Tila Needs Attention. Quick, Look at Her Boobs!


Tila Tequila recently flashed the paparazzi with a new set of GIANT breast implants.

Tila Tequila with her newest set of breast implants:

tila tequila huge breast implants

It looks like she’s clawing like mad to hang on to her 15 minutes of fame and what better way then to get new boobs that are so big, they can not be ignored.

Tila got her 1st boob job when she first started modeling (around age 18) and went for a nice-looking large B-cup. These new D-cup boobs are WAY to big for her tiny frame and she now looks like a cheap porn star.

Here is a picture of Tila Tequila before she had any breast implants. She certainly was flat chested, but she was so cute!

Tila before plastic surgery:

tila tequila before boob job

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  • avatar zzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    she looked better before.

  • avatar Autumn says:

    yea, you’re right. though she’s flat chested, she was really cute. *sigh*

  • wow, that last boob job looks hot! she looks great with those big knockers. Delany Decolleur got some big knockers too…Delany’s look soft and squishy…wanna grab them if she would let me!

  • avatar jiNx says:

    wOw …strange-looking boobs -whoever she is! they look like basketballz ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar Helen says:

    She’s Tila Tecquila ? Don’t you know her ? And yeah they look odd and fake. She looked cute with the flat chest. and if not the flat chest, the B-Cup looks alright!

    Oh, hollywood girls these days, looking for the porno look.

  • avatar Joni says:

    She’s gonna fall face down first on the pavement with those boobs.

  • avatar Sickitten says:

    She should of rocked her original look. These bolt ons are hideous. Should have gone for a nose tip sculpting, in my opinion

  • avatar Rae says:

    Wow she looks disgusting now.
    I’m a 4’11” female who looks like what she used to look like. What a bad move Tila, I used to look up to you

  • avatar hugh jass says:

    “I used to look up to you”? what kind of fuken moron are you .. look up to her for what? LOL


    go read some books

  • avatar werner says:

    New boob job looks amazing!

  • avatar Alex says:

    is beyond me why would someone would think shes attractive…
    boobs aside and all…

  • avatar cody says:

    Tila is disgusting and she should have got some work done on her pussy and face instead.

  • avatar pinkdinosaur says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t huge, bolted-on obviously fake breast implants detrimental to a burgeoning modelling career? Unless you mean model as in Playboy centerfold… and I hardly think Tila is the kind of girl they like.
    Yeah, add me to the list of people who do not see a point on Tila Tequila existing. What exactly does she _do_, anyway? In my day (being that I’m only 20) people who got famous had to actually DO something to get famous. Tila is not even pretty: she’s like a ridiculous-looking eight-year old cartoon ant.

  • avatar Sam says:

    You know what fuck all of you guys. Well apparently you didn’t know that she’s done modeling and last I knew they gets Tonz of money on doing that. So that explains the money issue. And what makes you think she’s doing this for attention? Maybe she is and maybe isn’t. What ever happened to “don’t judge”? Maybe that’s the kinda stuff that makes her happy. If you don’t like her then why even waist your time writing about her???
    Just some of my thoughts…:)

  • avatar BRITTNEE JOHNSTONE says:

    Omg, she looks ssoooo much better wit smaller boobs!

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Not for nothin’, pinkdinosaur, but if you’re only 20, “in my day” for you *is* now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar Adam says:

    Oh the cheap porn career will come in a few years I am sure. She looks totally ridiculous, they really should have been sized up properly, she doesn’t have the skin to support them, they look like somebody just glued them to her body.

  • avatar Dee says:

    O shut the fuck up to all! U guys are losers n haters. Get a life amd quit wastin it on talkin bout tila. She has a hot bod that I’m pretty sure most of u don’t have. Prob bunch of fatass loser on the comp Lookin at her pics all day. That’s prob y u guys ended up on this site to at the end.

  • avatar jelis hater says:

    Ugly ugly ugly, she should have spent the money on that funky nose.

  • ht tp : / / tilasrotspot . blogspot . com
    No spaces of course.

  • avatar Employee says:

    For one, she’s wearing a Victoria’s Secret Push-up, if I’m not mistaken (seeing as how I work at Victoria’s Secret). So yes, they look bolted on because that’s what push ups do, they enhance cleavage by lifting up the breast. Until I see a naked resting shot of her breasts, i will not judge her implants. So either they are bolted on like a cheap pornstar who had to settle for less on the plastic surgeon, or it’s the bra making them look bigger.

  • avatar Sarah P. says:

    I don’t think her boobs are too big for her frame. They look beautiful and good. Get over it. lol

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