Burt Reynolds Botched Facelift


First of all, let’s just start off by saying this: MEN SHOULD NOT GET FACELIFTS! It just makes them look feminine and weird. Check out Burt Reynolds if you don’t believe me:

Burt Reynolds before and after facelift surgery:

burt reynolds plastic surgery

After his facelift surgery, Burt’s wrinkles are now swooshing across the side of his face like he is running through a wind tunnel. Burt Reynolds has had wrinkles ever since he was an 80’s sex symbol, why would be want to iron out his face out now that he’s in his 70’s?

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  • avatar Patrizia says:

    Yeah He got messed up and so did Kenny Rogers

    Men Definately should not get face lifts,,who are their advisors.

  • avatar cutie_patooty says:

    Isn’t that a wax figure to the right?

  • avatar Apollonia says:

    yeah looks like madame tussaud´s ..just horrible

  • avatar Cheryl L Snyder says:

    Burt Reynolds had the kind of face that would have served him well as he aged, so what does he do? The same thing Kenny Rogers and Bruce Jenner did…they apparently wanted to look like women. BRILLIANT!

  • avatar Jeanie says:

    In the before photo he has already had a significant, but very good, nose job (for reference, google Burt Reynolds and the movie Gator). I think he looks great in the before photo, but like a wax figure in the after photo, suitable for Madame Tussauds. They never get the eyes quite right and they look kind of chiseled, just as in the wax museum!

  • avatar KC says:

    Too bad…now he looks like a wax figure of himself.

  • avatar Bolo says:

    He looks like a thunderbird!!! lol

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    He looks like he’s running through a wind tunnel
    & Y whould he want 2 iron out his face like this
    LMAO(crying laughing!!!) HE LOOKS LIKE THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON LOL!!!heheheheheheheheheheh
    I’m sleeping with the lights on tonite!!! hehehehehe

  • avatar Slick says:

    “why would be want to iron out his face out now that he’s in his 70’s?” Cause if you don’t get the plastic, you WILL look worse. But if you DO get the plastic, it’s a 50-50 chance you’ll look better? Really, don’t you think he looks better than Grandpa Simpson, who he might otherwise resemble without all the many surgeries? Sad but possibly true.

  • avatar Bryan says:

    Which mortician did this work?

  • avatar William J Neall says:

    Looks good to me. met him at Donsalds car dealership great guy very down to earth.

  • avatar Daisy says:

    He looks like a character from the Thunderbirds.

  • avatar Shaaronie says:

    Secret Asian Man!

  • avatar Gail says:

    When are these idiots in Hollywood going to stop turning themselves into zombies that look like they just walked out of a wax museum? I saw Burt in “End Game” last night – he looks horrible!

  • avatar Peaches says:

    (Sigh) I remember having the biggest crush on Burt Reynolds. I loved his personality, and he was so good looking. I’m sure he would have aged nicely, but unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to let it happen. It’s sad.

  • avatar susan marshall says:

    Isn’t it his choice what to do to reflect on how he feels? I think his choice should be good enough for all of us! After all He is the Great Burt Reynolds! I hope I see 70!

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Never understood what made Burt Reynolds a sex symbol. The poodle hair, the pornstache, the attitude. ‘Course I was a wee one when he was in his prime and by the time I was old enough to care one way or another he’d already cheated on Loni and tarnished his image in my mind. But that after picture is comical and sad at the same time. Kenny Rogers is just scary.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!!! says:

    I don’t care if he is the great Burt Reynolds. as ReginaPhalange says and I concure that picture is sad and comical all at the same time. I don’t want 2
    see 70 with my face ironed out like that. He looks
    a (((MESS))!!!!

  • avatar helen says:

    Well I found another before pic:
    HE fucked up his face.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    He looks like one of those characters out of a Wallace and Gromit movie.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    When I just saw him on a TV show I thought he was a cancer survivor, having had radical neck surgery. I’m not a fan of these ugly face lifts.

  • avatar phoebe says:

    Doctors are doing vertical facelifts now days to avoid that wind tunnel look..plus not pulling the skin so terribly tight. You’d think what with the money these folks have, they could have the best surgeons. I’ve seen some terrible lifts on women also…and fake boobs…terrible!

  • avatar sundancer says:

    He shouldn’t have messed with it. I was considering plastic surgery myself and if I can never look 30 again, it’s not worth it; and we are not that advanced yet to make that happen. I have seen most everyone that have had it done (with the exception of Cher and Christi Brinkley who really didn’t need anything done because she was as pretty without it anyway) end up looking fake or pweh a tad bit well rested or just plain ridiculous. If I were to go throug such a procedure, I want to look 30 again. Not a well rested 60-year-old.

  • avatar msbets says:

    No, men should NOT have plastic surgery, It irrates me that they grow old VERY gracefully, look and sean connery, omg the older he got the sexier he became, actually, I liked him better after 007, and he turns my crank even today.

  • avatar Barbara says:

    Burt, you’re getting older, just like the rest of us. Get over it. You don’t see Sean Connery getting facelifts or hair plugs, do you? So, who’s the real man?

  • avatar mermaid says:

    a scary corpse!

  • avatar maude says:

    I think that unfortunately, he had a bad plastic surgeon. Plus, if it was now, they would have likely used fillers or something a bit less extreme:(

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