To my surprise, it’s been brought to my attention that Jackie Stallone wasn’t always hideous! Seriously, I just always assumed that she was simply an unattractive women that didn’t age very well. Well, it’s now obvious that her scary face was bought and paid for, as she has obviously undergone some of the worst plastic surgery we have ever seen.

Jackie Stallone before and after plastic surgery

jackie stallone before and after plastic surgery pictures

Instead of aging gracefully into an older version of the pretty women on the left, Jackie has instead tried to regain her youth and ended up with a weird, lumpy face that would scare small children (okay, I’m not going to lie. It scares me too. I would not want to be walking down a dark alley at night and come across anything that looked remotely like Jackie Stallone). It appears that Jackie has tried everything…Facelift(s), brow lift, cheek implants, nose job and her overinflated lumpy clown lips are probably the worst lip job I’ve seen yet.

Jackie Stallone

jackie stallone before and after plastic surgery pictures
(Click if to enlarge…if you dare!)

On a serious note though, how do plastic surgeons continue to get away with such hack work on people? You could absolutely march Jackie Stallone in front of a jury and no one could deny that she has been permanently disfigured by her plastic surgeon. At least get your money back, Jackie! I think people like this are either completely brainwashed into thinking they look good (or at least better) or they are just too embarrassed about what they did to themselves.

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  • avatar jakenoh says:

    Jackie Stallone looks like Micheal Myers! Do these people not realize how horrible they look? I just an average, OK looking gal but I’ll take my looks anyday over these.

  • avatar jay says:

    WOW…she’s looks scary. What is wrong with these starts wanting have all of this work done.

  • avatar Harley says:

    O My Gods! Any thought that I have had about having a little nip or tuck has totally been driven from my head! I think I would rather grow old gracefully. This is shocking!…and just plain sad ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    click 2 enlarge if u dare!!!!!!(crying laughing I
    fell off my computer chair laughing at that line.
    And 4 the record I didn’t dare. Jackie is @#*^%#
    up!!!!!!!!!!!! jakenoh LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonder do they have a mirror in HELLYWOOD!!!!!!!
    Harley Extra LOL at U heheheheheheheheheheheheh!!!!!

  • avatar metro says:

    Funny comment #4, I took the dare, and now have a few extra white hairs to show for it! WTF, if these people who have money are turning out this bad, whats a normal person who wants a small procedure to do?

  • avatar PJ says:

    i was thinking leather face

  • avatar Gaynor Hulme says:

    i myself would never get any plastic surgery done unless it was really nesacary why cant people thankfull for what they have. i myself am 55years old have long blond hair and i look at myself in the mirror and say with thanks i have all my main bits of the body i need. i live in england, so if any one over in the states sees Frank Stallone, blow him a kiss from me, gaynor. he is a hunk.byeeeeeeeeee.

  • avatar jiNx says:

    nOt a pReTTy sight ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar heather says:

    Sly must be f___ing humiliated by that freak

  • avatar dee says:

    If Sylvester Stallone is ashamed…I doubt it… she’s at least PARTIALLY responsible for where he is today!

  • avatar maryann says:

    She looks like Carrot Top’s twin!

  • avatar Plastique critique says:

    Sly went to his plastic surgeon and said, “I want to look just like my mama.” and now he does. His “procedure” was not much better.

  • avatar Garrison says:

    You don’t want to run into her in a dark alley. Michael Myers twin sister, for real.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    How old is she? 101

  • avatar Gail says:

    Is that a Halloween mask?

  • avatar jj sha says:

    she done worng i now but she now learn face excise it help to rebuild the face look i perfer her { learn senta maria runge face lifte methd } it help very effective methd i say she will recover with in 3 months god bless her please mail to her , i pray for her

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    A lot of people such as Jackie and Joan Rivers and Wildenstein get surgery to look like ANYTHING besides what they would have looked like if they had not had any. We make fun of Joan Rivers “wax dummy” face but she is what,,139 years old? She would rather look like a wax dummy instead of a wrinkly crusty old lady? So What? Its her face and her money,,I would rather see Cher in a g-string bodysuit WITH a tight face than with a face full ov age spots and wrinkles..let people live their lives,,its their choice, if you dont like it,,look away,,look at young Miley Cyrus,,she scarier than Jackie Stallon and nobody says anything about her hatchet face.

  • avatar eek says:

    Picture 4 of the “enlarge if you dare” set = Carrot Top.

  • avatar spitfire says:

    wow… michael myers for sure!! why do the stallones feel the need to butcher their faces?? my baby cries when grandma comes to visit occasionally, wonder how her grandkids react????

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    @tommyboy–Joan Rivers and that picture of Jackie Stallone are worlds apart. Joan Rivers looks plastic, but she still essentially looks like herself. I wouldn’t recognize that woman as Jackie Stallone if I ran into her on the street somewhere. As for your remarks about Miley Cyrus, fortunately, she’ll never see them ’cause somehow I doubt she reads this blog. Please promise the world you’ll never have a daughter.

  • avatar GDamn says:

    I was eating…
    You should put up a warning before these pics gah!

  • avatar Linda says:

    I know Jackie Stallone personally and she is a wonderful and intelligent woman. The problem with these photos is evident, they were taken immediately after surgery and the swelling did not subside. I recently saw her and she looked lovely.
    Many of you are too quick to fall for the tricks of the media.

    • avatar Tim says:

      Reply to Linda (June 27, 2010)

      You may know Jackie Personally, and she may be a wonderful and intelligent woman… But you say these pictures are Tricks of the Media and were taken straight after Surgery…

      Well Picture 4 on the enlarge ones looks like the same picture as the woman that has recently been on British TV…

      I’m sorry but what she has done to herself or allowed to be done is horrific…
      She was such a Beautiful looking woman in her yonger-days, why did she need the surgery in the first place?

      Plastic Surgery for Cosmetic reasons should be made illegal, thanks to all the magazines and movies for making it the norm in the first place.

      • avatar Luke says:

        Picture 4 is a picture of her eviction on that british tv show…5 years ago.

        Do you people realise how old Jackie Stallone is? She’s 88 and to be honest, i think she looks fine for her age.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She looks Like the Mexican Cat Lady Irma Serrano

    They even have the same personalities

  • avatar bibi says:

    SLY never had any plastic surgery,he has been his nerves paralysed since he was born,I now him too well,he just laugh on it,He never be risk any surgery…And second,Stop saying these stupid craps of him,You envy he looks the way,me not,I have good genes,and my father too…we looking a lot younger then we are,You believe all stupidity from stupid tabloids…

  • avatar Scarbeam says:

    Personally, I have no idea why jackie done plastic surgery done in the first place. I mean , Look at her before she got it done! She was beautiful!

  • avatar kyra123 says:

    why she looks beautiful before now people hate her

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