Mariah Carey Has Had Extensive Plastic Surgery


Mariah Carey has had multiple plastic surgeries through out her career, and for the most part, her plastic surgeon has done a phenomenal job. The one thing that I can’t stand is the very obvious liposuction she has had on her stomach.

Mariah Carey before and after liposuction:

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You can see in the pictures above that Mariah used to have a sexy curvy waistline and a round belly button. Even though she is actually heavier in the after picture, her tummy and belly button are now flattened and stretched. While Mariah’s liposuction didn’t turn out nearly as bad as Tara Reid‘s botched lipo, it’s still obvious that she’s had it done, which is bad plastic surgery.

Other procedures Mariah Carey has undergone are a subtle nose job, Botox treatments and breast augmentation surgery.

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  • avatar Barbara says:

    I think she has a really small head or something. It seems like her chest is so huge, and then there’s this out of proportion head on it.

    She seems to think she’s pretty. I think she was prettier before!

    Wonder how old she’ll have to get before she starts wearing clothes that don’t show her entire cleavage and legs anymore?

    • avatar Clementine says:

      Mariah Carey looked much prettier before. She has changed Alot I’n the face and she has had A boob job too bad I hate her music now preferred her older music Mariah sucks now!

  • avatar Helen says:

    She doesn’t look as bad as you’re making her seem. She looked a bit better in the before picture but you’re making her seem like Jocelyn Wildenstein. Seriously, she doesn’t look like a monster.

    I think she looks alright. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar scarlett says:

    Shes still absolutly gorgious and everything,but,i didnt think she needed a nose job ATALL.She didnt need any surgery anyway,but defenetly not a nose job.
    I think shes still beautiful though and nobody should have the right to say otherwise.:)

  • avatar scarlett rose says:

    I didnt think she needed a nose job ATALL.She didnt need any surgery anyway,but defenetly not a nose job.
    I think shes still beautiful though and nobody should have the right to say otherwise.:)

  • avatar MGirl says:

    Wow, this is sad, I used to be a big fan, I loved her when she sang Hero, but now she’s nothing special…Way to showy with her body, did you watch her music vid “obsessed”?

  • avatar Lauren says:

    Makes me always wonder why she felt the need of having surgery. She already was really beautiful. And take a look at her now. Yeah she’s not ugly, but she looked so much better without fake boobs and wthout nose job.

  • avatar j.lo big fan says:

    J.lo still much prettier altogh she`s tataly natural

  • avatar billy says:

    its not that she isn’t hot, its the fact that she didn’t need plastic surgery in the first place.

  • avatar beast says:

    i would still bang her

  • avatar strigoi says:

    I miss the Mariah from 1994-1995…

  • avatar Rick says:

    Mariah has pushed the boob limit too far.
    She is becoming as laughably obscene as Pamela Anderson.

    Less was better. The face touch up is nice.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    …she looks remotely asian in the after picture

  • avatar prilly says:

    she also had boob implants, when she had brown hair, her tits were not as big as they are now…
    i miss the old mariah!
    she sang best when she had bronwn hair, and now she just interested in getting the men votes :/

  • avatar hanna says:

    PFFT the only job she had was boobs

  • avatar london says:

    Nose job – fine
    cheek implants – fine
    Lipo – fine
    Botox – fine
    Boobs – wrong! Get rid, youre beautiful!!

  • avatar Debbie says:

    I love Mariah Cary! But she was prettier before! I think the boobs are too big. But if she likes herself better, and as long as she’s happy,thats all that matters. She is so talented, and seems like a really nice person. She’s a natural beauty, and its a shame that she didn’t know that. I hope all the blessings amd love come her way. She’s a wonderful singer, sctress, and person. Hugs and kisses to Mariah Cary!

  • avatar Anna says:

    I miss the old Mariah- when she was natural with the curly brown hair. I think she is still pretty, and certainly does not look bad (except for the boobs- way too big!), but she didn’t need any plastic surgery. The natural Mariah looked better.

  • avatar Clementine says:

    Mariah I’s a bimbo! Did anyone catch her performing the other night? Gwen Stefani was so much better!

  • avatar so not a fan of M. Frankenstein Carey says:

    OMG! That is SO NOT a ‘before’ picture.
    The REAL Mariah Carey appeared in Canada, in 1992 on a local Toronto Talk Show called “The Dini Petty Show.”

    Out walked this frizzy haired, freckle faced, skinny,
    90 pound, F L A T chested little woman.
    (If she had had braids, I swear she would have looked like pippi longstocking.) lol!

    During the ‘interview’ I thought she was kinda snotty.
    Then she took the stage and I have to admit, I was a little startled, when this BIG VOICE came out of this 90 pound little thing.

    THAT, my dear’s, is the story of the REAL Mariah Carey before SEVERAL, SEVERAL, S E V E R A L visits
    to the plastic $urgeon$. (I hope someday, someone puts that interview up on youtube.)

    And, you fans (your money) made it all possible for her to go all ‘Frankenstein’ on her own body. WTG. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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