In preparation for his latest tour, Michael Jackson is wanting to have more plastic surgery.

(Some people never learn…)

According to biographer Ian Halperin, Michael Jackson, who has had various cosmetic surgery procedures in the past, wants to go under the knife once again. “Michael has consulted some of the world’s best cosmetologists and surgeons in preparation for this comeback,” Halperin has been quoted as saying.

So, Michael Jackson is getting MORE plastic surgery? Because the first 10 rounds of plastic surgery have been so successful?! Michael Jackson needs to just admit defeat. He completely wrecked his once handsome face beyond repair.

To celebrate Michael’s return to the plastic surgeon, we’ve put together a timeline of Michael Jackson’s face, so you can see exactly where he went wrong. Somewhere right around 1984, the time of his 2nd nose job

Behold! A timeline of Michael Jackson’s face:

michael jackson plastic surgery pictures

Michael Jackson has claimed to have undergone only ONE plastic surgery procedure (a nose job), but as you can clearly see by the photographs, Michael Jackson has changed nearly every feature and shape of his face. It appears that he has had multiple nose jobs (as well as reconstructive nose surgery to try and fix his disintegrating schnoz), cheek implants, chin implant with cleft, jaw implants, upper and lower eye lifts, lip reshaping, facelift(s), brow lift and permanent makeup tattooed on his eyes and lips.

So what could be next on Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery wish-list? Who knows! But hopefully he will get some of those ridiculous looking implants removed from his face.

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  • avatar Mark says:

    Sad. He looked so good, so handsome around 1982. His 1982 look still kept his ethnic features but refined them to make him much more attractive, it was working…then somewhere along 1984, he starts butchering his features, by 1993 he’s already reached the point of no return. Michael is clearly very mentally ill.

    • avatar Biebs says:

      Clearly you are mentally in and in no way fit to judge the mental health of an individual you have never met.

      having plastic surgery does not qualify you for any mental illness,

  • avatar toni says:

    Regardless of his many surgeries, I think cosmetically Michael Jackson only changed his nose and his chin, but without using implants. The different skin color makes some outlines more obvious.
    By the way the picture of 2003 on the timeline above doesn’t show a nose kinda falling apart. It’s clearly a band-aid, for what reason soever.

  • avatar Karlea says:

    Michael is not known to be a liar so I belive him about the 1 nose job thing… people that post blogs like this are gonna feel sorry when Michael rises to the top again

  • avatar Max says:

    The 1983 picture isn’t from 1983 (I think). Looks like something from the late-’70s (Off the Wall era). Other than that I agree with you, poster; hopefully he’s going in for some corrective surgery.

  • avatar Tessa K.s Mom says:

    ALL the pedophiles out there should make themselves look like this so we know who to keep our children away from.

    • avatar Shavella Watson says:

      Go fuck yourself, because I know damn well.your ass was
      boo hooing and crying when he went away, so shut the fuck up and because that was the last time you ever heard good music

      • avatar judt pissed me off says:

        i agree, fuck you and the hoarse you rode in on!!! Michael is a true legend and you’ll never make anyhing close to him with yourself! Michael is an angel flying high above us all, and when i die, i can’t wait to see him, bc i love him and he is like the brother i never had, peace is with you always michael lovers. the rest of you, god i hope you jump off a bridge and die!!! he will always be remembered forever! you haters are just jelous that you never made anyhting of youselves except to work at that shit job you hate getting up to go to every pitiful discusting day of your life! thx to all the mj lovers that stick up for what I said, the rest of you, FUCK OFF!!!!! oh, and have a nice day πŸ™‚

    • avatar Shavella Watson says:

      Bitch, I see you love gossip?

  • avatar disha says:

    I Dont Give A CRAP What Anyones SAYS I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!! HE Didnt Bleach his Skin he Has a Skin Diesease And 1st of all 1970 and 1982 and 83 he didnt have surgery so thats all WRONG!!! HATERS GET GONE BECAUSE MICHAEL DA BEST EVER!!!!!!

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    He is a man or whatever that took a handsome face and went to one of an ugly face and he did it all by himself maybe he is nto self mutllation for past behavior

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    I don’t care what no one says Micheal !!!!!!!!!!
    is a plastic surjery overdose!!!!!!!!Lets
    B real he went over board. This dosen’t take away
    from his talent. But lets face it he looks like
    a FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t agree that
    he should take out some of the implants. The damage
    is done!!! if he does his face will fall!!!!!!!!!!.

  • avatar Yennis says:

    I wonder what all these people think now that Michael Jackson is dead. Huh?

  • avatar Helen says:

    Though he is in heaven, he must bitterly regret everything. He should of kept the face he had in 1983 (Personally, he should of never changed but let’s blame Vitiligo) He looked handsome long time ago but when he got plastic surgery, he looked awful. Hopefully, now you’re in a better place, you’re learning what went wrong.

  • avatar Summer says:

    Hmmmm…. I think the 2010 pic will be accurate.

  • avatar Alex says:

    Did he really suffer from vitiligo or is it just cuz he said so. How did he become from black to white (sorry if im being racist- no offence to anyone)?

  • avatar Chris says:

    Yes, He did have vitiligo, and he had numerous patches of white skin because of it. He tried covering it with makeup for a few years, then he realised it was hopeless so he had Depigmentation done πŸ™‚

    Rest In Peace Michael, I will love you for all time xox

  • avatar jiNx says:

    Really wish people would stop the name-calling. HE WAS AQUITTED. Poor guy must have had a really bad self-image tho, to make himself look like he did πŸ™

  • avatar September says:

    In all fairness, drop the 2010 picture. It’s just sad and inappropriate.

  • avatar jaja says:

    2010 pic is sooo stupid. he’s dead now. enough with it already! no offense. why not replacing it?

  • avatar Helen says:

    Also, I think he had body Dismorphia πŸ™

    thanks to a certain Joe Jackson.

  • avatar Joni says:

    Remember that he had his first nose job when he fell from dancing and broke his nose. Then, he had a second one to fix the first job that left him with breathing problems. So the first 2 nose jobs is kinda accidental. He was already fine the way God made him. He should have just fixed the accident and leave it at that.

  • avatar Mish says:

    I believe Michael. He said he had 2 nose surgeries done. One was after he broke his nose during a performance. that was the first one. the second he did to reach higher notes. even when you look in the pictures, you can make out 2 distinct nose changes. About the other things like cheeks and blah blah…that’s all nonsense. remember Michael lost a lot of weight in his later years so his facial structure changed. And no, I don’t think Michael looked ugly anytime. If you’re talking about post 2000, Michael was getting older and the stress of the allegations were clearly seen on his face. please don’t accuse him like this if you don’t know the whole story. let him be.

  • avatar mayra says:

    rip michael jackson ILY<3
    so disrespectfull to have the 2010 picture
    hes dead, have respect for the dead.. =/

  • avatar Monique says:

    That 2010 Picture Is Down Right Disrespectful Now. I Agree, Drop It!

    I did believe him when he said he only had 2 surgeries on his nose, because when they were filming “The Wiz” That’s when he first broke his nose and the second one was to correct breathing problems and to help him sing better. He actually looked good in 2008. He looked his best 1988-1995; 2003 and 2006, those are just bad pictures.
    RIP Michael, I Love You And We Miss You! <3

  • avatar Alexandria says:

    Went wrong somewhere around 1984? He was still cute during 1984. His nose started to get more narrow but he still looked good.

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Please, please do have some respect and remove the 2010 picture. The reality of what Michael did to himself is horrible enough, and really not funny at all. You shouldn’t clump him in with all of the vain celebs that you have on this site. MJ was a genius, but most of all he was a gentle soul who gave so much to his fans.

    RIP MJ – Your true fans care not what your face looked like. We all knew the depth of your heart.

  • avatar A says:

    welll he was maybee addicted,
    but… His skinn changing was not hiss choice.. O.o he had a skin disorder (viltigo.) (you can find even pictures of him, of his badly skin) , so the doctor told him to bleach his skin .. to look more legal.. … and he had a bad time, so he ate lesser then before, don’t forget that…. He was soo unhappy with his face, O.o even heee was soo beautiful!

    (sorry for my bad english )

  • avatar thula says:

    MJ always looked good.period.take into consideration the camera angle and the light!My passport,drivers and identity card pics all look different.even pics you take at a party at the same time do not come out the all the judges out there,take a chill pill and give it a rest ok.He is gone.Let him rest.enough already! RIP-you are sorely missed

  • avatar Alex says:

    A great talent, but a great mental illness he had too.

    He looked his best in 1982.
    1984 his nose looked cartoony ,looks like an arrow…

  • avatar Katiiie says:

    MJ is sooooooooo beautiful its not even possible. He was alwys drop dead gorgous. How dare you say that about him!
    I really wanna report this site. U cant put ‘facts’ on a site based on media lies. The media put MJ through hell! No wonder we have found out he was addicted to drugs which lead him to an early grave, not forgetting he had 3 CHILDREN!!!!! I hope whoever wrote this article is very ashamed.
    My poor baby πŸ™ Rest in peace angel xx

  • avatar chanalle hamilton says:

    mj did NOT have his eye lids, cheeks, or chin enlarged! he had a couple of nose jobs, which the last one got messed up on accident1 do you think mjreally wnated to LOOK like that in the end? he amditted himself that he looked like a lizard, he was very sad about how his nose got messed up! he only got his nose jobs and his chin dimpled, WTF!? only white people need to get their eyes, lips, and faces done, becuase they age HORRIBLY- it must be a white person who owns this sight…

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Michael Jackson had a other nose job a week before his death.RIP Michael Jackson!We’ll miss you!Good Bye Michael!

  • avatar Big Pimpin' says:

    so sad. he seems to really have hated himself. when all along was NOT ugly. he was always a cute boy. he was always very attractive. i always think he should have stopped at the “bad” video. he was really good looking in it, and not too white. the white skin and red lips was just going overboard. sometimes you look good with a complexion that’s not too white.

  • avatar bluehost host says:

    Wow, I still wish he was doing that tour. Doesn’t seem real.

  • avatar thula says:

    Big Pimpin’ For real,now,I can not believe that you are still going on about the skin colour.Where have you been?Ever heard of vitaligo?Do some reading,pictures of Mj and video evidence is on you tube,hit pause while watching thriller where he puts his arm around Ola,see that on his fingers….oh never mind.Ignorance is bliss,but oh so annoying…..

  • avatar Honey says:

    chanalle, your racism is showing. Heck, look at all the funny white people they have taken to task.

  • avatar lisa says:

    RIP <3

  • avatar kim says:

    Michael still looks sexy. I would marry him, he is a sweet man. You racist need to f-off

  • avatar kim says:

    It’s true that blacks age slowly bc of the menelin. Mj states in Oprah interview that he is never satisfied with his looks. He did go to far, but its his face and money. I’ll kiss that beautiful face anyday

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    when i look at this pic i just want to start squishing and making little claymation dinosaurs and things out of his face

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Did he not say in one or another interview (I wanna say Oprah) that Joe made fun of his nose when he was a kid? If he did break his nose when some of you are saying he did, it was a happy accident for him, I’d guess. Gave him the opportunity to fix what he saw as a flaw in his appearance.
    Sad thing (one of them, anyway) is that he was a really cute kid and was growing into a good-looking young man when he started changing. He’d probably have made sex symbol status from Thriller alone and I get the feeling that scared him (started showing up at events with Brooke and Emmanuel or Bubbles–or both). He did talk about his brothers bringing girls back to their room and having sex with them with him in the room. Certainly affected him. Maybe he was afraid of turning into whatever he thought his brothers had become.
    Joe Jackson needs to take a long, hard look at himself and acknowledge what he did to his son.

  • avatar sc341 says:

    I’m white and I think M.J. looked totally hot in 1982/1983. He looked hot, black, ethnic. He could have had a huge film career in my opinion if he had left his facial features alone. He was better looking than Will Smith, he could have been a great actor. He also should of dropped the little boy voice and talked in his natural voice. In the picture dated 1983 he is one hot man. He did have acting ability, watch his scenes in “The Wiz” and the extended version of the “Bad” video where he is acting with Wesley Snipes. He ruined his good looks. So sad.

  • avatar haa says:

    I loved Mj’s face through 1982-1996

    then it started to get more drastic, he’s still a beautiful man. rip love.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    The 2010 image is a joke. It’s that guy who did the whole head thing to look like a cat.

    Anybody who thinks it is funny should realize that the person who decided to put it there has no clue about much.

    Anybody who thinks it is in poor taste should wake up. What it is is a pathetic attempt to be relevant. And it failed.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    Whenever you see an adult that is messed up in one or more ways, behind lurking in the shadow is a parent who had no idea about being one.

    In Michael’s case, his parent(s) should have been sterilized after they were compelled to give their kids up for adoption and a chance at normality with parents who were Real.



  • avatar MEE! says:

    well , he didnt bleach his skin..that just makes people think he had too much surgery..he didnt! not a pedo , not a freak not any of the shit people said! he did not ruin his looks…he always had the loooks!!!!!!! THE LOOKS OF AN INNOCENT ANGEL!

  • avatar joe says:

    its very clear that the writer of this article is a michael jackson hater… why dont u stop hating MJ and u do some thing important in ur life,… thats if u have any… ur so full of shit

  • avatar joe says:

    i dont care about the surgeries

  • avatar iloveyoumichael says:

    Yeah. I bet you feel like a real ass now that he’s dead.

    Michael didn’t have THAT much plastic surgery, it’s the skin color that throws you off, but his skin changed because of vitiligo.
    If his skin was still black he wouldn’t look much different, he had a few nose jobs but if your father called you “big nose” and made fun of your nose through-out your childhood im sure you would feel self-conscious about it too.
    & he wears lipstick because his lips are the color of a black person’s lips, so he would look really unhealthy if he didn’t use pink/red lipstick.

    Yeah, so have fun making fun of Michael, God is really proud of him for all of the money and help he has provided for orphanages, hospitals and charities. What have you done? Made fun of the most beautiful man on Earth. Have fun in hell. Bye.

  • avatar All4love says:

    You got your info wrong. Michael stated on record that he had TWO procedures done. His nose and the cleft in his chin. Michael stated he’s an artist. If doesn’t like something, he will change it. People’s looks change too. I believe Michael. He was beautiful both inside and out. Please stop with the nasty jokes. They aren’t funny.

  • avatar Faye says:

    To the people who keep saying he hasnt had that much surgery are delusional, as much as I loved Michael he had a lot of work done, so what if his skin colour changed whether he was bleaching it or had a skin problem, it still wouldnt dramatically changed his features, he has had way more than two nose jobs if he had two his nose wouldnt look like that, also you can clearly see he has had cheek and chin implants, and his eyes are shaped differently to how he used to look. Anyway it doesnt really matter now R.I.P Michael.

  • avatar MJ'sAnnie says:

    2010 pic…bad joke..idiot..get lost..!

  • avatar Paula says:

    I’m a Michael’s confessed superfan and I’m extremely loyal to him. It’s something obvious that Michael has had plastic surgeries… and nothing new. Looking back at his young pictures it’s had to believe that he is the same person, but if he liked the way he looked then I like it too. I think that in 1991-1993 he was the cutest man ever, but I (and all of his fans) admire him for his talent and not for his beauty.
    I think it’s normal that Katherine were worry about Michael, because he had fallen in a not healthy addiction…

  • avatar Shavella Watson says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies and more lies -you guys snapped so many pictures of poor Michael Jackson to make it seem like he had sooooo many plastic surgeries … LISTEN YOU DUMB MEDIA BELIEVERS FUCKS! MICHAEL JACKSON HAS ONLY HAD 2 PLASTIC SURGERIES, 1 WAS BECAUSE HE HAD A REHEARSAL ACCIDENT ON HIS NOSE SO HE GOT IT DONE, AND 2 WAS HE GOT YET ANOTHER SURGERY ON HIS NOSE BECAUSE HE WANTED A NEW LOOK AND HE ALSO STATED HE GOT A CLIP IN HIS CHIN, And the REASON WHY it LOOKED like Michael had so many nose surgeries was because Michael was aging throughout the years, as so does everyone, & his nose was rising up and looked smaller – he was just aging just like everyone else goes through smh, fucking dumbasses & As for his skin he had vitiligo and people who have vitiligo there skin get lighter and lighter – So mike got surgery and just made his skin even, because he couldn’t get darker and he was allergic to sun – & I’m sure many people who has vitiligo are also ; The media lives and feeds of Michael Jackson & his family(the JACKSONS), yeah I’m not even surprised about this bullshit ass story they made up, wonder how much that is worth? Fucking heartless bastards – SO ALL THE MEDIA BELIEVERS SHUT THE FUCK UP, FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!!!!

  • avatar Shavella Watson says:

    I made 2 typos*

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