Lip Injections Are Not For Everyone


What a lot of people can’t seem to grasp is this: Just because a plastic surgeon will sell you a new nose, chin, lips or set of boobs, doesn’t necessarily mean your new body part(s) will be an improvement.

Take Megan Hauserman and her new lips for example. I think her new inflated lips are totally unflattering to her other facial features and face shape in general. She looks a bit doofy now. All for the bargain price of $1000…

Megan Hauserman before and after lip injections:

megan hauserman plastic surgery

I know what you’re thinking…Who the fuck is Megan Hauserman?!? Megan has made a career out of being a reality show contestant and has appeared on such influential shows as: “Beauty and the Geek 3”, “Rock of Love 2”, “I Love Money” and “Rock of Love Charm School”.

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    Call me old fashioned but why can’t people just accept what God gave them? I know there are people with gigantic noses etc. But when you see someone with minor minor flaws go and get plastic surgery I just have to ask them why? If people didn’t like me for my lips or my nose, then they don’t need to be my friend. Now she looks like she aged 10 years and looks heavier too. Yuck.

  • avatar gretchen says:

    I think women today are led to believe that thier lives will improve if they are what society thinks to be “sexy”. It’s all fine and well to look good but if you’re anything like meagan hauserman not matter how much lip inflation and cilicone you hide yourself under people are still gonna find you hideous. if i were able to have the chance to get up and represent the women of america today i would definately keep it natural. ibelieve we have to set an example for young women. that way we wont end up with these kinds of disasterousy egocentric sex addicted flooseys.

  • avatar Ihatemegan says:

    Megan is old and ugly with saggy boobs they suck.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    Yawn. Ugly before, ugly after. She needs to get her nose and small eyes done.

  • avatar Becky says:

    Is it really fair to compare a well-lit, air-brushed before image with an unflatteringly-lit pulling-an-odd-face after shot? The most beautiful woman in the world can still look odd if you catch her at an awkward moment

  • avatar Carolina says:

    She needs a brain job… I don’t see the lips as the major problem here, but the blue eyeshadow, please, she looks like miss piggy from muppet babies.

  • avatar Helen says:

    Coment #6 LMAO.
    Comen #2 I’m English not American , and they all wanna be slags.

    And she used to look gorgeous. I mean, she’s what people wanna look like when they finish having their procedures, now shes fat n’ ugly.

  • avatar Demonoid says:

    last comment before i go to my job:
    i have education as psychologist and perception of beauty, and this bitch (Magan) dont know nothing about beauty… i guess – born ugly is equal to remain ugly even after surgeries for 1 000 000 $… this fact always remain 🙂
    Megan Hauseman is UGLY now (and before actually). cmon good plastic surgeon which Care for his patinets can show her – that first she need to change first her stupid un-feminine lip form, with – Lifting her upper lip, after that if she insist – can get her lip injections. some ppl never learn or want to know what exactly is wrong with them :(….

  • avatar Alex says:

    Megan is certainly NOT ugly…
    I happen to find her body quite feminine and beautiful…
    her face is nothing to write home about ,but still not ugly…shes a very attractive woman…
    the lips are wrong for her tho…her top lip looks too close to her nose.

  • avatar Big Pimpin' says:

    ugly before, ugly after. just ugly with bigger lips. she only has a good body.

  • avatar Marysia_Too says:

    Her upper lip was non-existent – I think it looks fine now (NOT trout-y). It’s the harsh eye makeup that makes her look too hard.

  • avatar Alex says:

    It would be better if she got a nose job,a eye lid lift, a set of smaller dental veneers, chin reduction,cheek lift, brow lift, maybe a new look, jaw shaving, lasic mole removal, a new name etc; Oh yeah I almost forgot a better plastic surgeon!

    Jocelyn Wildenstein in 2006 look a jillion times more better than her.


    I am not kidding I would rather kiss Jocelyn Wildenstein than it (Megan Hauserman)


    By the comments that I read about her makes me think that she must be a huge bitch!



  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She looks worst than Heidi Montag!

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    LOL @ Demonoid. “education as psychologist and perception of beauty”
    Sure, sure. I believe you…

  • avatar Aleysha says:

    Her face was unusual, neither classic, nor what is in fashion now. But as it was, it was perfect. Everything worked together. Not so now, she has a rather piggish appearance. Let’s hope that the effects from the injections won’t last…

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