Mary Tyler Moore is a talented actress, but I just can’t take her seriously anymore. She has WAY over done the plastic surgery and her face is looking less human and more mask-like.

Mary Tyler Moore Before & After Facelift?

mary tyler moore plastic surgery

Mary Tyler Moore is 71 years old and it appears that she has had quite a few cosmetic surgeries to try and turn back time. It looks like she recently had her second (or third) face lift and she is looking scarily like plastic surgery addicted Joan Rivers. In addition to the facelift(s), Mary Tyler Moore looks like she’s also had work done on her eyes (blepharoplasty), injections to plump her cheeks and she has ghastly veneers on her teeth.

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  • avatar Anna says:

    To talk about overdoing plastic surgery I think you need to go further than 2007. She already has butchered her face then, sorry.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    She was cute way back when. Why can’t people just age gracefully or naturally, it looks better than the overdone surgeries do.

  • avatar Maggie says:

    Why did the dentist give her such enormous teeth? She looks like Mr Ed when she smiles.

  • avatar Kelly says:

    2nd or 3rd facelift? More like 22nd or 23rd. Plus that magic tape…

    A theater friend was working on a benefit performance, working with celebs backstage. He came upon this elderly women sitting in the corner, waiting for her makeup people to show up.

    Gray hair, wrinkled, sagging skin, he thought she was perhaps the mother of some celeb.

    Suddenly she was surrounded by a team of stylists, and pulled into a makeup room.

    45 minutes later, out walked Mary Tyler Moore.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    Some of U all need 2 QUIT it. (I am crying laughing)
    I’m trying to recuperate from surgery myself. (not plastic surgery mind U) I shouldn’t b laughing this hard!!! all ur commets R true!!! Looks like Mr Ed LOL!!!!!!!!! Mary has gone over board !!! Looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    at her makes me scared 2 get old!!!! agree with pak31 Why can’t people just age graceully or naturally?????????? B/c they fear that word Old
    Nobody wants 2 get OLD. And in the entertainment world Old Age is a death sentence 2 ur career!!!

  • avatar Alice says:

    Mary Tyler Moore recently had an interview published in Parade and she talked about being a republican and a supporter of John McCain. The interviewer asked her about stem cell research in relation to diabetes, and she said something like George Bush is a smart man with a heart and will come around to stem cells eventually.

    I can’t help but think the plastic surgery and the teeth and the cougar husband all come from hanging out with people who have more money than sense.

  • avatar Gail says:

    Saw her in a movie recently and absolutely did not recognize her! My husband said he thought it was Mary Tyler Moore, and I disagreed with him until I looked up the movie credentials online. Good Grief!

  • avatar Honey says:

    Alice, you must have a lot of money, huh?

  • avatar Christina says:

    I think all of you are being incredibly rude seeing as how much Mary Tyler Moore has been through. Have any of you considered the fact that this woman has delt with and been dealing with more then anyone should have to? And all of you are going to critize her looks? Seriously? She is a very talented woman. What does it matter what she looks like.

  • The process of aging unfortunately is sometimes not well welcomed by some people. If you add a difficult upbringing and an environment that almost forces women to be perfect its easy to see how some patients can take surgery too far.

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  • avatar maverickguy says:

    Mary Tyler Moore just had a small guest spot on the great TV show “Hot In Cleveland”. When she first came on, I asked my partner, “who is that?”. I couldn’t even tell it was MTM. She looked absolutely ghastly. Her face looks like a monkey now. I could only tell it was her by her voice. I agree, people should age gracefully or at least don’t over-do the plastic surgery to the point they look scary.

    • avatar GB says:

      The woman was never pretty with her horse teeth and horrible screeching voice on the Dick Van Dyke show even her body language (always running around throwing her arms up all over) were annoying. Now she just looks like puppet.

  • avatar Grets says:

    Her teeth are not fake they naturally look like that!

  • avatar Rob Van says:

    Its two years later but Alice, you somehow equate being republican with too much surgery? ANYWAY, maybe I missed it but didnt anyone notice when she had the stupid cleft put in her chin? GOOFY! Cleft chins always look significantly better when they’re GONE!

  • avatar gerard d'anjou says:

    I never did think that mary was a real people person,when some one here locally in vancouver bc asked her a question ,she told the person ,CONTACT MY PEOPLE, all that was that,

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