Lisa Rinna Looks Ridiculous


Okay, let’s face it. Lisa Rinna has a serious addiction to lip fillers. Just last year she admitted to being shocked after seeing a picture of herself and she swore to slow down on the plastic surgery. Then she showed up at the Oscars with (even more) ridiculously over-inflated lips…

Lisa Rinna and her over-stuffed lips:

lisa rinna scary lips

Seriously though, how can she look in a mirror and think, “Oh, yeah, these are some sexy ass lips I’ve got going here!”. Lisa’s lips are puffy, but lack the pretty shape of a real lip, and they are saggy. Quite honestly, it looks like she’s had a vagina slapped on her face, but not a pretty one. More like a vagina that got trampled in some freak stampede. And the shame is that Lisa used to have such beautiful lips. Here are the before pictures.

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