Lady Gaga Knows a Great Plastic Surgeon


Lady Gaga <a href=celebrity plastic surgery” align=left hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″>Joanne Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady GaGa, appears to have had some cosmetic surgery on her face, and DAMN does she look a lot better! The most obvious procedure that Lady GaGa has had done is a nose job.

Lady GaGa is of Italian decent and use to have a very large, very “Italian” nose to prove it. Her former nose really was overpowering the rest of her dainty features, and I think her plastic surgeon did a great job of balancing her nose (it’s still not too small) with the rest of her face.

In addition to the nose job, it looks like Lady Gaga has also had a small chin implant installed (which is a common “add on” when someone undergoes rhinoplasty), as well as some lip injections to plump her top lip.

Lady GaGa lookin’ fly after having plastic surgery:

Lady Gaga nose job

It’s been rumored that Lady Gaga wants to undergo even more plastic surgery, including a breast augmentation. Personally, I think Gaga already looks great as is, but hopefully if she does opt for more plastic surgery in the future, she’ll take note of celebrities like Denise Richards or Carmen Electra, who experienced tasteful breast augmentations by board certified plastic surgeons.

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  • avatar ElShay says:

    Self-haters need to hate on others to release some of their pain. Sad, really, but I don’t feel sorry for you. Very pathetic.

  • avatar smartypants says:

    I cannot talk sh!t about rhinoplasty’s, I had one when I was 15 because as one of my peers so eloquently put it ‘looks like a ski jump for fleas’. I hated it as it got bigger w/each break (broke it over 8 times the last was the worst)…and I felt like a human not some ugly horsefaced monster (which was how I felt about myself before- btw, first and only cosmetic procedure, and the Dr. wasnt famous, but he did a great job in my opinion.

    While makeup can be used to bring down the look of the bump along with the right lighting and photography she may or may not have had something done (although looks like she did)…I’m just curious as to what that would do to her singing abilities, as well as why the hell didnt she get a nob-job when she was just another rich kid? Why wait until you’re a public persona? This is something I dont understand and Ashley Simpson is guilty of this as well…if you hate your nose- fix it! Dont wait to get famous, get to a point where you’re highly recognizable and then change a major part of your face?? Change it before you’re a public figure!! Damn…rocket science this is not…

    • avatar Nik says:

      She came out of the New York City burlesque scene darling, she wasn’t just a “rich kid.” She has worked for all she has done, I think she just got a bit thinner honestly.

      • avatar Joe says:

        That’s true, but her parents are loaded… after she dropped out of college she completely cut herself off monetarily yes, but I think what smartypants was getting at is that she comes from an extremely upscale family :]

        And yeah, she definitely lost weight, and that’s it. The first photo is so incredibly photoshopped in the first place. There’s no other picture anywhere where she looks like that.

  • avatar JayMyzt says:

    I do believe she changed considerably from 2008 to 2009. I think she lost weight and also looks different when she isn’t covering her forehead with her bangs.
    Oh, and who ever says, “Lady Gaga used to be a man” has to be eunuch that doesn’t see or care about the difference between the feminine and masculine figures. The bone and muscle structures are set up entirely different between a man and a women; the reason being is child-birth. 😉

  • avatar AnirakSparklechild says:

    That before photo, I hope you know, has been since proven to be false. It was used before as “evidence” that she used to be a man. THIS is what she really used to look like:

    (you’ll notice her nose has not changed)

    • avatar Oddity says:

      I agree. For me, I think she just slimmed down…

      I think she’s really beautiful, but she isn’t wearing the right make up.

      Funny how people say it looks natural… Because it is.

  • avatar dharniM says:

    lol she is a slut.and she is ugly ewwww..

  • avatar ALEX says:


    • avatar me says:

      Yes it is a fake and it really annoys me. She was prettier before she was lady gaga Stefani Germenotta was on the sapranos at 15 and she never looked like that. Her baby pitures show no eveidence of that nose!!! Why do people do this stuff.

  • avatar Isah says:

    She’s still terrible looking… what she needs is less make-up and a more natural out-look. The makeup makes her look worse…the outfits and hair things can stay but the make-up skews everything. It’s awful!

  • avatar Catherine says:


  • avatar haha says:

    Wow. she looks great. but why the lips?? ah. & I pray that lady gaga won’t become addicted to surgery like Micheal jackson…he looked great after his first improvement…but no keep going dear…………..

    • avatar Joe says:

      She didn’t get plastic surgery in the first place. That first picture is photoshopped. Look on the internet… you can find pictures of her as a child, teen, pre-fame, etc. She never looked like that EXCEPT in that one picture. And she didn’t plump her lips, she’s just wearing lipliner over them.

  • avatar ej says:

    i dont care wat plastic surgery she had and all that shitt you say about her almost every celebrity had a plstic surgery im not gonna say names im just saying if she wants she wants yuo mother ff.. so let her live her live if you where her would you like all dose comments no right ok thats all

    • avatar shane says:

      EWWWW. I hope youre a foreigner & dont really know how to speak english well, cus youre entire post is just horrid… please god let u be a foreigner please, cus if youre some yucka kucka ebonics speaking low life american, im gonna be so embarrassed!

      • avatar velveteen says:

        You’re no-one to talk. Assuming you were born here, you don’t seem to know the difference between “youre” and “you’re.” I don’t think you should be embarrassed about that post, you should be embarrassed about your own. Your comments smack of xenophobia, classism and/or racism.

  • avatar Madeleine says:

    omfg. That picture of her “before” isn’t even her. I’ve seen this picture so many times -_-

  • avatar Tiffany :-) says:

    Okay!! Let me just say that anyone on here who leaves a negitive comment you ALL r just jelious because, she is able 2 aford 2 get some cosmetic enhancements!! If you had the money she had how much you want a bet you would go get some work done?? Why r u worried about her if you dnt like dnt listen 2 her music. She is NOT a man!! Her style is KILLER & DIFFERNT i love it!! Plus you aren’t wearing it so shut up!! she dnt wanna look the same as everybody else…… and what you wear does not make you a slut!! Nd she she wont become addicted lik Hidi!!! She just had a few problems she wanted 2 change. So get off her back and get a life!!

  • avatar tina says:

    OMG!!I remember the first time I saw her, thinking, “well, she’s not much face-wise, but that’s a really good nose”-now it turns out even that’s fake??

    Well, she does have a good singing voice, though, so I’m not complaining.

  • avatar tina says:

    on the other hand…couldn’t the first photo just be virtually “enhanced”? I mean, wasn’t she like some club socialite from the age of 14? I doubt that someone that ugly would’ve gotten so popular, regardless of money.

  • avatar LC Hollie says:


  • avatar Zach says:

    You idiots, Lady Gaga never had a nose job, nor any other type of plastic surgery.

    I also can’t stand it when people bash her. What are you bashing, exactly? She’s a civil rights activist and a humanitarian. She is also beautiful and talented, both musically and artistically.

    Also, anyone who believes that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite is an absolute moron.

    Do your research on a person before you spew verbal diarrhea all over the internet.

  • avatar Gaga says:

    Never had plastic.

  • avatar helensaurus says:

    omg have you people not seen the photos of her when she was younger? that photo has clearly been photoshopped to make it look like shes a “hermaphrodite” just to spark rumours. the only thing lady gaga has changed is her hair colour other than that she looks the same. there have been interviews with her close family and friends saying that she has always been a woman and she hasnt had nay surgery. als there is video footage of her when she was younger and she looked nothing like that photoshopped image. its just ridiculous what people will do to get a story. come on. get a life. and do your research first before you go chatting shit.

  • avatar helensaurus says:

    oh and she is far from a slut. there are no sex tapes of her or anything like that. ok so maybe shes a bit raunchy in her videos and her clothes are quite revealing but she doesnt throw herself to every guy she sees and has sex with anything that has a pulse. thats what a slut is. lady gaga is not one. and also shes catholic so that would be highly frowned upon so i doubt she would flaunt her sex life and become a “slut” if she went to a strict cathollic boarding school and was brought up in a strict catholic family.

    • avatar shane says:

      UMMMM, she went to the same high school as Paris Hilton, so if I were you, I wouldn’t use that as a defense next time. I love Gaga, but your reasoning in this argument was wayyyyy off

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She had 2 nose jobs, cheek implants, chin implant, lip injections, and more.

  • avatar The Iraq and such says:

    Does it matter whether Lady Gag is a moderately ugly Jewish man with a nose job all dressed in drag, or not?

    We should be more concerned with the fact that the average watermelon has a higher IQ than the average American. And such.

  • avatar Kori says:

    NONE of her features were ever dainty; they still aren’t. And, she still has a flat butt and linebacker build like most italian women.

  • avatar Kool Kat says:

    she was beautiful before plastic surgery! people would hav loved her just the same now if she kept her normal features.

  • avatar Tim says:

    Her facial surgery is some of the best I’ve seen. She is actually oddly attractive now. Before she was homely.

    I want to know who did it. THey did very good and naural results. Most people really overdo it. She didnt. She just improved what needs it and left the character.

  • avatar Ramaya says:

    The pic on the left is photoshopped, unless it was taken way before she was famous which is not likely considering the way she is dressed in that photo, plus it’s also the ONLY “before” pic that’s out there. You can also find highschool pics of her on the net, her nose looks the exact same in those pics as it does now….×806.jpg

  • avatar blahblahbitch! says:

    whatever that picture looks super fake i dont tink thats even lady gaga

  • avatar diesel says:

    are you sure the before and after pics at the top are the right way round because in her one of her first videos poker face she looked good in every way then in the telephone video later she is UUUUUGGGLLEEEE and very skinny it seems to that plastic sergery has seriosly messed her up.

  • avatar TickleyTummy x says:

    I think the plastic surgury went great, and i hope she dosn’t go over board and get something dose when it dosnt need to…then she’ll look proper gay and she will spoile her look!

  • avatar helen says:

    how do her eyes change colors? i believe “lady gaga” is more than one person. this character was created to distract. look at how you people drool over “her”. that’s exactly what the system wants you to do so it takes your minds off of what’s REALLY going on in the world. WAKE UP!!

  • avatar Kamlesh says:

    She or “it” has obviously had plastic surgery, 2 nose jobs, chin implant, brow lift and check implants maybe even a lateral canthopexy. She gets loads of photoshop work done for her official pictures that’s why she looks so damn hideous in “stolen” pictures from her holidays and stuff.
    Also she is the most repulsive aggressive capitalistic product since the times where Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine.
    At times you can see how the people behind her image (the people moving the strings) make her intentionally look like Madonna and other successful products before her in an attempt to produce “the super-product of mass consumerism” She does have a natural resemblance to Marilyn Manson (another media whore) and the people behind her career seem to take notice of this and accentuate it for some videos, hence how many goth kids like Gaga despite of her music/lyrics being the most vapid retarded shit since’s Paris Hilton musical début.

    The plastic surgery is very clear, and she started having procedures done as early as in High School, this is no surprise since she comes from a wealthy family and shared school with Paris Hilton. You can see her ears hang very low now, this reminds me of Courtney Love at the stage when she have had so much plastic surgery that her mouth was swollen and pus oozed from it. also if you look at Gaga’s forehead you will see the remains of her facial structure, what she cannot change, a narrow forehead with sad eyebrows, a brow lift was able to raise slightly the outer corner of her eyebrows in comparison with older pictures but she still has to paint her brows to accomplish a normal balanced eyebrow arc.
    I know this because I am studding to become a plastic surgeon and believe me everyone at the faculty knows that she has had this procedures for a fact.

  • avatar God says:

    When I made Morty and brought HIM in the world, I thought that he would become a nice accountant, maybe a diamond trader or a financial crook or a rabbi. But instead Morty became a faggot, started dressing in womens clothing and now goes by the name lady caca.

  • avatar SleepingJewsLie says:


  • avatar BHippo says:

    OK everyone…Stand perky when I’m talkin’ to you (says Gaga….) I want all of these 18 Tractor Trailers loaded in 15 minutes! We’ve got to put them on jumbo-jets and get them to my next gig in Cairo…so we can take advantage of the media opportunities to show off my newest dress.

    You think I’m kiddin; ya?

    Get on with the loading of those trucks! I’m not payin’ ya extra-perks for standing there listening to me yap!


  • avatar LG says:

    Y r ppl hatin on GAGA is it because u r not famus an she is??? First of all she is pretty in every way, shape, an form… God didnt want ppl to all look the same or else he would have made it that way!!! take a look at reality bitches noone looks like a tooth pick unless they have lipo, their balemic, or anarexic…. an jus so u kno it aint pretty wen all u show is ribs

    An dont u hate wen u go out wit ur boyfriend/girlfriend an cant eat while they get piles of food lol makes u wanna eat huh???

    Shit bout to go get me some food right now who wanna come….lets get fat lets get fat lmao HATIN bitches get a LIFE 🙂

  • it’s better to have an ugly nose, rather than a fake nose..don’t be plastic..remember… we were all…born this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. :-0

    no offense..that’s true!!hahaha.. 🙂
    cause god makes no mistakes..hahahahaha…all you have to do now is to…hmmm…wear your big nose again..

    love yahh all!!!!!pls. don’t be plastic..your still pretty..even with the big..nose.. 🙂

  • avatar Thenurse says:

    She’s had more than face work. Has anyone else seen her new butt? All lifted and plumped like an new down pillow. I’m suprised she’d do it seing as though she’s spent most of her career in panties and it was obvious that she didn’t have a plump rump.

  • avatar ami says:

    none of those pics are her… retards

  • avatar The Truth says:

    This is total bullshit, it was obvious she MADE the nose bigger for that videoclip where the before photo is from so she looked like a cocky rich woman!!!

  • Lady gaga has naturally beauty.She didn’t go with plastic surgery.

  • avatar jewjaw says:

    wow Gaga I like her.

  • avatar Mark Walberg says:

    you know I look at this again and after seeing more photos of her early on I think the before picture doesn’t look as accurate. Hel I would say it loks exaggerated.

  • avatar here it is says:

    It also appears that she had a butt enhancement based on the VMA 2013 performance and previous videos like Video Phone.

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