Audrina is the New Heidi


Looks like Audrina Patridge is following in the footsteps of her fellow “The Hills” castmate, Heidi Montag. First Audrina got fake boobs. Now, she’s sporting fake lips. Just like Heidi did. I don’t know about you, but Heidi Montag is the last person I would want to emulate…

Audrina before and after lip injections

Audrina patridge lip injections

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  • avatar Pamela says:

    Although I think Audrina went a little “overboard” with the upper lip (her upper is now bigger than her lower!) it *was* a good idea. Her natural upper lip was non-existent and I always thought she should try a small amount of filler to even things out. No doubt it’ll reduce in size soon and look far more natural. Go Audrina!

  • avatar Rosie says:

    I think she look fine. Audrina was pretty before anyway. She didn’t need plastic surgery at all. As long as she doesn’t get anything else done, she’ll still be gorgeous.

  • avatar B. Wilson says:

    To be honest, the photos shown aren’t really indicative of plastic surgery. the Before picture has her smiling, which naturally thins the upper lip, while the second picture shows her pursing her lips, which makes them appear a little larger than the ‘no expression’ lip appearance. If she really has had lip enhancement, it’s best shown by comparing before and after photos of her with the same expression.

  • avatar Randa says:

    I think for a female who was born with bi-lateraal cleft lip, she looks great!

  • avatar Fairness says:

    Audrina doesn’t look dreadful. We’ve all seen worse. But if you’re calling out people from “The Hills”…

    You just have to do a rundown on Jayde Nicole. Granted finding a before pic’s impossible, but to be fair, you gotta do a rundown.

    There’s some seriously weird and plastic stuff going on with her face. Looks like she’s had an eyelift(but in her 20’s? Why?), botox, and lip filler. Her face is severely assymetrical as a result. Still she claims to be all natural.

    Yeah and she claims to be in her early 20’s too. Something just doesn’t add up.

  • avatar Jackie says:

    You are fucking retarded and yes stupisd ass hell. Audrina didnt get surgery like heidi nor did she do her face like that, bunch of lies to spread and fake news . audrina is beautiful in any damn pix you search out for, she rocks xoxoxo

  • avatar Jackie says:

    Audrina is way beautiful eat your hearts out you haters hahaha Team Audrina we love her

  • avatar muahh says:

    she needed it, its not a big deal i was waiting for her to do it

  • avatar Justine says:

    i think thats just a bad picture of her lips. But, maybe she shudda done less. i dnt understand why it matters any way. She use to have a really small upper lip now its better. Shes gorgeous both ways……

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She had NO top lip before. I think it’s an improvemnet as long as she doesn’t go overboard. Too bad there is nothing that improve her IQ though.

  • avatar Boner says:

    The person above me needs something to improve her IQ jeezus christ.

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