Hang Mioku – Plastic Surgery Addict


Hang Mioku was 28 years old when she got her 1st plastic surgery procedure. For the next 20 years she couldn’t get enough, even though her face became bloated and disfigured. When her plastic surgeons finally cut her off and would no longer perform surgery on her, Hand Mioku decided to inject cooking oil into her face to keep it plump.

Hang Mioku before and after years of bad plastic surgery:

hang mioku before and after plastic surgery

I tried to find what procedures left Hang Mioku in this condition, but the only thing we know for sure is that she fancied having silicon injected into her face.

Hang Mioku after surgery to correct botched plastic surgeries and cooking oil injections:

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Mioku, now 48 years old, says that she would like to have her old face back now. Oh…really?!

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  • avatar pelka says:

    What the heck? That’s one of the scariest things I have EVER seen. That’s worse than Jocelyn!

  • avatar Anna says:

    I agree, can’t plastic surgeons be sued for malpractice?

  • avatar pak31 says:

    I saw her recently on another site. This is just horrible. Some doctor needs to be punished. There was nothing wrong with her before, what the heck prompted her to do this??

  • avatar nani says:

    No no.. apparently she injected cooking oil herself. This has nothing to do with the surgeon.

    • avatar Lindsay says:

      Yes, it does – it’s the doctor’s fault for giving her silicon and a syringe and encouraging her to inject herself. He shouldn’t have given those things to someone who obviously had serious psychological problems. Thus, it is partially his fault.

  • avatar Apollonia says:

    oh my god . what has got into her? this is awful, poor woman

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    What’s really shocking is that this couldn’t have been achieved in only one day. This must have taken days, weeks, or even months of injections, obviously with her consent. At what point did she say, “Hey, I’m looking like a bloated sea monster. Perhaps I’ll pass on the injections tonight?”

  • avatar Katie says:

    This is so sad. Why didn’t someone intervene before it got to this point??

  • avatar Xanthe says:

    THIS IS HIDEOUS. it looks like something from a horror movie, she was gorgeous before, what pushes someone so far that they end up looking like this?!?!

  • avatar delmie says:

    What does she look like now?? Has she had other work done?

  • avatar Vera says:

    That’s terrible. And she was cute before it all. People like this need psychological help, not surgery. And plastic surgeons shouldn’t work on people with obvious problems like this woman had. Obviously, they’re just money-hungry and don’t care about the people.

  • avatar Girlonthenet says:

    I can’t believe someone could go so far… I’ve seen some horrible surgeries before and I couldn’t believe people would continue doing it, but this is the worst I’ve seen yet…
    Personally I think she was very pretty before, she looked better than I do now… but even still, people can have some flaws they want to improve… so all I can think is that her very first surgery must have made something look weird so she went for revisions and then it just went downhill from there and became an obsession and mental illness… How bad was it before she started injecting herself with cooking oil I wonder? Something like that could really screw your face up aside from surgeries… Plus, her age is a factor, she probably gained a lot of weight between when she started and now… So just based on age, showing a photo with a 20 year age difference, you’re going to look worse anyway..

  • avatar Ice says:

    Are you people even reading? The article said she did this to herself after surgeons cut her off from plastic surgery.

    • avatar Lindsay says:

      Again, a doctor gave her a syringe and silicon. He shouldn’t have given those things to her, especially since he probably had access to her medical records and could see that she had psychological issues. It is the doctor’s fault as well for providing her with those things and encouraging her to inject herself.

  • avatar angela says:

    she is one of the UGLIEST person i have ever seen in my life she looks deformed and itz kinda her fauld 4 putting cooking oil on herself she should not even hd that plastic surgery in the first place people shout be happy the way you natrual beauty comes inside not in plastic surgerys

    • avatar youareamoron says:

      Seriously you are a moron. Next time you go deciding who is ugly and who is not, maybe you should TAKE A GRAMMAR SCHOOL ENGLISH LESSON.

  • avatar rawr says:

    OMFG it really must be due to some kind of psychological disorder. I mean, who would actually look at themselves in the mirror and not freak out if they looked like that.

  • avatar J says:

    There are lots of people with bad plastic surgery gone wrong on this but this is the first one that has actually made me physically nauseaus especially reading about her injecting cooking oil into her face?! what would possess someone ? she was so beautifull

  • avatar nathalie says:

    I feel terrible for her knowing she looks the way she does now. She should have gotten help for her psychological disorder. clearly she needed help because she was so obsessed with her looks but i guess she just didn’t realize. I hope when people see her in public they don’t give her a hard time or stare in disgust at her. She’s still a person no matter how she looks.

  • avatar Sad Case says:

    I wonder if she smells like french fries when she sweats?

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    ok this is just really sad.

  • avatar Julie says:

    She looks like a freak. She was so pretty before. People should be happy with what God gave them and grow old gracefully.

  • avatar Stating the obvious says:

    It’s a sad fact that all too often the prettiest people lack any sense of true self. They identify with only their good looks and when its starts to go, they freak and try desperately to hang on to youth and the beauty that came with it. Us regular looking people actually have to develope a character as we grow up so we know who we are as we grow old and less attractive. Pretty people need to get a hobby that does not need their appearance as the focus, maybe gardening or fishing.

  • avatar Helen says:

    She probably had a Psychological Problem and Body dismorphia because, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN.

  • avatar Joni says:

    Kind hard to feel sorry for someone this stupid. Sure, there are doctors to be sued for giving her the needles, but cooking oil? That’s against anyone’s better judgment.

  • avatar John in Phoenix says:

    When I first saw the “After” pictures of this poor woman I almost started to cry. The sad fact is that body Dysmorphic disorder is like a bad fun house mirror to the person that suffers from this terrible condition. She probably never saw herself as getting worse, but somewhere in her minds’ eye she thought it was making a positive difference in her outward appearance to anyone looking at her. So So sad to see this. Just cuts right to my soul knowing that nobody was able to stop her from disfiguring herself in this manner.

  • avatar emily says:


  • avatar rn says:

    what would happen if she sat in the sun
    wouldnt her face boil?

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    She has nice lips.Well, before the silicone and cooking oil injections.

  • avatar Verena says:

    Oh my god!! Cooking oil? This woman needs help.. She´s crazy..

  • avatar pinkdinosaur says:

    Young girls looking to have extensive plastic surgery on themselves to correct flaws that are, many times, imaginary, should take notes: you WILL grow older. What settled just fine in your face when you were 25 (and sometimes not even then) is VERY LIKELY to come back and bite you when you start showing your age. This woman was VERY INFORTUNATE and probably “benefitted” from incompetent doctors and back-alley procedures, but any plastic surgery carries their risks of making you look like the Bride of Wildestein when you start getting older.

  • avatar Alex says:

    Wow what a waste of beauty.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    Even though I don’t feel sorry for her, this is a sad story because it could have been avoided. Hopefully she’ll find happiness and peace in the only place that truly matters

  • avatar Amber says:

    This is so stupid, first of all this wasnt after years of plastic surgey she took cooking oil and injected it into her own face under the skin, as someone else said. Second this wouldn’t be caused over time anytime you put something in your body that your body cannot proccess it will reject it. So thats basically a horrible allergic reaction to doing something totally moronic. I have no idea where the author of this site got their info but they need to do some serious fact checking.

  • avatar Amber says:

    Also to who ever said sue the dr’s for giving her needles? How stupid are you? Im sure you can get needles with out an Rx for them and its not the dr’s fault you did something so stupid with them. You all need to chill out with the “sue someone” stuff, its her fault, she did this to herself. If youre going to sue the dr’s you might as well sue the company that made the oil or the store that sold that to her…

  • avatar Amber says:

    Also to who ever said sue the dr’s for giving her needles? How stupid are you? Im sure you can get needles with out an Rx for them and its not the dr’s fault you did something so stupid with them. You all need to chill out with the “sue someone” stuff, its her fault, she did this to herself. If youre going to sue the dr’s you might as well sue the company that made the oil or the store that sold that to her…

  • avatar Glendy says:

    Omg, she was so pretty and healthy looking before…what the hell prompted her to do THIS!?!? My god, she’s wrose than Jocleyn! I’m starting to think there should only be surgeries tht hve correctional purposes!

  • avatar Phillip says:

    She took it upon herself to do this. Although people should have intervened and someone needed to keep a close eye on her injecting cooking oil into ones face with the intention of “looking better” is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of. Thanks to this woman the human race’s intelligence levels have dropped a few notches.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    If you want to see her with ONLY silicon injections than go to this webside


  • avatar Alex13 says:

    It’s a video

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She looked like a exotic supermodel before. She also became a singer after the cooking oil injections.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She had Silicon Injections in her lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, neck(giving her a double chin), and some went on her back part of her neck! Wow talk about Black Market. She had Cooking Oil Injections in the same spots.

  • avatar TNK says:


    She went back to Korea and her parents, after finally realizing it was their daughter, took her to the doctor. But of course none of them had money to treat her psychological disorder because it was too expensive. What a bunch of crap! If she hadn’t blown all her money on stupid cosmetic surgery she didn’t need in the first place (and thereby became “addicted” to it), this wouldn’t have happened. I have no sympathy for someone so foolish.

    • avatar RCChick says:

      hindsight is a wonderful thing
      lets hope u dont make any mistakes in life eh? heaven forbid u lose ur sanity cus if everyone feels like u, u’ll have no-one by urside. ur very cold hearted

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She has a nice body. And she’s more than 20 years older than me.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    More than 20 years older than me.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Look at her after the silicon injections


  • avatar Gabe says:

    wow this is fkn funny and sad……
    she looks like a marionette in the AFTER picture

  • avatar DJW says:

    I don’t know much about her but she used to be a model and even beautiful women are forced to undergo plastic surgeries when they work as models. That environment is highly competitive and the smallest flaw might make you lose your job. She probably wanted only small improvements but became addicted to plastic surgeries and injections, which is a psychiatric problem. As far as I know, her doctors refused any more surgeries when they realized she was addicted, and that was when she started injecting cooking oil into her face to look “softer and more beautiful”. I don’t think she’s had any failed surgeries, she’s done this to herself because of her addiction. She needed help but probably didn’t accept any because she didn’t even admit to herself she was having a problem in the first place. You can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. All this beauty “industry” is stupid. I sure like watching nice pics of women but all those retouched photos in mags just make ladies want what they can’t have and in most cases don’t even need. All they see are retouched photos of celebrities and then they get depressed when they don’t look as good as them. A highway for addictions, bulimia, anorexia, depressions and more. I’d rather a natural-looking woman with some sexy “flaws” than a perfect “robot” you can’t even touch because you’re afraid it’d fall apart. Btw, nothing’s perfect. And that’s beautiful.

    • avatar RCChick says:

      uve posted A LOT of incorrect information there. and i resent ur comment about the beauty industry i am a proffessional model, have been for over three years and have less than a handfull of retouched photos most show my natural complexion as most companies are aware of the problems that have been occuring in the industry and dont want to get theyre reputation tarnished. dont get me wrong, im not defending the ind as there is a lot of flaws. I must state though that i have never been encouraged to have any cosmetic surgery infact quite the opposite i am always told to go to castings/jobs looking fresh with no make up not even nail polish! And as far as im aware no one forced her to do anything to herself she appears to have had low self esteem which was taken advantage of by plastic surgeons. see video below for more accurate information.

      • avatar bodybeautiful says:

        rcchick, what a bunch of crap YOU posted. look at all the magazines around you – they are all airbrushed! Hollywood A-listers (which you obviously are not) are doing botox and surgeries every now and then – all because of the pressure to look perfect. models have died because of eating disorders, government agencies have adjusted laws to put a certain limit to models’ bmi (in european countries at least) and you actually deny the obvious?? we weren’t born yesterday, even when magazines published Monica Belluci without make up on- we actually know better

      • avatar DJW says:

        You don’t even have to know your photos have been retouched. Magazines do it even without the consent of the celebrities, let alone models. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Kate Winslet for example. Her photos have been retouched without her consent. She only found out because they made her legs look much thinner than they were in reality. She was one of the very few who said something about it out loud, though. It’s a common practice to retouch photos for magazines. Beauty industry forces one beauty ideal on everyone and it’s sad and wrong. It’s also why people have low self-esteem issues in the first place. Because of all the retouched photos that show retouched, aka perfect human beings. An unachievable ideal. It’s that ideal that “forces” young girls to starve themselves in extreme ways or even beautiful models to try making themselves even more beautiful. Cindy Crawford once said: I wish to look like Cindy Crawford. I guess she knows what she was talking about, don’t you think?

  • avatar Sox says:

    I think she needs plastic surgery.

  • avatar RCChick says:

    She DID get help when she returned to her parents in korea she had a swollen face due to silicone, but she couldnt afford to keep up the payments for the mental help she was recieveing. she had previously been cut off by japanese surgeons as they feared she had mental problems but after she couldnt afford anymore help she somehow managed to find a surgeon who gave her, her own bottle of silicone to self inject with, when that ran out she couldnt afford anymore so thats when she thought that cooking oil would be the next best thing.

    this story is so sad and it has really touched me. i really hope that ppl continue to help her but she’ll defo never be the same again bless her heart.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1JLL51ox3k this vid has a pic of her after silicone but before cooking oil.

  • avatar Mordred says:

    This poor, poor woman. The plastic surgeons need to be drawn and quartered for what they did to her. She was obviously addicted to plastic surgery and they must have known. I mean how could they not know.

  • avatar 'Tia says:

    She looks like Gaddafi.

  • avatar marioelectrico says:

    have you seen the duquesa de alba¿ she is the worst

  • avatar Paul says:

    None of this would have happened to her and many others (who suffer disfigurement from plastic surgery) if our society did not continually push false ideals of beauty onto women and make them feel inadequate.

    She was beautiful before but felt inadequate, ugly, and this prompted her to open that Pandora’s box of surgery and what must be a living hell. There are so many cases like this, though not as severe. Joceyln Wildenstein is another horrible example.

    The “solution” on a societal level is to reject these false and impossible standards of beauty and promote the acceptance of natural beauty and beauty of aging women. Women should not feel inadequate because they are heavy or do not look like stereotypes in magazines.

    This idealized beauty is also what the Nazis promoted through the Aryan ideal. Plastic surgery culture and Nazism have in common this fascination with idealized beauty: in the case of one, women become disfigured and bankrupt, under the knives of unscrupulous men, and in the other human beings were murdered because they did not conform to blood purity and Aryan ideals.

    Men have done the same to nature, to tame it, to control it. It is time that we as a species learn to live within the limits of nature and natural beauty, not the monstrous ideals created in our imaginations.

  • avatar reece says:

    Dont make fun of burn victims, its not funny.

  • avatar Alex says:

    It started with her going through procedures. Her face got messed up but she wanted more procedures done up until the point that plastic surgeons refused to work with her. But she found one that would inject that silicone stuff her face. He even gave her a kit for at home. But when she ran out of that silicone, she decided to use cooking oil. Way to go

  • avatar CharlieRae says:

    Well, SHE wanted to change her looks….she got that!
    I think she was very vane in first place.
    I mean come on….who does stuff like this and aren’t happy with way they look so must spend money on self instead of helping others.
    She was selfish and self focused so she got what she had coming to her.

  • avatar BillyBob says:

    PHEW! Man, I wouldn’t fuck her with a rented dick.

    She better get used to living a sexless life.

  • avatar Kavitha says:

    May i chat with her. Lets not discriminate her or curse her. She needs help morally. There are meditations and various other alternate auto suggestions techniques to bring her back to normal, with lot of effort, let her start this day, one yearfrom now I promise to hear a change from her

  • avatar Nicole A. Scott says:

    I just wanted to say how horrible that woman’s treated her face. I just wanted to share my opinion, and i’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion.. but..
    She should’ve seen her face at the first injection period, before the bumps were found on her skin.
    She should’ve KNOWN even at age 21 that this would be a bad idea. Cooking oil is a stupid thing to put on your face, just beacuse it looks smooth dosen’t mean you can go and inject it inside your face.
    She actually should’ve just kept her face, and she should’ve kept it the way it was. I’m never going to inject cooking oil into MY FACE. I really feel bad for her, but atleast people learn lessons. I hope she finds something good in life. Maybe when she gets older, she will find something that can get her old face back.
    But let’s just say, she was the one who injected it. And she was old enough to know this would happen. She made her own choice though.

    But my whole statement was, the doctors were innocent the whole time. They didn’t want to damage that model’s face. She should’ve thought this out. And Hang Mioku should’ve known the reason they rejected her..

    Thank you for accepting/reading my opinion. I appreciate it!

    Nicole A. Scott

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