Cindy Jackson, The world record holder for “Most Cosmetic Surgery Procedures”, has once again undergone a surgical transformation. She calls this set of cosmetic surgeries: “From Barbie to Bardot”.

Cindy Jackson after plastic surgery to look like Brigitte Bardot:

cindy jackson barbie to bardot plastic surgery

Cindy Jackson is 53 years old and has prided herself on the asinine amount of cosmetic surgery she has had, after being left an inheritance. When I first read about Cindy Jackson, I thought it was interesting that she was basing her cosmetic surgeries after the basic principles of artistic beauty and the rules of facial and body proportion. But, her latest batch of procedures to try and look like a famous sex symbol (Brigitte Bardot), are a bit desperate in my opinion. I guess she just need some attention and something new to talk about? I think she looks younger then 53, but I also think she looks like your typical pornstar now.

Cindy’s “Barbie to Bardot” transformation included the following cosmetic procedures: Lower lip enlargement (although it looks like she got both lips done), another facelift, another upper eyelid lift, another set of breast implants, another round of liposuction, cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening.

More pictures of Cindy Jackson here.


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  • avatar Kono says:

    She is one that carefully studied all of this, she never looks too bad. But I still wouldn’t want to look like her, she chooses very boring and safe looks.

  • avatar Vera says:

    As far as total addicts to plastic surgery go, she isn’t THAT bad.

  • avatar Samatha says:

    she looks really fake, her caked on make up face, does it move! LOL, Mutten sticthed up as lamb!

  • avatar janetb says:

    She looks great, but the photo filter is gauzy and the lighting perfect.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    I know that she had plastic surgery but sometimes she looks real.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    I like Kono and Vera

  • avatar didi says:

    i think, she looked great before the ‘bardot’ look and she still looks great, the woman is in her fifties for goodness sake, and she looks fantastic

  • avatar Demonoid says:

    she is sexy. some ppl have class and understaning what !cosmetic! (radical cosmetic surgeries create real-life circus freaks) surgery and makeup is good for them. obviously Cindy is one of those few examples 🙂

  • avatar ancientgirl says:

    She doesn’t look as bad as most, but the last thing I’d do with an inheritance is blow it all on plastic surgery.

  • avatar N.D. says:

    What she’s doing is more like performance art than mere plastic surgery. I wish others would have visited her site or read her book before veering down a terrible path.

    As for the Bardot look. She resembles Brigitte, but I feel like it’s kind of a slap in the face to Bardot. Brigitte Bardot repeatedly shunned plastic surgery. She pretty much looks her age. She would rather save animals than save fading looks in a vain attempt to recapture lost youth. Quite admirable when compared to certain members of the current generation of stars/celebs…

    Back to Cindy, I actually don’t hate her. She always comes across as surprisingly down to earth. She’s odd but in a good way. I also respect her for being public about her surgeries. So what if she’s famous for them? Plenty of women who are and aren’t famous lie about their own obviuos procedures. At least Cindy Jackson doesn’t pee on your leg and tell you “It’s raining”.

  • avatar kiki says:

    She looks fantastic!

  • avatar Nero says:

    As I’m pretty open minded, people should do what makes them feel good. However, there are of course chances things go wrong, but if people feel good abotu the results, I think their life improves, simply because they’re happy. Maybe not such much (or even despite) the surgery
    HOWEVER, there is one thing that one should take into consideration when changing their looks. That thing is called ‘Face matching’.It’s not a wide known thing, but people feel attracted to faces that have more or less the same kind of eyeeplacement, cheeks, nose, etc. Just look at people you have found really attractive (more “attractive”than just “genrally goodlooking”and you will find alot of their face in yours. You feel attracted to them, because of the resemblance, but THEY will feel attracted to you TOO because of the resemblance. So the matter is that you are kind of ‘erasing’out your excisting look, while the kind of man/woman you will feel attracted to, will not change. So you’re actually creating a look that does not match with your taste. Alot of people think they know what is beautiful, because they have an idea in their mind. However, everyone has quite a different taste in this. Yes generally there are people who are considered more attractive by alot of people, but that’s because they have faces that are in the middle of everything (not a big nose, not a small nose but a MEDIUM nose etc), such as alot of people on tv. However, they are just considered attractive because they have a resemblance to alot of people. After all, if your nose in generally looking, alot of people will have the same nose. Even the ones with a big nose will find you more attractive than they will find people with small noses. Also do the small nosed people find you more attractive than they will find the big noses. Just because you show ‘more’ resemblance to them than to the other group. So if plastic surgery is done well, you will become ‘generally seen’ more attractive, but the distinct features that attract people who ‘match’you, and that you will feel attracted too, will dissapear.

    (english is not my first language, so I’m sure ther are alot of spelling mistakes in there)

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She’s shalow look at what she has done to Miles Kendall.

  • avatar Luca says:

    This women claims to love animals but uses botox ! Charges higher consutation fees (to people that need help and advice )than cosmetic surgeons, recently said on a human rights programme that she was not a violent person, but at the same time claimed that she would not be responsible for her actions if someone hurt her cats.. yep, thinking the same thing too..

  • avatar pixieman says:

    I paid Cindy Jackson £150 for her consumer report on cosmetic procedures which should have included a consultation with her back in around 1993. I was sent the report but told that I couldn’t meet her because she was about to go into surgery the following day for another cosmetic procedure. I was offered a free consultation with her plastic surgeon Edward Latimer Sayer in his north London practice. I wanted a nose revision but he tried to tell me that I needed a face lift, nose job and fat graft. The estimate for this was over £10,000 and I was 33 years old. I didn’t have the surgery with him, but 2 years later I took a girlfriend along to meet him who was looking into having a nose op. He played on her insecurities and asked a third friend who had joined us, who had fixed her nose. She hadn’t had any surgery and felt quite insulted. In fact we all left his office and continued our search for a more ethical surgeon. I cringe every time I see her on TV even after so many years, and think of the scam that she and her surgeon use to entice insecure people into having needless procedures.

    • avatar Timothy says:

      Thats shocking. People need to get real! People like Cindy are poisonous in society, so infatuated with beauty and perfection that it leaves girls feeling like their life is worthless if they are not pretty, she has spent her whole life acheiving an image and she is nothing unique just a generic face. Surgeons that are unethical are just exploiting the naive and vulnerable. Beware people, beauty is so overrated.

  • avatar Jerry says:

    She looks GREAT. Sometimes plastic surgery does work.

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