Jocelyn Wildenstein in Concert


Jocelyn Wildenstein, is that you?!

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Oh wait, no. That’s Madonna. And her horrible cheek implants. Whoops!

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  • avatar Kandy says:

    Damn it, Madonna! I love her and hate what she’s done surgically to her face :(.

  • avatar sammy says:

    i’m taking on the topic plastic surgery in my beauty blog. the post is planned to cover the negative effects of PS, further state some obvious examples where plastic surgery has been done to create beauty. to this post i wanted to fit an interview with someone with an insight on the topic. would you consider answering a few questions?


  • avatar Kate says:

    Wow – it really does look like Jocelyn Wildenstein. Havn’t Madonna always been babbling about how proud she was, that everything was real? Year right!!

    I don’t understand why people have especially these kind a surgery that only makes you look like a monster. Just don’t get it!!

  • avatar GooGoo says:

    Cheek and chin implants don’t give the illusion of youth, they look like putty. Gross.

  • avatar Jashana says:

    Her face looks huge now! Why, why, why?!

    This is why facial plastic surgery really freaks me out. Stuff can go wrong in plastic surgery, it’s never guaranteed… so why would you risk messing up your face?!

    Oh well…

  • avatar Mark says:

    She looks horrific. Can’t she remove those horrid things in her cheeks? Doesn’t she see she looks awful? Are her “yes people” telling her she looks fabulous? Run Madonna…get them removed and restore your old face. You looked much better before your Priscilla implants.

  • avatar kk says:

    Madge was such an inspiration, and I waited almost my entire life to see her on stage, so when I did last year, I actually couldn’t enjoy the show as much as I wanted to, because she didn’t look real, somewhere in my brain I was so disappointed that she didn’t look like the Madonna I knew…and especially when she would move her head a certain way, the face would morph unaturally because the fat on her face was getting pushed in strange directions from those cheek implants…..arrrgghhh, so disappointing. WHY? I feel sorry for these people….

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    Leave Madonna out of this,she looks great,shes a 50 year old music icon, an icon means you are an instantly recognizable image or symbol which immediately reminds people of who and what she is and does…who wants to see Like a Virgin performed by a wrinkled old Louis Vuitton bag? When you are onstage and on screen you need to be smooth and well defined and look ultra glam,which is what she is.

  • avatar CHARLES VOLCHER says:


  • avatar Amine says:

    Thank God these are gone now

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