Debbie Harry Looks 23!


Debbie Harry is 63 years old and her face looks 23! I saw recent pictures of Debbie and was shocked as how tightly her face is pulled.

Debbie Harry looks far younger them 63:

debbie harry plastic surgery

Debbie has admitted to having a face life, many years ago, for “business reasons”, but recently it looks like she has had a brow lift and blepharoplasty (upper and lower eye lift) as well.

Debbie Harry has talked openly about having plastic surgery, so I am not surprised that she has opted to have additional cosmetic procedures:

Yeah, I had a facelift years ago. Why not? It gives you all the things you need to be part of the action. I don’t feel like hiding myself away….Everybody knows that I’ve had plastic surgery. I did it for business reasons. You photograph better, and looks are a key part of being an entertainer, so I felt it was something I had to do. All sorts of horrific things happen in life – why make it worse by worrying about getting older?

Luckly, Debbie appears to be visiting a talented plastic surgeon, so hopefully she will not end up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein

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  • avatar makk macsi says:

    Has she visited Madonna’s plastic surgeon?

  • avatar jaghas says:

    I was thinking the same thing–she looks a lot like Madonna. The person who did this certainly is talented, she just doesn’t look much like herself.

  • avatar N.N. says:

    This is beyond believable. Why would you want to look like a totally different person from your own self?

  • avatar Crystal says:

    When someone is 63, they’re not going to look like they did when they were 23. Sometimes people don’t even resemble themselves at a younger age – even when they haven’t had plastic surgery. I always thought she was pretty, and she still is. If I had the money I would also do what I could to lift up anything that went south!

  • avatar Frank Black says:

    I have to agree, she still looks better as Madonna than Hilary Clinton she was turning into. And I like Hilary, by the way, just not wild about her looks, sorry.

  • avatar Lulu says:

    she’s had TONS of work done, in addition to boatloads of botox. i was chatting with her once and couldn’t figure out if her foul expression was because she couldn’t move her face or because she was pissed to be confronted with youthful looks.

    • avatar Anita says:

      Haha. I agree with you totally! Don’t they so exaggerate all these womens looks when obviously they have all had 10 tonne of work done. Just look at their necks! They usually look like a roosters….

  • avatar barry white says:

    lulu, your an assclown. she looks really good.

    • avatar Anita says:

      Barry,your a believing fool.A typical male.She would be an absolute dragon first thing in the morning,and without all the surgery she’s had done.Aren’t her teeth false too?Always have been….

  • avatar Mark says:

    Debbie looks fantastic, as always!

  • avatar Lola says:

    “she’s had TONS of work done, in addition to boatloads of botox. i was chatting with her once and couldn’t figure out if her foul expression was because she couldn’t move her face or because she was pissed to be confronted with youthful looks.”

    As if many would come close to her looks ? LOL


  • avatar Apollonia says:

    i like it! very good work indeed … why not? she has the money and i dont think she´s overdone .go for it debbie

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    Her hair is certainly more flattering in the 2nd pic.

  • avatar Kathy says:

    I’ve heard she’s one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth celebs you could ever meet. And she’s friggin’ gorgeous. You don’t often hear of someone with both of those traits.

  • avatar Sickitten says:

    Madonna is starting to get procedures to look like what Harry has always had, naturally. Harry has a face worth saving. She is gorgeous

  • avatar Terri says:

    She looks fantastic as always.
    Rock on Ms Harry you look fab with and without surgery.
    At least she is open about it. If only michael Jackson was so honest lmfao he’s a chump imagine denying it.

    Go Deborah Harry you are devine and I can’t wait till the next tour

  • avatar Kelley says:

    Younger “them” 63 ?? Don’t you mean younger “than” ?? You’re running a website and the spelling is this poor ??

  • avatar Bob A says:

    Actually, Debbie looked like this first when she was younger, then Madonna mimiced her looks, and Debbie just took them back. She looks great. Everyone looks a little tight when the procedures are first done. Months later, she looks fabulous.

  • avatar Helen says:

    wow she looks great now. good job

  • avatar not_fooled says:

    Debbie looks good in the after pic but nowhere near 23, or even 40! You can pull the skin tight as you want, and Botox yourslef into oblivion, but no surgeon can erase the sunken eye sockets–a tale tell sign of advanced age.
    On some people the fat behind the eyeball disappears and the brow bone juts out even more prominently. Notice she is wearing white eyeshadow to try to make the eyes look less deep in the skull. She looks great though and I hope she stops tweaking her face at this point.

  • avatar Jojo says:

    She doesn’t look 20 she looks 80!

  • avatar Me says:

    She looks awesome..Debbie was not one of thoes who cared herself up the first line she saw. To do some WORK at 63 is commendable and she is beautiful. For the record, yes Madonna did mention emulating Debbie Harry in the early years.. Debbie playfully responded can she get some a cool ass chick. Gorgeous bone structure!

  • avatar bex says:

    My mother is a very good friend of debbie and has been since she ws just 24.. yes debbie had had work done and shes very open about it but her personality is so amazing that it doesnt matter what she has done imo

  • avatar David says:

    She has always been gorgeous-one of a kind looks.Debbie sported this look before Madonna, and as usual, ol’ Madge is ripping her off once again. Deb keeps herself lookin’ great!

  • avatar Alex says:

    Debbie looks like the GODDESS shes always been.

    U go Debbie! U look awesome!

    QUEEN of Rock.

  • avatar RHODA says:

    She looks great. Why are you comparing her to a woman (Madonna) twenty years younger, over and over and over she’s Debbie Harry kids, No one else. She’s got a lovely face,she saw a lot of late nights and now with the loss of her husband. Leave her alone–she looks good — hey if she is talented to have made the $, she can spend it. When I heard that 35 year olds are getting face lifts, I cringed. It’s no wonder you’re all so catty……….meow, time for your beauty nap

    • avatar Mike says:

      Hey don’t support the plastic surgery industry. The only reason it exists is due to brainwashing and obsession with youth. Aging is a natural part of being human… you can’t stop death. Elizabeth Taylor looked like Satan’s asshole on a bad day in the latter years of her life. The film ‘Death Becomes Her’ kind of sums up Debbie Harry.

      I don’t think it’s her fault as such, it’s more that she’s a weak person for giving in to heroin and plastic surgery… she’s not a good role model and is weak. However not everyone can be a strong person I guess.

      • avatar Roxanne says:

        And let me guess, Mike. You’re probably a big Megan Fox fan. It kills me when people insult a 63 year old woman who really isn’t trying to look 23, but trying to just look great for her age – which she does. (The headline for this article said she looks 23, she didn’t) Whereas there are people like Megan Fake-Fox who before the age of 24 have had more procedures than most 60 or 80 year olds and yet is considered the sexiest woman in the world?? THAT I don’t get.

  • avatar Bart says:

    Apart from a facelift, botox, etc. she had had black sheep embryos injections in her 30s, and it made her looking young for many years.

  • avatar Alex says:

    I would date her if she was the girl next door.

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    I saw Debbie Harry & Blondie on a Live By Request concert on TV a couple of years back and she seemed uber-cool, but her age was definitely showing. That after picture is amazing and I think part of it is the hair.

    Plastic surgery can make a person look younger, if done properly. But hair can make a person look younger or older. She had that tired-middle-aged-mom hair in the first picture and I-feel-so-young hair in that second picture. Great picture.

  • avatar Bob McGowan says:

    Debbie Harry is a class act and has been to an excellent plastic surgeon. She’s been very open about it, and I applaud her. She’s an excellent singer and entertainer, and as front woman for ‘Blondie’ should look as young and happy as she feels, without overdoing it, and she hasn’t.

    If she’s 64 or 65 yet has the energy and vitality of her younger self, why not look it too on the outside. As a female, the media would go on about ‘how old she looks’ compared with her heyday 30 years ago, if she didn’t. You never hear that though about Mick Jagger or Keith Richards though, do you? Well? You don’t. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I’m unaware of society’s double standard for women in general. For a celebrity woman? Forget it.

    Deb’s incredible. As long as she takes care of herself with diet, exercise to maintain her health and vitality, there’s nothing wrong with a little “work” here and there for MAINTENANCE of the ‘look’ she, and we all love. The secret is careful, controlled maintenance, combined with the right Dr., of course. She’s obviously learned from the mistakes of others.

    One of the biggest mistakes so many women make is with their lips! Debbie’s lips look natural—because she’s left them alone! Nancy Sinatra who’s several years older would still be a full-on knockout if she hadn’t messed up her lips. I love Nancy, and she’s still incredible–except for that. Do I forgive her? Absolutely!! She’s got the Sinatra magic and talent. Oh yeah, she still sings great, has a sexy body and wears boots like nobody else!

  • avatar robert says:

    If the fountain of youth truly existed, you would all be bathing in it daily. Debbie is once again the very substance which IS Blondie and to see her looking incredibly beautiful once again is sublime.

  • avatar DyannLynn says:

    In her youth, she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I think she’s still gorgeous. And it helps that she’s so awesomely talented! She has my respect. You rock, Debbie!

  • avatar Michael says:

    Debbie Harry is The Most Beautiful Woman ever. Weither its 1978 or 2011! At Least She admits to Having Plastic Surgery. Anyone Who thinks Debbie Looks Anything like the Ugly, Half ass Rip Off Madonna, Obviously Need Glasses! People On These Sites are So Dumb. If a Celeb wants Plastic Surgery, Than Thats Their Business. Debbie Harry is and Will always be the Greatest and Most Beautiful Woman in Music History!!!

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