Tori Spellings Boob Job


In addition to the nose job she received in her teens, Tori Spelling also got breast implants in the 90’s. I know. Old news…But here are some before and after pictures for you.

Tori Spelling before breast implants:

tori spelling before plastic surgery

Tori Spelling after breast implants:

tori spelling <a href=boob job plastic surgery”>

Tori had cute B-sized boobs before, but traded those in for fake, dented C-cups. How 90’s of her.

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  • avatar anon says:

    What do you mean “how ninties of her”? There are more celebrities today with breast implants than there were in the ninties.

  • avatar tdalae says:

    the boob job is bad, they look so unreal and “unbalanced”

    • avatar Alx1 says:

      At least she’s got a bad boob job to blame, what’s your excuse? Your shaggy mess of a pair was one of the most off-putting sights I ever witnessed.

  • avatar bozo nono says:

    OMG! I cannot figure out what is wrong with her left boob? With all her money one would think she could afford to get if fixed! Is the implant mis-placed, slipping, over the muscle wall? Weird….

  • avatar V says:

    She is simply not an attractive woman. She’d look better if she would just be herself & stop trying to be a sex symbol. It’s only her father’s money that has allowed to get anywhere.

  • avatar jiNx says:

    aLways wondered why Tori’s never had them fixed ………………………………….

  • avatar samantha gets new boobies says:

    um actually i noticed her boobs were screwd up b4 the boob job, i actually thaught she was doing it to fix them, but it has made the problem more visible and just drawn more attention in that area

  • avatar Mimi says:

    She still looks too “manly” for my taste. The creepy boob makes it worse.

  • avatar Ashley says:

    Its called pectus evactum, its a concaved chest and it is a deformity that cannot be fixed so cut her some slack

  • avatar tat says:

    [email protected] people are stupid instead noticing there’s obviously a dent in the chest area where the bone is they think it’s her boobs.

  • avatar anon says:

    tdalae, i bet your boobs look even worse…

  • avatar Linda says:

    Sorry to correct you Ashley, but her diagnosis of pectus evactum can ABSOLUTELY be fixed. It’s quite a simple surgery today and can be done on out patient basis. Years ago you would have to have your rib cage broken and a lot of cartilage shaved down on the back side of the concaved area, but today, they slip a flexible steel flat piece of metal through the side of the chest wall with only a half inch opening and pop the chest wall out.

    I bet she wishes she could go back to the old days when she looked like Donna. At least she was natural looking. Poor thing. Pitty her.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She only says that she had a nose job and breast implants but she’s done everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Dan says:

    The after boobs are definitely a D-cup, not a C-cup.

  • avatar aleisha says:

    I think she’s beautiful

  • avatar k jordan says:

    you are a blind person

  • avatar laurie jasinski says:

    she resembles a horse…lol with a bad boob job

  • avatar SAH says:

    IMHO there is NO WAY that is her original Boob Job. She looks like she is a chronic Breast Revision Surgery Addict. Women like that get their Breast Augmentation done, and redone, and redone. Each time it looks worse.

    People marveling at “what is wrong with that dent, why doesn’t she fix it?” — it looks like she has Baker grade IV capsular contracture, in which a scar tissue “capsule” forms around the implant, squeezing it, misshaping it, and pushing it out of place (usually upward, but could be any direction), and making the implant very hard, round, and even painful. About 15% of primary Breast Augmentations end up with a capsular contracture. Once you’ve developed it, it can ONLY be corrected surgically. They have to remove your implants, carefully surgically cut out the entire scar tissue capsule, peeling it from your internal breast tissue (the capsule looks like a giant, thick, leathery egg shell). No matter the skill of the surgeon, removing the capsule damages the remaining breast tissue. New implants are usually placed. WELL, once that is all done, guess what? If you’ve had capsular contracture after your first Breast Augmentation (15% chance)… you have a 50% chance of redeveloping it after the “corrective” surgery!!! The only treatment for capsular contracture is revision surgery…. and on, and on, and on the cycle goes. Each time further damaging her poor dented booby, and never will the outcome look good. Just explant them, honey.

  • avatar SAH says:

    And that dent is NOT in the bone!!! She doesn’t have pectus evactum. Look at her before implants! Her sternum and ribcage look perfectly normal! Her pectoral muscles look perfectly normal!

    Her Left Boob post-implant looks like a CLASSIC capsular contracture… which is a completely ELECTIVE MEDICAL CONDITION women choose to take the risk of getting through breast implants, also the most common risk of BA.

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