Shannon Tweed Should Never Had Gotten a Facelift


Last year Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons underwent his & hers facelifts and I just happened upon some recent photos of the two. I think their facelifts look horrible!

Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons before & after facelifts:

shannon tweed facelift plastic surgery

Both of them looked MUCH better before their plastic surgeon pulled their faces too tight across their skulls. In my opinion, both of them look much older after the facelifts and now they have that “obviously had plastic surgery” look to them. Yuck.

Oh well, at least they screwed up their faces together, right? I do think Gene and Shannon are a cute couple. Here is a picture of them from 1991.

Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons in 1991:

shannon tweed facelift plastic surgery

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  • avatar Donna Delury says:

    I agree 100% with your comments. They were a cute couple before the surgery, especially Shannon who looked great since Playboy. Now she has The Joker face look, which so does not make a person look young or better! Gene, well, he never was a great looking man, which explains why he wore makeup in KISS but he looks worse now. I’d go back to the makeup and do something about the pubs on top.

    • avatar Horseshhue says:

      Haha totally in agreement here mr. Conceded Simmons is pretty scary looking. Shannon, even with her 80s plastic surgery could do way better since she has a sweet loyal personality. Simmons is so lucky, anyone else would have only wanted him for his $$ since he doesnt have looks and has an awful personality. Also he always has this pursed lip constipated look to him

  • avatar witness says:

    Ohh…I saw them in Brentwood once. They don’t look human. It’s so strange they could actually think they look attractive let alone normal. I guess you start losing perception after a nip here and a tuck there…it’s horrifying.

  • avatar David Simpson says:

    That joker face is hideous on Shannon. At least it is great for people to see what can happen, and in this case we know the name of the doc whod id the surgery. She does look older.

  • avatar Cindy says:

    Look better to me.

  • avatar Sonya Rose says:

    Someone just said that I resemble Shannon Tweed. I had to google her just now and came across this. I was shocked in realizing who it was or felt that it was indeed a compliment. We are years apart (about 15 yrs.). I’ve had no plastic surgeries so far to know what is/what is not. All I know is by photos. I think she’s gorgeous still as ever, a very beautiful woman and I’m sure for a long time to come. Most of my friends doubt that those two lovebirds ever had facelifts. Just something for the show. They look the same to me. It’s easy to fool the public, I guess. It’s just an artist perspective.

  • avatar meme says:

    I think Gene looks way better…but Shannon does look older now and looked much younger and better before.

  • avatar Amy says:

    Even surgery can’t overcome the predictable ravages of living with a raging misogynist.

  • avatar Bte says:

    I think Shannon looks amazing and would like to know who her surgeon was – perfect!

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Eww. Gene Simmons has never been anything resembling cute. Always looks like he smells something bad. Or like his lips are in a constant battle to keep that creepy tongue contained.

    Why’d she feel she needed a facelift? If she’s still having to compete with groupies for his attention he’s not worth hers.

    • avatar Horseshhue says:

      Could not have said it better. She will be competing with groupies until he stops flirting with chicks his daughters age soo….never

  • I think they look GEEAT! They are a wonderful couple and are amazing parents. I really have a lot of respect for them.

  • avatar jessica says:

    Shannon looks like the Joker. Absolutely horrible!!!!

  • avatar Sandy says:

    I was watching family jewels and looking at Shannon wondering what the hell was wrong with her face…I though too much botox, but man she looks terrible

  • avatar Jenn says:

    Gene Simmons is AWESOME! She is beautiful. They have a beautiful family!

    • avatar tom says:

      No they’re not! They are cheap!!! Shannon has shown her body to the public, instead of showing it only to her boyfriend and in private! she is shameless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He, is a sicko who cheats on her! They have no shame whatsoever for anything that they do! No, family values, or morals! The whole world knows!
      They are a dime a dozen!!!! These kind of people can be found anywhere! They are not well to do people! They are cheap!

  • avatar mamac says:

    I was also watching their show and was wondering of Shannon went to the dentist and had a frozen mouth or something. Something just looks off with her face. Her mouth always looks puffed up and stiff-like after you have been to the dentist and your mouth is a bit swollen and frozen. Now I know why. Gene, well…I dunno. He was never very good-looking. But I liked him way better before. At least before he looked natural. Now his face looks a bit -waxy or frozen.

    • avatar jay says:

      F.y.i. Her teeth before were smaller and had space in between the two front ones. She did go to the dentist and had all her teeth capped.

  • avatar Kim says:

    I just watched latest episode of Family Jewels and I think Shannon Tweed looks awesome! I think she looks beautiful after the plastic surgery, and she’ll look this way much longer than someone who didn’t have plastic surgery.

  • avatar Mary says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Shannon’s facelift makes her look like the joker. I love their show though and thought she was beautiful before the change. I hope they stop the plastic surgery.

  • avatar Plasto-Strango says:

    I agree with some, Shannon looks like the Joker face, she was perfect
    before the surgery. I don’t know why people feel like they need to have work done. The constant Botox is a big mistake, they look like Long Island Jewish Jokerz now. I watched a show last week and the son Nick was with a girl who stripped naked on a Beach. Nick did not know what to do, he is such a wuss.
    Any family that wants to be on TV like them needs serious Council.

    And I watched a show with Gene taking a ride in Vegas on the Strato-Ride and he yelled, “I’m famous, I’m rich”. AS if people really care? I am rich as is my family and several friends, but we don’t tell people, or show-off with stupid material items. Gene always seems to talk about money and how he will not get married because he does not want to lose 1/2 his money. What a way to live.

    Plastic surgery is good for people who have been in serious car accidents or other accidents, but to try and change what God gave you , just to make other people think you look good, is a waste of time and money.

    most people like myself like people for who they are, not how much money they have, or if the face is tight. Natural is better.

    I hope Gene’s daughter never gets any work done, she looks good the way she is.

    I hope she falls in love with a real man, one who is genuine. Not a gent who Gene picks just because of his bank acct.

    Like Chelsea Clinton, she married that gent for his money, and a 16 Million cheat clause, that’s not love, that’s a business deal.

    The last thing my wife thought of when we got married was to “Fine” me if I ever cheated on her in the tune of 16 Million.

    • avatar Horseshhue says:

      I hope Sophie finds a good man too. Unfortunately she has one of the biggest man whores on the world as her role model. Shannon says she put up with gene for the kids. I’d rather divorce than have a man like that as a role model for my kids…can I really call him a man though? Correction-childish little teenage boy

      • avatar michael says:

        Well look who she is? She slept with every man on the planet in those porn flicks!!! All i say is that they’re all sick in the head! What sickos!!!!!

  • avatar CP says:

    Poor Shannon! I froze the TV picture,and her skin looks so lumpy! It was a combination of lumps, orange peel skin and some wrinkles in an area around her mouth. I noticed they just do quick shots of her and usually at a distance. She does have stiff and drawn in features, but from a distance; she looks good. She certainly seems like a very kind person!

  • avatar niki says:

    She was beautiful before her plastic surgery. She had a beautiful nose etc….now she looks screwed up. He nose is awful and her upper injected lips are ridiculous. Why destroy a beautiful face? She should have had a talk with Michael Jackson who also had a lovely face but destroyed it. Shame on plastic surgeons for doing what ignorant patients want….so they get rich in the mean time.

  • avatar Marianne says:

    I agree 100%. In the latest episodes of their reality show, you can see the after-effect one year after surgery when it has healed. They both look worse. She is gradually starting to look like plastic surgery horror-story Jocelyn Wildenstein, with that twisted and plastic look. Shannon Tweeds mouth is starting to resemble the Joker in Batman!
    Just awful work. She better stop now or she will regret herself deeply. Her sister had major work as well and look like a small Joker. These people are so out of their mind with no grasp of reality, they don’t realize how bad they actually look!

    • avatar Horseshhue says:

      Honestly I think this could be a bit of b.d.d. Can comPare it to the orange girls who say they aren’t “tan” enough yetz

  • avatar Isabelle says:

    They are trying to cover that awful plastic surgery, the unnatural lumpy skin and the Joker mouth with softlens in Gene Simmons Family Jewels, but it still shows. Her surgeon did a really bad job. All three of them, Shannon, Gene and her sister had work done – and all look botched.

    • avatar michael says:

      It’s too bad that they can’t cover up those breast implants! She has to force them out of whatever she’s wearing!!!!!!! Shame on you Shannon!!!!

  • avatar Steve Miller Band-The Joker says:

    Shannon has had so much Botox and work, she looks like a
    well spent Long Island Lock Jaw.

    Nick is a wuss for sure, he is so weak I don’t think he
    will ever recover from the brain-washing Gene making his
    family sit in front of the camera saying goofy things for 10 years.

    They all look like a “Deer frozen in the center of the road with
    the headlights in the eyes”. Then they say some stupid things to the camera,
    these people are out of their minds and there is no amount of money that would make me do the same thing with my family on camera.

    Gene is so unattractive as a man, as a woman in drag with all that make-up
    he looks much better after to throw the “Wig-On” late-night.

    Gene just stares at the mirror all day dreaming how he can pay a doctor
    to make him look like Tom Cruise.

    What a sad family, crying out for help via the TV Set to The World.

  • avatar Mantaray says:

    So sad, watching Shannon post Joker surgery is painful to watch. She can’t even move her mouth too much. It is really sad as she used to be so beautiful.

    • avatar jay says:

      Yes, pretty on the outside! She is a prostitute!! No one in their right mind would show her privates in public!! She’s a skank!!!! Shame on all of them!!!! It’s disgusting!!! The simmons have not morals, family values, or respect for themselves or for others!!!!!

  • avatar Annie says:

    Yeah, well, what the hell. If Gene and Shannon are happy with the results, that’s all that matters.

  • avatar Lynsu says:

    Tweed looks awful with the duck lips. It’s bery sad that these women and men cannot accept the inevitable process of aging. Expect for a fortunate few, they end up looking like old people with bad plastic surgery. There is nothing natural about the way they look…hard and phony.

  • avatar john says:

    Shannons face looks square, tough, frozen..couldn’t even cry when Gene asked her to marry him. Lots of botox all over her face. Lips don’t move properly when she speaks. I wonder if her breast implants look frozen as well! She looks absolutely atrocious! Ladies! be natural!!

  • avatar marco says:

    Shes all fake!!! Looks terrible! Also Looked better natural and without breast implants!!!!

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