I Suspect that Nicola Mclean’s Breasts May Be Fake.


Nicola Mclean is a British “glamour model” that has recently been named Ultimo Lingerie’s latest spokesmodel.

Nicola Mclean

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First of all, what the hell is up with British glamour models? Is Britain 15 years behind on what “sexy” is? They (Nicola Mclean, Jordan, Jodie Marsh, etc) all look like budget copies of Pamela Anderson in the late 90’s.

Secondly, is Ultimo suffering budget cuts due to the poor economy and couldn’t afford a real model? So they settled for an average looking girl with ridiculous porno boobs and gross stretch marks on her stomach?

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    She kind of looks like a thicker version of Tara Reid. Her boobs are seriously ridiculous… they’re as big as her head. LoL.

  • avatar Amber says:

    Find a real woman who doesn’t have stretch marks!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    The only surprising thing is that they weren’t Photoshopped out. Britain must be 15 years behind technologically!!

  • avatar kelly says:

    I’m sorry, she is a normal woman who has just had a kid. I hate her and think her boobs and desperation for attention is pathetic but give the woman a break, a few stretch marks doesn’t make someone ugly. Most women AND men have a few, all my exes had a few but they didn’t notice them until i pointed them out as men are not taught to tear their appearance to shreds like women. Women’s are just more scrutinised as women are just seen as sex objects to a lot of people these days. Women grow hips and boobs in puberty and their stomachs grow whilst pregnant, why should they have to feel ashamed of their marks and have them photo-shopped out?

    Oh and it was a publicity shot took at an event, not a professional shoot where the offending stretch marks would undoubtedly would of be removed digitally. Of course the UK has ‘technology’ you idiots.

  • avatar huh? says:

    kelly is right. but what do you expect from a poorly concealed misogynistic celebrity obsession “blog”? the author(s) of this blog obviously failed to notice the irony in their ’15 years behind’ comment. misogyny is how many years behind exactly? we’re not in the 50s anymore…

  • avatar Ugh says:

    “Find a real woman who doesn’t have stretch marks!” Most REAL women do. Doesn’t make them any less hot. It’s the oversized boobs that are ridiculous.

  • avatar The Gooseman says:

    She either has a really small head or really big breasts but a combination of both is most likely.

  • avatar V says:

    With all the Muslims in England it’s getting harder & harder to identify a woman.

  • avatar Valerie says:

    The ‘gross’ stretch marks are a result of having a kid. I think it’s great that there are models with real bodies, which are, in a way, perfect – no one is flawless. And if you paid more attention or looked harder, you’d see that not all British glamour models look like Jordan or Jodie Marsh or budget Pamela Andersons… Nicola McLean is a model for an underwear company called Ultimo so she’s gonna have big bangers, but Jordan and Jodie Marsh are slated in the press every day. And Pammy’s a state!

  • avatar Taryn says:

    4 and 5 are just ugly slags that don’t know shit about shit.

  • avatar Karma says:

    Wow. Just wait til you guys have kids. I doubt you’ll look half as good. So you think yo mama’s stretch marks are gross too?

  • avatar megan says:

    excuss me gross stretchmark!!!! shes a real woman and shouldnt be hide her stretchmarks dats wat kids do to da body and i bet u aint half great yourself

  • avatar SHANNON says:

    For the record, Britian is NOT 15 years behind, in sexiness or technology it is just dizty girls like her who make it seem that way.

  • avatar Alex says:

    she has a nice face…
    but boobs are monstruous…
    and has no shape at all…
    no waist-hip ratio…
    “women have stretch marks” yeah…but models should not…

  • avatar lolcopter says:

    i think her face is beautiful :l

  • avatar Marysia_Too says:

    Gross stretchmarks? It’s because of comments like that that make women feel they NEED to have plastic surgery. Ironic, isn’t it, coming from you?

  • avatar lynmorrigan says:

    For starters… Every model will tell you that airbrushing is used with every photo shoot. kim kardashian’s ass has cellulite. Can’t tell by the touch ups can you. Yea the woman’s boobs are big and she has stretch marks. congrats, not only di you find a pretouched up picture but british standards of beauty aren’t as superficial as americas

  • avatar John says:

    What’s with the stretch marks comment? Who cares! She is HOT! Gorgeous! Her body, her face.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    You little idiots sayin England is behind get a life!!!!
    And most women have stretch marks, I don’t care what you people say I’m 7 and a half stone 23 years old but I’m short and my weight is in poportion so I don’t look skinny and dropped to 5 and a half stone because I had just lost my Mum, I gained my weight back but got a few little stretch marks because I dropped weight to quickly and re gained my weight to quickly.
    You people need to be taught proper ENGLISH grammer!!!!
    I’m sorry about this outbust I never usually react in such away but when people are slatin my country I get mad and I get even worse when some ugly woman says no goodlookin woman has stretch marks and she’s probably 30st and full of them, give me a break don’t lie about who you are, the truth will set you free.

  • avatar English Language says:

    How dare Americans think we are behind them? Black men were marrying Victorian white women in England a hundred years before a black person was allowed ride a bus in the USA! We designed the Apple Mac and brought you fashion and music in abundance. We also use PhotoShop. And, we do NOT look to America for inspiration… any place that can vote an imbecile like Bush in as a president is WAY behind the rest of the planet. This woman is pretty, so what, she had a boob job. There there, get over it! She has beautiful stretch marks from giving a life to this world… what has America done for the world, oh yes – supported terrorist groups and now we are all paying the price. Whilst we are here, we may as well get whatever surgery we want, as the USA has made sure this planet will be short lived, so may as well live our lives to the full and the way we want.

  • Boy! Those are huge mellons

  • avatar pinkdinosaur says:

    Ugh. I’m a real woman and I have no stretch marks, Amber. Theory disproved.
    I don’t look down on people who have them – your body, your prerogative I guess – but I resent the implication that I have to be an aberration not to have any stretch marks. Women come in a multitude of forms (being it by nature or by the surgeon’s knife, lol) and us stretch mark-free freaks deserve love too. :[

  • avatar JJ says:

    I love that this website has not got the irony here…
    More and more British advertisers are using un-doctored photos of women (btw, hate to use the term ‘real women’because what exactly is unreal??) so, as previousy stated, not behind the times but forging ahead!!! (HATE this photo though! Just love the statement)

  • avatar JJ says:

    I love that this website has not got the irony here…
    More and more British advertisers are using un-doctored photos of women (btw, hate to use the term ‘real women’because what exactly is unreal??) so, as previousy stated, not behind the times but forging ahead!!! (HATE this photo though! Just love the statement)

  • avatar Shari says:

    And here I was thinking “holy shit she has stretchmarks, sweet!” and feeling pretty awesome. My body is pretty much a thicker version of hers, with equally as ridiculous boobs.. though mine are a result of my kid… and not bought and paid for because I had a kid (if you understand my meaning) and stretchmarks on my tummy…

    So here I was thinking well damn, stretchmarked model. Pretty awesome. And BAM you immediately deemed them ugly… self esteem, meet mister public opinion… public opinion… meet self esteem. And put your shirt on self esteem, nobody wants to see that!

  • avatar deeplysuperficial says:

    Okay, look.

    America didn’t vote for Bush. We left the window open, he flew right in. As for supporting terrorist groups, which ones are you referring to? Because I don’t recall that ever being a place our tax dollars went to.

    As for the stretch marks, I don’t care!

    No one should! It’s amazing how much lingerie ads and campaigns are designed around MEN, the very group of people who WON’T be buying them. Trust me. As a woman, I’m more inclined to buy underwear from a real looking person. Even if she has fake tittays, the stretch marks are something that we can all relate to. I know that sometimes women see victoria’s secret ads and wish they looked like that. But they can’t, nor will they ever. You look at this lady and think “Her body looks terrible because of those stretch marks” GET A GRIP. You all can look like that. If she’s a model, you can be too. We don’t all have to look utterly perfect to be beautiful.

    I would buy my undies from her. Because she had the guts to go out with her huge tittays and stretch marks and say ‘This is my body, get used to it or piss off’

    I had to realize that I’m never gonna be a size 2 stick, and that my body is not what makes me beautiful or ugly. It’s the way you carry yourself, it’s the confidence to exude.

    Suck it if you don’t like stretch marks. Just because yours are faded doesn’t mean you don’t have any. Just because you don’t have any doesn’t mean you can’t/won’t have any.


  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    At least she hasn’t destroyed her lips yet. There’s still time for her to get those implants removed if she chooses but there’s no fixing lips ruined by plumping. And her implants are certainly not the most over-the-top (so to speak) example on this site. She doesn’t look like she’s going to fall over–yet.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    Man, this whole argument about real women gets old. Whatever you do to your body is your own choice. Some women have large breasts, some have small breasts, some have breasts the size of the average man’s chest. Like pinkdinosaur said, “Women come in a multitude of forms” (although I disagree with the “by the surgeon’s knife” part). Models don’t even look like themselves after all the “preparation” is taken off of them. Models have all the imperfections that “normal” people do. They’re not born to some elite society of perfect beings. The people who are happiest with themselves are the ones who don’t give a rat’s ass what the rest of us think. Im bored now, go cut, inject, and suck out whatever you need to feel “beautiful or accepted” or whatever’s missing from your life. I’m sure you’ll find it on an operating table

  • avatar Jacquline says:

    I’m guessing you have no head now that EVERYONE bit it off about the stretch marks comment! Too funny, and c’mon….that is a bit harsh considering she looks as good as she does…oh and guess what?! A “flaw” like that makes her even more beautiful because she’s human!! Everyone is so f—ing critical about looks all the time..it’s no wonder they are all seeking out the knife aiming for perfection…look at all the ridicule they get if they aren’t “perfect”. Cut them some slack…

  • avatar liz says:

    You ANAL HOLES!!!!You bash people for having plastic surgery-then criticise them for having stretchmarks after having a child!!!you people should be wiped out!!

  • avatar mojo says:

    Well, I’m British and I actually agree with the comment about “what the hell’s up with British models”. It’s so tacky. It’s out of control and getting worse and worse. It’s really noticeable that in France or Spain for instance, adverts have models who have natural healthy beauty, without loads of makeup and without loads of plastic surgery. That’s their style as well, people in the street look kind of natural and quirky, and not “done”.

    Then you get off the plane back home in Britain and suddenly all the girls in the street and on the adverts are CAKED with makeup, bright orange fake tan, have HUGE plastic breasts and dress like they want to be in a rap video (pretty funny for white girls from Croydon).

    It hasn’t got anything to do with copying Pamela Anderson I don’t think. It’s fairly new. The lads magazines are totally driving this, and everyone is suddenly going along with it for some weird reason. I think it’s really tacky and weirdly out-of-date too, but there you are.

    • avatar kate says:

      It isn’t just in England people are dressing like this, and I’d say America has its fair share too of those kind of people. It’s certainly not just British models, hello Playboy mansion, Real Housewives etc etc!!

  • avatar Hah says:

    Models dont have stretchmarks hah! Theirs a thing called make-up kiddos, and photoshop.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Dear Whoever Owns This Website,

    You are exactly the reason why I continually lose faith in humanity. I am a 21 year old woman. I started reading every gossip and fashion magazine I could get my hands on when I was 11. I lived on 40 acres of land, 7 miles out of a town with a population well under 1000. I went to a school with barely 300 kids overall.

    While I now realize that magazines and television aren’t accurate representatives of what real women look like, I had no way of knowing better as a child living on a farm. The plastic surgery boom in the 90’s and on has contributed so greatly to young ladies’ self esteem issues, and in turn transformed many men into monsters convinced that real women are flawless naturally, and anything less is ‘gross’ or ‘unacceptable’.

    You are all complete liars who should be utterly ashamed of making money off of deathly ignorant and/or insecure people who should put their money into counseling or education instead of physical alterations.

    As a 10 year sufferer of BDD and disordered eating, I can’t help but say shame on you for being a huge part of society’s appearance issue by calling the marks of change and LIFE ‘gross’.

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