WTF Happened to Shauna Sands Nipple?!


After seeing these pictures of Shauna Sand flashing her nipples to the paparazzi, I just have to ask…WTF happened to Shauna Sand’s nipples?!

Shauna Sand slips a nip:

shauna sand nip slip
(Click for uncensored version)

Shauna Sand’s frankenipple:

shauna sand nipple slip
(Click for uncensored version)

Her unfortunate nipple situtation could very well be a complication of breast augmentation surgery (looks like the scar around the nipple didn’t heal very well…), or could this be the after effects of breast feeding three children?



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  • avatar Sickitten says:

    All of that body surgery but yet she won’t get that nose done.

  • avatar L says:

    I don’t even know who this old bag is, but that is absolutely NOT from breastfeeding. That is absolutely absurd to say so. Babies don’t suck your nipples off. Sorry – I’m prego with my 3rd and have breastfed and my boobs still look great au natural.

  • avatar B. Wilson says:

    It looks more like a wardrobe malfunction than a botched surgery. I’m thinking that she was trying to use double-sided tape to keep covered up, but it ended up sticking two parts of her breast together instead. It sitill looks pretty freaky, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • avatar jiNx says:

    oH yUk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar Helen says:

    Oh my, they look like they were ripped off and attached wrongly. Oh my. Does she think this is something to show off?????????!!!!!!!

  • avatar another mother says:

    Definitely not from breastfeeding. I’ve never seen foldover like that. Freaky!

  • avatar sorry to the lucky majority but it is possible for a very small minority says:

    actually breast feeding can cause your nipple to fold over like that, speaking from experience, mine wasnt as severe as that, maybe half as bad, but yea egsact same look, so i guess thats possibly what happened here, and to those who say ive had kids and breast fed that doesnt happen, well it depends i breast fed my other children and they went back to normal, but the last child, maybe it was due to the fact they kinda stretched from so small to so large so many times, maye cuz i used them like a dummy for her aswell as food source so she was on the boob like 3 quaters of the day, and maybe the fact i fed her so long, or because i lost a dramatic amount of weight ehen i stopped feeding her so went from say c cup to absolute flat as a board in weeks or maybe all these things put together, it is possible, and thank god for implants my boobs can be saved.

  • avatar illya k. says:

    definitely double sided tape– not the first I’ve seen it. I work in wardrobe and when not applied properly and or when in a hurry I’ve seen it happen.

  • avatar Mimi says:

    I’m with B. Wilson on this…

  • avatar Ashley says:

    It can also be from a areola incisionthat has attached to the muscle underneath, so its scar tissue attaches so the nipple isnt free so it folds etc.

  • avatar samantha says:

    i dunno but anyone see the track mark on her arm dont say its not its on the vein and all , i know you cant see the vein but trust me if she pumps it up that mark falls directly on it….but yea under the star not just descript i now say, a boob botch, thesre is something similar that happens when u breast feed, not to every one, but i dont think this is it, this is a bit,er,….different

  • avatar Yvonne says:

    what about the track marks on her arm!!

  • avatar CAROL & DENAY says:

    I have known Shauna since she was a child. She was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. I am sorry she thought she needed surgery, she was born beautiful. We love you Shauna. Carol and Denay.

  • avatar m says:

    old eyes? it’s a piece of transparent tape about 2 inches wide running just under the nipple. probably there to support the breast that’s a little saggy without a bra. you can see the upper side of the tape, and look the boob is up, the upper side of boob is wrinkled (anti-gravity boob) and how smooth the boobs underside is (where tape covers it.

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    Even if it is tape they still aren’t the best looking nipples!

  • avatar Mary says:

    I’m not really sure, but the “track mark” on her arm looks like it may be a shadow of her shoelace. Obviously I could be wrong.

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