Karolina Kurkova is Missing a Belly Button


It appears that supermodel Karolina Kurkova has an interesting feature: She lacks a belly button!

Karolina Kurkova sans belly button:

Karolina Kurkova plastic surgery

A belly button that goes missing is often a side effect of a tummy tuck (just ask Patricia Heaton), but do you think a super model would need a tummy tuck?

Karolina Kurkova plastic surgery

Victoria’s Secret (whom Karolina models for) goes as far as to photoshop a belly button onto Karolina’s catalog pictures in order to hid her unusual stomach.

I scoured the web for pictures of Karolina Kurkova and she has always lacked a belly button in her adult life, so I doubt that a tummy tuck is the cause of her missing belly button. But you never know. According to Kurkova’s rep, her lack of belly button is due to an abdominal surgery that she underwent as a child.

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  • avatar Hon Hon says:

    I could live with her freaky deaky belly button.

  • avatar Lynn says:

    My mother didn’t have a belly button from the time she was 18 because of abdominal surgery. Hernia I think. She didn’t have any indention at all. It would have been done around 1946. I’m sure they do things differently now and you woudn’t get that same affect.

  • avatar Carla says:

    My roommate had a non-bellybutton like this. She said it was because something went wrong when they cut her umbilical cord too short. Kinda’ strange. I don’t think Karolina Kurkova had any surgery.

  • avatar Kendra says:

    It could just be a photoshop mistake kids.

  • avatar Jenn says:

    I knew two kids in school without a belly button. They were both born with their intestines on the outside and had to have them tucked in. They were both fairly thin too.

  • avatar The Gooseman says:

    Woah, Karolina XY! You know it’s supposed to be there, and there is even space for it, but it’s just not there. People classify belly buttons as innie or outie but how would you classify this? It doesn’t detract from her looks. It’s just slightly outside the norm.

  • avatar LRM216 says:

    Yup – if you have umbilical hernia or abdominal hernia surgery, they just usually so away with the bellybutton. It’s not a rare thing at all

  • avatar np98989998 says:

    I dated someone once who did not have a belly button…. it looked just like Karolina’s in the picture. she probably had nothing done.

  • avatar Helen says:

    Doesn’t look bad, just awkward. She still looks pretty though.

  • avatar Melissa says:

    Actually, her lack of bellybutton is due to an abdominal operation as an infant. A lot of photographers photoshop the bellybutton INTO the picture.

  • avatar askme says:

    look i know someone who went out with this guy who used to be a masseuse and has worked with her, what happened is so unbelievable that its just easier for her to say it was surgery, see when she was born she had a third arm so close to her belly button so when they cut it off and stitched her up it affected the belly button so that there no longer was one. now i know ur all going to say wheres the scar well aparently it wasnt like a fully formed arm just a skinny little stump kinda looks like a tail really and when she was like 5 or something, well honestly i dont know what age egsactly , but there was still the faintest scar which she had lasered i dont know if they completely ridded her of the scar so there may be some un- photo shopped pics that will show slight evidence, also the scars just are ever so light its more like a little blotchyness that you could mistake for a birthmark or leftover tan product. do ur research theres gotta be some evidence of this i know it to be fact.

  • avatar deeplysuperficial says:

    Oh askme…

    If she hasn’t told the public about her “third arm” I doubt she’d tell some massage guy.

    Please, make up a better lie next time.

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Belly buttons are overrated anyway. For the record, I have an innie–‘fore someone accuses me of being jealous of the belly buttoned world.

    Some even kinda gross me out.

  • avatar samantha says:

    as a matter of fact it wasnt that the masseuse was working on her so to speak but simply knew her

  • avatar ahmi says:

    It is true. My mom had hernia repair, along with her twin sister, at 6 months of age and neither have a belly button.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    All models are airbrushed & the ones that aren’t are lying. It does appear to be a airbrushing mistake where they accidentially blurred out her belly button. I’ve seen other swimsuit pics of her & she does have a normal belly button. I like that she is a supermodel even though she is not your classic ideal beauty.

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