Pamela Anderson Gets a Mini-Facelift


Pamela has taken a beating in the media in recent years for having wrinkles (gasp!) and cellulite (isn’t aging a bitch?). Realistically, she looks great for a women in her 40’s, although you can tell she likes to drink and party. Well, nonetheless, it looks like Pamela let all of the negative press (and unflattering pictures) get the best of her and has undergone a bit of plastic surgery to try and rewind the hands of time.

Pamela Anderson before and after plastic surgery

pamela anderson facelift plastic surgery

It appears that Pamela has had a mini-facelift of sorts using botox and facial fillers to smooth out her face and plump her cheeks. It also appears that she has had work done on her upper and lower eyelids (blepharoplasty) to remove the bags and open up her eyes. And while I think she does look “refreshed”, there is just something fake looking about her face now. It seems a little bit too frozen, like she can’t smile as big as she normally would. Hopefully the botox with wear off a bit.

Is it just me, or is Pamela starting to look like Ivana Trump (another fan of plastic surgery and too much makeup)?

Pamela Anderson and Ivana Trump

pamela anderson and ivana trump plastic surgery

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  • avatar Max says:

    Doesn’t look like much, at all. Her cheeks are big in the “before” picture also, I don’t see any filling. The perceived difference in the eyes could be chalked up to the fact that she’s not wearing all the tranny makeup that she usually does. I will say that it looks like she had botox but nothing more.

  • avatar Summer says:

    It’s like you have to choose the lesser of two “evils”: looking your age (old) or looking fake. The popularity of plastic surgery just goes to show how insecure these “stars” really are.

  • avatar Maria says:

    I see brow lift and aggressive botox. I think the bangs are covering her brow lift scars. The aggressive botox is preventing her from smiling as she usually does.

  • avatar Rosie says:

    I actually think she looks a hell of a lot better now! Didn’t think it was possible anymore for Pamela to look good. Maybe it is cos her makeup is more sutble… it definitley works for her not to have that much eye makeup on.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    Wow. Her and I are the exact same age yet I swear she looks at least 10 years older than me. Her face has really aged so much in the last 5 years. I agree with Summer(although I disagree that 41 is old, if that’s what you meant, LOL)these stars can’t accept themselves and that it is a fact of life, a human being ages. No one wants to look in the mirror and see wrinkles or sags, it can get depressing. But focus on the positives and who cares what others think if you don’t have 20 year old skin. You are what you are. Trying to look 20 in a 40 year old body just makes you look strange. It’s not normal. Lastly, the whole plastic surgery thing is sad, it just proves that most of these stars are insecure, not a trait to be desired.

    • avatar lindsay says:

      your right about pam looking old. anybody who googles recent pics of pam anderson can see that she looks old as HELL! madonna is also 10 years older than her, but looks years younger! there are a ton of women her age that put her to shame, including mariah carey, demi moore, kylie minogue, halle berry, salma hayek, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez and many, MANY more! pam is used up white trash!

  • avatar Izzy says:

    Does nobody notice the wig she is wearing? I have seen these photos and everyone says ‘oh the new hair style is great!” Its a freakin wig people!

    Its why her face looks “off”… its make-up.. I think she had very little if any surgery, just fillers done if that… its the wig that makes her lookg weird due to the fake color of the fake hair

  • avatar jiNx says:

    wOw! she doesnt seem to be able to keep any of the commenters happy! And to all those ‘grow-old-naturally’ commenters -I’m so very sure if u had the $s you wouldnt tweak some area of yourselves!

  • avatar nathan lee says:

    i like her beauty before, than now she looks like a faggot.

  • avatar Sickitten says:

    God, don’t even compare her facial features to Ivana’s. Ivana was never pretty and has a clay like nose even after the surgery. Her poor daughter inherited her looks and has had surgery to erase Ivana’s genes.

  • avatar karenee says:

    Ugh! She doesn’t even look like the same person to me! She has had too much fat/skin removed from her jawline-leaving her looking too tight and severe.

  • avatar Valerie says:

    OMG!! Karenee is right. I would not even recognize her as Pam Anderson and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

  • avatar spitfire says:

    i totally can’t see her in the before pict. beside Ivana….

  • avatar N.D. says:

    I’m all for slamming hypocrites who claim to be natural beauties when we can all see the work on their faces. I say slam away.

    But with Pam it seems off base somehow. If she was going to BS people it seems like she’d have started with her boobs and not just openly said “yeah they’re fake”.

    I think it’s makeup in part because people were accusing her of having her lips done when that was just the work of an amazing makeup artist. Seriously, this makeup artist can take any girl off the street and make her look car magazine pretty or stripper hot. She’s practically the maven of slutty.

    Also the before picture looks really old. It also appears to have studio lighting and corrective makeup trickery or retouching. Hell, my ugly cousin Tammy looks really pretty after Glamour Shots gets through with her and that’s Glamour Shots(are they even in business anymore?).

    Just saying, she always owned her artifice before. She even let cameras film her bleaching her own hair at home. Why would she suddenly pretend to not have anything fake about her? Ummm, she wouldn’t.

    She’s fake as hell! But owns it. Since she started with natural beauty and owns her fakeness, she’s real! Props to Pamela.

    P.S. If she’s really had anything done, she’ll blab about it. She blabs about everything. Even having a nasty STD. She’ll blab. You gotta give her credit for being honest.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    I think that Pamela Anderson so far had hair plugs, work with her hair line, botox (all over), brow lift, blehoplasty, cheek implants, nose job, facial fillers, lip injections, breast implants,leg implants, ear reduction, liposuction (every wear), butt implants, and all sorts of lifts like face lift, neck lift,breast lift, tummy tuck, back lift, leg lift, butt lifT etc;

  • avatar Christina says:

    she looked soooo much better before

  • avatar timtam says:

    I only just found this website last night – but as a 38 year old who has been on and off botox for the past 5 or so years – and contemplating fillers… well, i’ll take aging over looking anything like these freaks. as someone said above – the better of the two evils, fake, or old. Going to have to be old. Pammy still looked lovely and now she looks as shite as the rest of them. (I love this website and feel guilty for gasping in horror/delight(?) at the misfortune of so many ‘celebrities’)

  • avatar Erin says:

    She is just aging and has lost the fullness in her face. I’ll admit her hair looks a bit fake but I think the rest is just the natural aging process and a bit too much make-up. She was naturally very beautiful and looked better without all that really. It’s sad that women can’t be naturally beautiful anymore and the public is harsh when a star begins to age. Not a good place to be.

  • avatar grumpygramma says:

    I think she had her eyes done and they look better and bigger, which makes her mouth look smaller. And also a mini facelift for cheek area I don’t see any fillers and hope she never does them I think she looks fabulous and theres nothing wrong with plastic surgery’
    I had my eyes done last year and I can see better and don’t look like I’m falling asleep half the time.
    The trick is going to a plastic surgeon who is interested in what you looked like when younger and has an artistic eye. Even some of the Hollywood surgeons are a joke They give everyone the exact same size breasts, cheeks,lips etc… and never consider what they looked like before.
    My surgeon asked for pictures of me when I was younger and studied them well. I look like i did then, not fake with my eyebrows half way to heaven.
    If you ever decide to get plastic surgery , don’t depend on the surgeon to decide the outcome..and remember subtle is always best.

  • avatar MJ says:

    Wow…lots of jealous females here I see.Pam was always gorgeous and always will be.A lot of you haters would give your right arm to look like her and you know it!

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    I think she looks good, but hope she stops here. Looking through this site, you really get that too much of this plastic surgery stuff ends up looking weird! At some point, we all age, if we are lucky enough! Learning to live with it, at some point, is emotionally healthy.

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