Model Monica Hansen Sues Plastic Surgeon


monica hansen <a href=boob job plastic surgery” hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″ align=”left”>Model Monica Hansen has filed a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein. Luckly, she’s not unhappy about the breast implants she received, but she is not happy about the unauthorized use of her pictures on the doctors website…

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  • avatar truth says:

    she will be exposed very soon for lying about this doc, she has had countless surgeries before /after pics that are on the internet if you do your research are visible and im gonna post each and every one of them so you can see for yourself.

    shes a liar who takes people for a ride, karma will prevail.

    stay tuned

    • avatar Gizele says:

      I agree. There has been countless surgeries. Why lie about them? You cannot keep up with the young models anymore. Just be honest that you have had several surgeries and leave it at that. But you wont be able to find any pictures online anymore since you pay agencies to remove them from the net to keep your reputation clean, so all the pictures have been brought down!

  • avatar richard says:

    she also works as an escort and claims that Marcus, the famous mail model was her boyfriend. shameless!

  • avatar sosad says:

    I’m sorry, bigger is not always better;it’s more like freaky. Not attractive at all, yuk!

  • avatar Does every doctor do drugs like this guy says:

    The guys a huge drug addict, if you know whats best you will pick another doctor

  • avatar krista says:

    Michele Braun.. We all know that you are writing all this comments on the bloggs about Monica.. Nice try, but sorry… Dr. lenny must be buying you lots of coke. You both have been arrested for drugs.. Yes, the truth will come out in the the end. Did you know that DR. LENNY ALSO USED PHOTOS OF A DEAD MODEL Elsisha Brigets.. He is a sad person and so is his friend Michele Braun..

  • avatar richard says:

    8. Dr Leonard Hochstein was arrested for having ecstasy and cocaine outside a miami nightclub. People should know this before they let him operate. Here is the link
    case number F-03-022545

    Criminal Justice and Civil Infraction Cases – Case Information

    Court Case No.: F-03-022545
    Printer Printer FriendlyFriendly
    State Case No.: 13-2003-CF-022545-0001-XX Name: HOCHSTEIN, LEONARD Date of Birth: 06/18/1966
    Date Filed: 08/11/2003 Date Closed: 09/08/2003 Warrant Type:
    Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:
    Court Room: REGJB – JUSTICE BUILDING, ROOM No.: 2-3
    Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST
    Next Case:
    Previous Case:
    Judge: ZABEL, SARAH
    Defense Attorney: MECHANIC, STEPHEN
    Bfile Section: F008 File Location: RECORD CENTER Box Number: 262-293
    Seq No.: Charge: Charge Type: Disposition:


  • avatar pete says:

    I know Monica Hansen and she could care less if the hole world knew she had her boobs done.. No big deal.. She is open for surgeries and anything that makes you look and feel good. Half the world of women got them. I know for a fact that DR. Lenny was not the DR how did her boobs. She is suing him because he stole images from magazines and internet then used them on his site and he still uses them in a video on his site. It has nothing to do with her boobs.. And also Monica Hansen was winner of $100000 of Perfect 10 mag 1997, witch featured 100 % natural girls. You can google her photo and she for your self.. Just google perfect 10 and Monica Hansen.. So if you want to see photos how Monica looked 10yrs ago and even earlier I sure you can see that is not all fake…Too bad for all these haters and friends of Lenny that has nothing else to do to write a bunch of bullshit on this site.. The law suite will show the truth..

  • avatar she lost in court says:

    Good news for Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein. The $564,555 default judgement awarded to former patient and centerfold Monica Hansen in July for unlawful usage of her image on his website, was lifted in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday. But it’s not over yet: Hochstein’s team filed a motion for the case to be moved to Florida because that’s where Hochstein practices and that’s where he performed all those tweaks on Hansen, who also used to live in Miami. Team Hochstein expects for the motion to be granted and in the meantime, according to a statement, “Dr. Hochstein is pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing. He believes now that he will be able to defend himself and tell his side of the story. The truth about Monica Hansen will come out that she is a person whose morals are questionable at best and also a liar.” Morals, it seems, were the only things the plastic surgeon wasn’t able to enhance

  • avatar Dr Hochstein wins in court says:

    Doc squeezes bosom buddy
    Wants money back from Playmate ex
    Last Updated: 10:43 AM, September 21, 2009
    Posted: 5:47 AM, September 21, 2009
    A Norwegian-born Playboy model scored more than $550,000 from her plastic surgeon after he allegedly used photos of her on his Web site without permission — but now the doc is trying to take a scalpel to the judgment.

    And renowned breast, bod and face enhancer Dr. Leonard Hochstein says he has an eyebrow-raising piece of evidence to bolster his case against buxom, blond beauty Monica Hansen.

    It’s a 2008 e-mail that Hansen, a former Miss Norway, purportedly sent notorious Hollywood madam Michelle Braun in which she admits that the doctor had permission to use the photos.

    CURVE BAWL: Dr. Leonard Hochstein says he should not have had to pay $550,000 for using pix of Monica Hansen (above).

    “I think [Hansen] just wanted a way to get money out of me,” Hochstein, 43, said from Miami, where he’s known as “The Boob God.”

    Next week, a California judge will hear arguments by Hochstein’s lawyer to set aside the default $564,555 judgment that the 6-foot-1 Hansen won against him in July.

    Hochstein said he has known Hansen — Maxim magazine’s 2006 “Woman of the Year” — for more than a decade and briefly dated her.

    In about 2006 or 2007, Hochstein said, he posted photos of Hansen on his practice’s Web site to advertise his services.

    Hochstein said he “absolutely” had a quid pro quo arrangement with Hansen in which she got discounted surgeries in exchange for allowing her images to be used.

    Hochstein pointed to a November 2007 MySpace message to him from Hansen in which she apparently wrote: “Hope ur well hun . . . I just got an email from Keith the photographer that took the images on your website of me. He was going crazy about having my images on your website. He ownes the right to the images, and ask me to tell you to takem down of our site ASAP. Sorry!! Could you pls take them down, and let me know hun.”

    Hochstein — who has been on the Bravo docudrama “Miami Slice” — said he promptly removed those specific images. But others of Hansen that had not been taken by that photographer stayed.

    Then, a year later, Hansen suddenly sued Hochstein, claiming he never had permission to post any image of her.

    The doctor said his camp is coming armed to the next hearing with Hansen’s alleged correspondence with Michelle Braun, a madam whose Miami and Los Angeles escort agencies earned $8.5 million by hooking up Hollywood bigwigs and large spenders with models and porn stars and other women.

    In a Nov. 17, 2008, e-mail titled “Re: Photo Shoot,” a copy of which Hochstein provided to The Post, Hansen wrote Braun, “Hi, yes honey I did let Lenny use the pictures. I am so sorry for the troubles. Just became an issue with my agency is all but I am not going to sue. How is everything with you? Will you be in LA soon?”

    Hochstein, who is friendly with Braun, is submitting that e-mail to a judge as part of his effort to get the default judgment overturned.

    Hansen, when contacted by The Post, said, “I can’t make any comment,” and referred all questions to her lawyer, who did not respond to a message requesting comment.

    [email protected]

  • avatar Janice says:

    Monica Hansen is indeed shameless. Karma will indeed prevail in the end as one poster aptly put it. She’s a pathological liar and a glorified escort posing as a model. Typical wannabe Hollywood celebrity trying to get rich off another man’s dime.

  • avatar Marie says:

    It’s just so typical of Monica Hansen to lie. I remember some years ago, she claimed in Norwegian media that Leonardo DiCaprio was her boyfriend. But when Leonardo DiCaprio was asked about her in an interview he said he had no idea who she was, he had never even heard of her.

  • avatar Raze says:

    She doesn’t have the hips to pull off breasts that size. It’s out of balance. She has a slender, boyish figure and there is nothing wrong with that. However you are built, whatever features you have, someone out there is going to think you’re the bee’s knees. Everyone wasn’t built to be a DD cup. Whatever God gave you is what you are supposed to have (unless you have an unfortunate disfigurement of course.) I think it’s fine to “fix” something like a cleft lip, etc., but it really boggles my mind when women who have bodies already worthy of envy in the first place do this to themseleves.

  • avatar Gizele says:

    all this could be avoided if they would just be honest. Monica has had several facial work done recently, face looks pulled and just looks different, its apparent in the new pictures. Its just the honest truth, admit to it and move on and that would stop people from talking.Nothing wrong with getting face work done to compete with younger models, its when you lie that it gets ugly. I hope they work it out and clean things up.

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