Audrey O’Day Looks Porntastic


Audrey O’Day (Of “Making the Band” & member of Danity Kane) is looking quite porntastic lately. She used to be a really, really gorgeous girl, but after getting plastic surgery, she just looks like a textbook trashy pornstar.

Audrey Oday before and after plastic surgery

audrey oday plastic surgery

It appears that Audrey O’day has gotten D-cup breast implants and she has overly plumped her lips with an injectable filler (collagen or Restylane, perhaps?).

Audrey is “best friends” with, and rumored lover of, retired pornstar Jenna Jameson, who has also had breast and lip augmentation. I wonder if they use the same plastic surgeon…

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  • avatar Amanda says:

    Wow, she went from looking like a normal girl to total trash, what an improvement!

  • avatar GooGoo says:

    She was much sexier before. She had her nose removed and inserted into her lips, and two dirigibles stuffed into her chest.


  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    Well, Aubrey looked like a semi-cute, normal girl before but “cute and normal” doesn’t cut it in show business unless you’re singing lounge music in a midwestern shopping mall. She looks 1000% hotter now.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    agree, way hotter now. stop being jealous people.

  • avatar Rebeka says:

    Before is much better

  • avatar Poor Aubrey says:

    You know what, I’m sorry but porntastic or not that lip filler doesn’t go with her natural beauty. She looks like a washed out 40 year old from her face now- that just awoke naked from a vicodin coma.

  • avatar Me says:

    Singing louge music in a midwestern mall WTF??
    Anyhow..she looks cheesy..less than hotter than the average starlet in Hollywood..she will never be beautiful..shes too generic!

  • avatar Jenn says:

    Her name is Aubrey, not Audrey. If you write about someone at least make sure you have their correct name.

  • avatar Alex says:

    I like how she looked like before than after.

  • avatar Alex says:

    She was hot before. Not sleazy hot more like the girl next door hot.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    “She looks 1000% hotter now.”

    “agree, way hotter now. stop being jealous people.”

    Are you people hookers?

  • avatar K. Breezy says:

    Her name is Aubrey. She calls herself Auberella. She’s gotten more work done since this “after” pic. I hope she stops. She was pretty before and somewhere in the middle. During the last season of Making The Band was her best look.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Looks like a tranny in the after pic.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Wow!!! Hotter than a firecracker now. Excellent work by the surgeon and brilliant decision by Audrey. You look fabulous despite the predictable comments by whatever bitch writes this column.

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