Lara Flynn Boyle Needs a Lesson in Proportion


Lara Flynn Boyle certainly isn’t aging gracefully. She is trying to fight it tooth and nail, but is failing miserably at the hands of a plastic surgeon that lacks any sort of talent. Yes, Lara Flynn Boyle has actually paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a bloated faced bobble head with distorted lips.

Lara Flynn Boyle before and after plastic surgery:

lara flynn boyle celebrity plastic surgery

lara flynn boyle anorexicIt’s obvious that Lara Flynn suffers from some sort of body dismorphic mental illness, so I think it’s sad that these plastic surgeons continue to inflate and paralyze her face with botox, facial fillers and collagen/Restylne injections.

As Lara’s body shrinks (it’s been rumored that she suffers from anorexia as well), her face “magically” gets larger and fuller. It looks like she’s had fat injected into her face, which is supposed to fill it out for a more youthful appearance. Personally, I think she looks bloated and ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on the lip injections…Her lips have really suffered through the years of repeatedly inflating them with injectable fillers. Her lip line has been permanently destroyed and her lips are now totally lopsided and deformed.

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    Oh my god she looks absolutely disgusting. On the one hand it makes me laugh when I see women thinking that they look attractive like this… but then I also think it’s sad… they obviously have some body image issues to think that the skeletor look is at all appealing.

  • avatar Mark says:

    I wonder if there’s a man who find this attractive?
    Women should be round and soft, not boney.

  • avatar Apollonia says:

    oh no, i love lara flynn boyle she always reminded me of an english countess and now the lip…. lesson one: mouth should be smaller than face!
    and skinny she is … boy when i see such twigs i always shiver. have they no friends to tell them the truth?

  • avatar pak31 says:

    She’s a freak. Her first pic she looks normal. Why do women always want the opposite of what they have? Those fat lips are gross.

  • avatar kba says:

    wow she is so beautiful in the first picture. i actually wouldnt have known that picture was her…

  • avatar Raunnie says:

    It is hard to believe that this is the same Lara Flynn Boyle who was in Dead Poet’s Society all those years ago!

  • avatar ani says:

    She needs boobs and needs to start eating.

  • avatar Ali says:

    UGH! Breaks my heart to see these. She was sooo beautiful – and naturally – for so long. It’s really sad because you wonder if she has anyone in her life trying to get her much needed help.

  • avatar madina says:

    She is so stong…. And… she was so beautiful,many years ago…

  • avatar Holly says:

    She looks like she could be 60-years old in the 2008 picture.

    What happened to her?

  • avatar Helen says:

    She was gorgeous !! But whoever started the duck lips trend should be cursed because they are destroying many beautiful girls.

  • avatar Li says:

    Before she looked sexy.
    After she looks like a character in a movie that my nease and I watched when we were in our vacation at France called RATATOUILLE.(The character that I’m talking about is a female chief that had a slender body but had a big and fat face).

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    She looks like a wax figure then you meet her in person.

  • avatar Fran says:

    Hey!!! I am from Spain and I know Lara from the TV Show “The practice”. She´s great in the show and her appearance is one of the reasons that made me study Law.

    I am so sad to see her now. I think she is a great actress but she have to change…

    She´s the perfect example of : “How to break a great carreer”. But never is too late.

  • avatar Alex says:

    T R A G I C

    She used to be beautiful once…

    she like 2 pounds…

    her body is gross and offensive.

  • avatar karen says:

    wow….she looks like one of those holocaust survivors…gross.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    How old is she?

  • avatar Jeffry says:

    I think she looks beautiful–so slim and sexy. Mmmm…
    All women I think should look like this.

  • avatar Lori Miller says:

    So Sad,Some People are made skinny and that’s o.k so I wont judge,BUT….I wonder has she been sick,so please think about what you say about people, one never know’s what is going on and why they are so thin or fat..

  • avatar Elynn says:

    Helen says:

    “She was gorgeous !! But whoever started the duck lips trend should be cursed because they are destroying many beautiful girls.”

    It was started because so many women were envious of Angelina Jolie. Anytime a person tries to look like anyone other than themselves, they end up looking rediculous.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    Lori Miller is right.

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