amanda-lepore-plastic-surgery-2013Amanda Lepore is arguably one of the most famous transexuals in the world. She went from being a Jersey boy to being a cartoonish femme fatale fixture in the NYC club scene, all with the help of numerous plastic surgeries.

Born Armand Lepore, he knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a girl and had a sex change operation well before he was 18 years old. Since then Amanda Lepore has had just about everything surgically (enhanced), many thing more then once. Here is a list of some of the most notable cosmetic surgeries Amanda Lepore has had done:

* Male to female sex change
* Breast implants (three times)
* Rhinoplasty
* Eye lift (multiple)
* Eye slanting (twice)
* Forehead lift
* Face lift
* Hairline lowered
* Brow bone reduced
* Silicon injections – Hips
* Silicon injections – Butt
* Silicon injections – Lips
* Lip reduction
* Ribs broken and pushed in
* Etc, etc, etc.

Amanda is indeed a curious looking creature, but at least I think that is the look she is going for with her plastic surgeries. Amanda Lepore will not reveal how old she is, but from what I can deduce, I would say that she is between 40 – 50 years old.

Here is Amanda on “The Insider”, where she talks about many of the plastic surgery procedures she has had:

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  • avatar Mark says:

    She just went too far; who likes a mouth that big.
    A few years ago she looked gorgeous…

  • avatar Maggie says:

    Any “before” pictures available?

  • avatar Saywhaaaat? says:


  • avatar Erra says:

    she didn’t go too far.
    it’s what she wanted, and she got it, and she’s happy.
    she said that she wanted to look like a cross between marilyn monroe and jessica rabbit, and she’s accomplished that beautifully.
    look into it before you judge.
    people aren’t “ugly” on purpose, if you could afford to modify your body, why would you make yourself look like crap.
    she thinks she is beautiful, so why does it matter?

    • avatar Mecca says:

      Exactly! She looks how she planned on looking, she has a career and she’s proud of herself. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

  • avatar Helen says:

    Shes awkward and scary. weird lips too big too wonky. her eyes? please don’t get me started.

  • avatar Michael says:

    I can’t beleive that she was he!
    (I’m saying that because you can’t even tell what sex ”she” was)! No afensice Amanda.

  • avatar Alex says:

    I wont critique Amandas look, because it is a DELIBERATE look.
    She wasnt goin for “girl”,she was goin for “caricature”.
    Amanda is like a living piece of pop-art.
    Its her body ,she wanted an extreme look and went for it, it was succesful,she makes a (very)good living out of her image.
    Bad to me is when someone tries to pass their surgery for “real” beauty and it ends up looking like a half-hearted attempt of what Amanda did…
    go for either natural,”beautiful” look ,or go for the extreme (like in this case) because otherwise its just plain lame and tacky.

  • avatar Gail says:

    OMG!! I’m going to have nightmares!!!

  • avatar maebe says:

    very disturbing…

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    hahahah she looks awesome,,fake as she may look she is still a glamour girl,,

  • avatar KCK says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha best laugh I’ve had in ages!

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    Hey Alex (comment #7) has the same name like me!I’m going to change my name to Alex13 instead.

  • avatar Christina says:

    thats almost nasty …..

  • avatar Christina says:

    All these “dudes” want to be a woman but if they only knew what we go through,if they had to experince it they would run away screaming

  • avatar Tyro says:

    i kinda impressed that he/she had the courageous to transform him/herself from male to female. And the good thing is, she’s not denying having plastic surgeries.

  • avatar helen says:

    Alright, I found a series of photos of her:
    Looks much better here.

  • avatar helen says:

    Oh and she is 42. She will become 43 this December 5.

  • avatar tMan says:

    buzz kill

  • avatar Claudia says:

    Mir gefällt Amanda Lepore. Endlich mal eine aussergewöhnliche Frau.

  • avatar Sean says:

    An absolutely gorgeous woman, I have to 100% agree with miss. Claudia. Ich muss zugeben das ich amanda lepore attractive finde.

  • avatar Cody534 says:

    Männer ficken doch eh alles! Is klar das hier einige so ‘ne lebende Aufblaspuppe attraktiv finden. Lol “außergewöhnliche Frau”. Außergewöhnlicher Spinner passt besser.

    • avatar Claudia says:

      Naja, auch ohne sexuelle Hintergedanken finde ich Amanda speziell und interessant. Sie ist übrigens viel zu weiblich für mich. Ich werde deshalb nicht lesbisch nur weil ich sie interessant finde. Und Geschmäcker sind zum Glück verschieden und werden hoffentlich nicht auch noch vereinheitlicht.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Do you know who is the German Version of Amanda Lepore his/her name is Lorielle London.

  • avatar frogfoot says:

    She looks like Jessica Rabbit.

  • avatar Gary Bowden says:

    Looks cartoonish and scary at the same time.Can’t imagine someone finding him attractive..all the alcohol in the world could not make this person the least bit cute..

  • avatar Maggie says:

    “I’m a laydee” (Little Britain joke)

  • avatar dq says:

    I find it really sad that people must make negative or derogatory comments about Amanda Lepore she’s a human being with a soul and feelings and what people should express is respect and love – why must people be so mean – its just ignorant and really says a lot more about them then any hurtful words could describe her – I’m happy for her that she is happy and feels good about herself which is a lot more then people making these shity comments can say for themselves – really just so tired of this western world narrow minded uneducated HEARTLESS society – go look in the mirror losers

  • avatar David says:

    She was born December 5, 1967.

  • avatar Cat says:

    There are alot of women and men that make alot of money out of extreme plastic surgery. Ms Lepore is obviously happy with her appearance and she is certainly very glamorous. I think she has a healthier body image than alot of women who undergo plastic surgery repeatedly searching for who they want to be. This is not a case of Body Dismorphia, in my opinion, I would say it was a conscious career/lifestyle choice. Ms Lepore could never hope to look natural but as this is not what she wants, it hardly matters.

  • avatar David says:

    She is interesting looking. I think she was much prettier after her male to female reassignment, and what ever work she had done then, but she knows what she wants.

  • avatar Gail S. Goodman says:

    The most beautiful photo of Amanda is a soft Black and White unposed photo taken at Wigstock. It was exhibited in the Wigstock exhibition Held at The Duplex cabaret and piano bar upstairs in the cabaret room,On Christopher street in Greenwich Village. The photo remains in the private collection of the photojournalist Gail S. Goodman. [email protected] 845-883-0860

  • avatar Anissa says:

    As a “normal” woman I admire the self-esteem and the energy of Amanda Lepore. She has helped make what it is today. I do not begrudge her success.

  • avatar Zeke says:


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