Are Jodie Marsh’s Boobs Real?


We recently received a comment on a previous post about Jodie Marsh, indicating that her boobs were real because her giant boobs “look far less pert without support”. Well, her boobs look saggy without support because she has HUGE, heavy breast implants.

Jodie Marsh before breast implants:

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Jodie Marsh after breast implants:

celebrity plastic surgery

Jodie admitted to getting a boob job in early 2008:

After the horrible year I had in 2007, with the marriage and everything else, I just wanted to do something that would make me happy. Also I was sagging so much I was too embarrassed to take my top off in front of men. So I decided to have an uplift and a big implant.

Jodie was pretty hot before the fake tits. She actually looked like a model. Now? Not so much. Her look is more “washed up desperate porn star”.

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  • avatar joe says:

    I don’t get this it at all. Her boobs were amazing before. Now they’re ridiculously huge–no 30 year old man (her age) would want to date a woman who looks like she wants to be a 20 year old porn star.

  • avatar Bob says:

    The second picture of her with the implants was a “stunt” if you look close at this image you can tell they are not real as you can see the line from where it has been blended to her skin.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Bob – Are you high? How do you explain the 1st picture and every picture taken of Jodie Marsh after that? Her boobs look weird because she has stupidly huge breast implants, not because it’s a “stunt”.

  • avatar Hayley says:

    The second photo of her with the implants WAS a stunt – it was a couple of years before she actually got implants and she hoped to get some publicity out of it. However, nobody cared and she was reduced to actually getting beach balls installed in order to be noticed.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    It’s really sad when a girl/woman thinks she has to have huge breasts to be accepted as a person. It just means the person has absolutely no self esteem and little morals, imo. She could possibly be attractive but none of the pics do her any justice. She needs to paint her face on and enlarge her breasts. That is a really sad person.

  • avatar michiee says:

    What a loser. Omg I hate women that feel they need boobs to attract men. Urrgghhh!

  • avatar Xanthe says:

    if her boobs were sagging before she got the augmentation, then maybe she should try wearing a bra! instead of a inch wide peice of whatever it is! lol

  • avatar ellie says:

    actually sarah bob is correct
    they were prosthetic boobs and it was a stunt she pulled about a year before getting real implants, she used to say back then she would never get implants thats why she pulled that on the red carpet but obviously she changed her mind later down the track

  • avatar Alex says:

    she looked better before…
    she had a little normal saggin…
    but now…she looks even cheaper than how she did…
    btw does she have a nipple…at all? lol

    women with no waistline-hips should avoid the huge implants… they look like boys that decided to buy boobs.

  • avatar pinkdinosaur says:

    I feel somewhat relieved to know that the huge, almost square breast implants on the fourth thumbnail turned out to be a stunt. However, taking a look at the augmented picture nicely provided by Bob you can see that she has freckles all over her chest and her (fake?) breasts then. They do look like “real” fake breasts, other than “fake” fake breasts, however horrible they might be.

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Were her lips in that “stunt” pic also fake? ‘Cause they also look over-inflated.

  • avatar kain says:

    she always has and always will look like complete trailer trash with or without those ridiculous looking gravity defying mountains on her chest- she must have never ending back pain too.

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