Did Angelina Jolie Have Plastic Surgery?


The most sought after celebrity look in plastic surgery offices around the world is the one and only Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is also the most often asked about celebrity here at FamousPlastic.com. Did she or didn’t she have plastic surgery herself?

Angelina before and after plastic surgery?

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For the most part, Angelina is au natural. It appears that she may have had a slight nose job when she was young, which has since thinned out with age. Lips are real, boobs are real, cheek bones are real. It does look like Angelina Jolie has had the standard botox and possibly blepharoplasty, just like every Hollywood actress that wants to keep her job, but she hasn’t had anything major done in my opinion. What do you think?


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  • avatar Me says:

    It’s amazing to see just how many people think she’s all natural, congratulations to her plastic surgeon! (who supposedly is a genius that recently went crazy) This guy was all into facial symmetry.

    Angie has definitely had:
    *2 rhinos (in the movie Gia she had already had one surgery, in the movie Tom Raider she had another one, look closely. The nose doesn’t naturally change like that, especially the tip.

    *She’s had her natural big lips refined, shaped, and she uses filler on her top lip. (Look at the movie Girl Interrupted, last scene where she’s on the bed and Wynona [who also has a great NJ] is painting her nails, her lips look like they are about to pop!!)

    *Chin implant to make her face longer and less square.

    *Very small cheek implants. They are NOT a result of weight loss or losing baby fat, she has a definite different shape now. Her cheeks came out overnight. Most of the work was done before Tom Raider. She had more work done before Alexander but I don’t know what it was.

    Nothing wrong with having plastic surgery, she went from beautiful to gorgeous. I just hope she stops now before she starts to look like a wax figure. My hat goes off to her PS!!

    • avatar iam agreewithU says:

      I totaly agree with you she is full of plastic surgery for the movie The tourist she lifted her face

      • avatar sara says:

        Uhm…the movie is called Tomb Raider, not Tom Raider. I thought you made a mistake but you wrote it twice so… Other than that, you should really spend less time on inspecting celebrities faces…imho. Btw, she was a beauty at 17 also so we can all agree she is a natural beauty, even though she probably had some things done. who cares anyway, as long as she didn’t overdo it.

        • avatar Amanda says:

          What do you mean, “Other than that, you should really spend less time on inspecting celebrities faces…imho.” This is a website solely dedicated to examining celebrities.

          • avatar sara says:

            I meant what I wrote. You wrote your comment as if you actually
            know for a fact everything you wrote. And you don’t. As far as the “This is a website solely dedicated to examining celebrities.” comment, yeah…great…comparing two pictures of a person where in one that person is 17 and in the other over 30…I have changed very very much since I’ve been a child and I haven’t had any surgery done… Anyway, I think this is a very useless debate. But then again, that’s only my opinion.

            • avatar guest says:

              it is obvious that she has done certain things. i enjoy examining the beauty faces. media highlights them. and, i, on my side, cannot understand why this bothers you? are you a sibling or sth? or fan? lawyer? whatever, my fun on examining the beauty faces, is none of your business!

      • avatar Galle says:

        Excellent and correct observations.

      • avatar asdf says:

        Your so dumb.. OH! And wrong. Go back and find pics of her at 8 years old and 12 years on online.. You’ll see the lips are the same.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Ugh, I hate how much work she has done, she had a beautiful well-proportioned face before.

    • avatar Matt says:

      Guys & girls…how does anyone think this woman is attractive? With all honesty, she reminds me of a Mr. Potato Head doll- you know with the ‘add-on’ features. Her features do not look proportionate to her face. In some pictures she looks great, but so do 1000s of supermodels. I keep thinking if I were in bed with her and turned to look at her head on the pillow, I would see this enormous scary, almost transsexual, cartoon-y face- far too masculine jawline and huge forehead. Full lips are great, but hers looks like they belong on a different race (asian or black which is beautiful). There is a limit to how full lips should be. Basically her features are just too exaggerated- too rigid and bulbous for a woman. Great actress I will admit. But please remember other actresses who far more exemplify true female beauty- Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Bo Derek, Natalie Wood, Raquel Welch, Ursula Andress, etc. No contest.

      • avatar not jealous says:

        Matt, i want to take a moment to thank you for your opinion. I normally don’t give a hoot about plastic surgery, or about whether or not some Hollywood actress is considered beautiful. I am middle-aged and very secure in my relationship with my partner, who i honestly don’t believe is going to leave me to try to steal away with AJ. So it’s not jealousy i feel when he tells me he thinks she’s gorgeous. It’s just some weird disconnect, an aesthetic taste difference, as in “WHY can’t he see that she’s freaking scary looking?” I mean, there are plenty of sexy women who probably turn me on almost as much as they might him (such as those you mentioned)–those would make me jealous, at least envious of their natural attractiveness. But Angelina’s fish lips, which look like they’ve been plastered on her face, and her cold, steely, tulip “beauty” don’t do a thing for me… there’s no softness, except the kind of tidepool-creature bloating of those lips. In fact, if you’re in the world of people who get plastic surgery at all, and you looked like her, the question is, Why wouldn’t you go ahead and get some work done to normalize those weird, out-of-place appendages? Phew, thank you for letting me vent. My partner won’t hear it, he swears i’m just jealous, because “everyone” knows she’s a great beauty. Ha!

        • avatar Pedro says:

          Asians got big lips? Actually asian lips are smaller than a white persons lips. Have you seen Native Americans? Their lips looks just like cartoon, it’s really small. Asians (East asians, south asians and so on) got the smallest lips out of every race.

  • avatar Diana Arce says:

    I Think she was all natural until ‘taking lives’ She looked even more beautiful then. Its obvious she had a nose job, I doubt there were 2. Re: her lips. If she were injecting the top lip to balance it out with the lower lip, her lips would look humongous. I think its backwards, that she reduced the lower lip to balance it with her top lip. Look at it, it doesn’t fold downward as it used to. Overall she is beatiful, with the most gorgeous lips, I think she looked even more beautiful before the surgeries.

  • avatar Bibb says:

    She didn’t have chin implants. Mayb ea little on the upper lip but that’s not for sure. Her nose? Definitely. But the rest you can’t really tell.

    • avatar Galle says:

      Actually, she has had a small chin implant to balance the rhinoplasty and face fat graftings. You can’t just do one procedure to a face. There are compensatory procedures that *balance* the overall look.

  • avatar Galle says:

    People – get over it! Jolie has had copious amounts of plastic surgery, as “Me” noted. She has also had blepharoplasty. She’s in show business where the business of maintaining one’s looks is why there are hundreds of plastic surgeons per square mile in the LA area. Reading comments from those defending Jolie when someone comments on her surgery as if she were some kind of Faberge egg, is amusing, at best. She breathes the same air and eats food, just like the rest of us. And! She has HAD A TON OF PLASTIC SURGERY. End of story.

  • avatar Diana Arce says:

    I agree w, Galle. She breathes the same air and all. She is a person like the rest of us. Getting surgery isnt a crime, just own up to it.

  • avatar mandly says:

    I say if a celebrity has had something done, quit lying about it because people can tell! To me it looks like she had her bottom lip made smaller, then did something to make them look like, well, er I have heard men say “a**hole” I would say puckered. Fish?

  • avatar Cat says:

    I would also suggest she has had her eyes worked on to make them more almond shaped.

    As for the previous comment, I have a blown up photo pf me at 17 and I am now 42 – my face hasn’t changed, my nose is the same, ditto my chin, my eyes are more hooded now and my lips are the same – everything is the same shape, your face is minimal face on maximum bone, therefore it doesn’t change shape the way your body does. I get fed up with celebrities who pretend they are all natural and give out this ‘precious’ aura when all they have done is pay alot of money to get improved. Just be honest. Although I disagree with the ‘great actress’ comment, I find her talentless, she is eye candy and the only reason she is box office now is who she is shacked up with. (He has also had alot of work done in my opinion)

  • avatar Cat says:

    PS, you know when she has had work done as she changes her hair – The Tourist anybody?

  • avatar Mattmofo says:

    I don’t care what people say she’s 100% natural and almost the hottest girl ever ! So shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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