount of gums shown when she smiles. Either way, Jennifer is a very pretty women and her lips don’t look overly done. Yet.

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  • avatar anonymous says:

    Because her gummy smile is gone, she most likely had jaw surgery. Your jaw is pushed back to proper alignment and your gummy smile is no longer. This makes your lips bigger because of the placement. Search for it online. It’s definitely not injections. Those don’t hide your gums!

  • avatar diane says:

    of course she had injections. it’s more than obvious just by looking at the pictures. naturally she has a very thin upper lip and the injections made it bigger – the difference is drastic.

  • avatar Kellyn says:

    She got the works: lips, eyes, nose, chin, and cheek implants; maybe brows too. Saw her on Letterman recently: what a bim-bo!

  • avatar D says:

    whatever they did it looks great!

  • avatar Cheryl Kalsch says:

    Too bad she hasn’t fixed those Dumbo ears of hers. Patricia Heaton too. They look ridiculous.

  • avatar MST says:

    That’s a man, baby.

  • avatar B. Wilson says:

    In my opinion, she looks better with the fuller lips. They don’t look overly filled… yet. As long as she doesn’t continue to get her lips inflated, she shouldn’t be too bad off.

  • avatar Linda says:

    I think she looks great!

  • avatar Ali says:

    Lame. Scout for pics of Jen even younger and you can see her full lips. It’s the way she is smiling.

  • avatar Alina says:

    I don’t think she did a surgery. The photo where she smiles was made when Alias got on TV. And if you watch the first episodes of Alias you’ll see that she had the same lips she has now.
    The photo looks different b/c she smiles. Look at the new photos when she smiles, you’ll see no “big” lips… 🙂

  • avatar Richard says:

    I doubt she had lip injections; there was one interview where she mentioned that kids used to call her “liver lips” when she was in grade school

  • avatar Dr.Hibbert says:

    I think that she also got bigger teeth

  • avatar bruce Rothman says:

    Jennifer is so beautiful that it is difficult to disect a feature. She recently was voted the sexiest smile in the world, probably because of those dimples, and girl next door looks, a veauty. Admittedly, I am biased because my daughter Pamela looks like Ms Garner as a 21 year old. My daughter always has had the lips Jennifer has, but I don;t think that the star has had collagen, Julia Roberts , maybe. The one difference is that Garner is 5’8″ and my girl is 5 ‘2″w/out heels. But, I think having features in common with Jennifer Garner, and my late sister is a great thing! Best, Bruce Rothman.

  • avatar francina says:

    She needed the lips. she looks better.

  • avatar Suzanne says:

    I like the “natural” Jen, but I do have to say she looks good after her lip-job. The only thing I see as beneficial would be an “ear-job”. I have a male friend who had this done and it made an enormous difference in his appearance. He looked good before but now he looks great!… such a big change from a not-so-big, procedure.

  • avatar Rose says:

    I don’t think so. When I was younger I used to curl my upper lip into my gums when I smiled. It made me look like I had thin lips with a gummy smile, when I have neither. I just had to retrain myself to smile normally. I think that’s all she did.

  • avatar presh says:

    Ugly before – ugly after!

  • avatar Brian2010 says:

    She also has veneers.

  • avatar Brian2010 says:

    She also has done cheek fillers and botox.

  • avatar presh says:

    Fug and Fugger!

  • avatar sickitten says:

    I’ve found another pic w/the gummy smile linked here~ or click on my name & see Garner archives.

  • avatar juis says:

    She looks like a duck. Nor she is mega pretty.So so, average.

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