Carrie Prejean has Breast Implants


Mrs California, Carrie Prejean, is such an amazing hypocrite. She had taken a strong stand against gay marriage because she is such a devote religious women and the bible tells her that it is wrong. So, a loving relationship between two people is wrong if they are of the same sex, but it’s okay to defile the body that God gave you so that you can increase the size of your breasts and compete in the vainest sort of competition on earth?

Carrie Prejean before and after breast implants:

mrs california carrie prejean plastic surgery

Carrie Prejean had her breast implants paid for by the Miss California Organization. No, seriously. The Miss California Organization bought boobs for their contestant. Because you are not truely beautiful until you look like a stripper in a ball gown. Jesus says so. It’s in that little bible somewhere, I’m sure of it…

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  • avatar Patrice says:

    Wow. You gay marriage advocates will try and compare any fruit to an orange if it suits you. So, you are honestly claiming that same sex-sex, and cosmetic surgery are the same thing? That’s my favorite one yet. It used to be the whole tired “well, black and whites can marry” line, but THIS ONE takes the cake!

    • avatar gaga says:

      im sorry if i afend anyone but i also think that gays shouldnt marry because god put males and females on earth for a reason and its not to play dress-up and most of the children in those kinds of relationships are torn because the students i have are miserable,confused etc… i’ve had to send them for therapy and i’ve taught in many districts

      • avatar sam says:

        Any studies support your idea? I’ve only seen that same sex couples raising children does not put them at a disadvantage.

        For a teacher, you sure can write long run-on sentences…

    • avatar sam says:

      The post is about the hypocrisy of Prejean. She hates on gays because the Bible says so, but she ignores everything in the Bible about plastic surgery and/or modesty…

  • avatar Vic says:

    I believe the author’s point was to point out the hypocrisy of picking and choosing which parts of the Bible they want to follow. The Bible explicitly prohibits body modification (Leviticus 19), hence religious prohibitions on tattoos and body piercings. Cosmetic surgery also falls under this prohibition. Miss California is displaying typical modern Christian hypocrisy by choosing to ignore parts of the text she supposedly holds sacred whenever it suits her ends.

    As well, the fact that a Miss USA pageant not only has implants, but that her state PAID for her implants, is a disgusting example of how our perceptions of beauty have become so warped that a woman’s natural beauty has to be augmented by artificial means for her to be considered “really” beautiful in the most misogynistic and anti-Female competition in the United States.

    And to end on a less elequent note, Miss California is a hypocritical dumb-shit who doesn’t deserve a fraction of the energy being spent on the media’s relentless fawning over her fake ass.

  • avatar Patrice says:

    As far as hypocrisy goes, the gay community is currently tops in that category. People who oppose “gay marriage” (whatever that means), are cruel, intolerant, and judgemental, yet thsoe who support it go on vicious tyrades against those who don’t support it. Hmmm, perhaps it’s time for those folks to take a good hard look in the mirror. As aa far as “picking and choosing” is concerned, I’ve never read ANYWHERE in the constitution ANYTHING about same sex marriage…so please tell me how denying it is UN constitutional?

  • avatar sam says:

    @patrice, 9th amendment?

    She looked way better w/o implants imo.

  • avatar Ali says:

    Personally, what I don’t understand is why people care enough to try and stop gay marriage. In no way does it affect anyone but the gay couples that want to get married, so who the hell cares?

  • avatar Ruxandra says:

    You’re kinda right. But I also agree with her – NO GAY MARRIAGES.

  • avatar ummmmm no... says:

    she was so much hotter before

  • avatar lovemypinoyboy says:

    I do advocate gay marriage, although I’m straight, there are other things to be guilty of, more important than loving another human, even if they are the same sex! But, In a way, I support her because she had the guts to state her stance.We all have the right to our opinion, even if it is different. This is in our constitution people! As far as implants, BFD!!!! Perhaps Vanessa Williams can be a fine examp. for Carrie!

  • avatar vstn says:

    This author’s comment has gone way overboard. Let those who live by the bible, speak the bible. Yous seriously disgust me. And I say NO to homoperverts.

  • avatar Sam says:

    “Homoperverts?” That’s cute. Are you 12?

  • avatar samuel says:

    vstn, I agree. Say NO to catholic priests!

  • avatar Jack says:

    Just another creep trying to knock the Bible and stick up for the perverts. The Bible says nothing about breast implants, oh ignorant one, nor about beauty contests. Imagine that. But it has plenty to say about the “abomination” of homosexual sex. It’s sick, it’s wrong, and that’s that.

  • avatar samuel says:

    @Jack, the Bible is against vanity.

    You didn’t address the working on Sunday shall be put to death part.

    I agree, the Bible is sick and wrong, that’s it.

  • avatar jiNx says:

    wOw! …..pretty nasty commentary 🙁

  • avatar Argh says:

    The value of the Bible never fails to amaze me.

    One time, while staying out of town at a hotel, I went to the bathroom but realized too late that there was no toilet paper. (Apparently housekeeping had overlooked this detail.) After considerable thought, I fetched the Gideon from the bedside drawer, ripped out some of those nice tissue-thin pages and proceeded to wipe myself (I needed the whole of Genesis to “finish up”).

    If you ever come across a hotel bible with Exodus ripped out, I advise you to proceed with caution.

    True story… thank you.

  • avatar swoozy says:

    This site was fun about vanity until I got to this. Gays make up 3% of the population of this country and you would think it was 50%. They are over represented on TV, in movies and just about every where else. Someone needs to get some perspective on this situation. I don’t judge them, what they choose to do is their business. But I do believe same-sex sex is wrong. It is my right to have that opinion. Agree with whoever said the gays are more vicious toward those who disagree with them, than anyone is toward them. That is one reason the public is turning against them and voting against gay marriage when the opportunity is given. In fact, stats show they are falling out of favor because of their hateful behavior, such as the treatment of Miss California.

    And to Argh…………..I don’t want to think about which eternity you will be going to, but you probably won’t need a sweater.

  • avatar Cassie says:

    Swoozy, it’s 10% of the population. And in NO way are we over represented. Hateful behavior?? Maybe we’re just a little sensative after a hundred years of blatent and violent discrimination. You know, being beaten to death or dragged behind cars because of who we happen to fall in love with.

    On the other hand, everyone is entitled to express their opinion, even on TV. The whole Miss California thing WAS blown WAY out of proportion. Truth is, I could care less what some brainless beauty queen has to say about my “moral choices.”

    Argh, you made me laugh. Toilet paper and the bible have about the same worth to me, too. And Swoozy, I doubt Argh is too concerned about burning in your imaginary hell fire.

  • avatar Bawww says:

    The Bible is rubbish.

  • avatar matt says:

    to whoever posted this,
    defile? ok if u wanna get biblical, the passage ur referring to also says dont cut ur beard, hair, or wear clothes that arent pure cotton, so if u ever got a hair cut, then u “defied” ur body because god “wanted ur hair long and u cut it” and that passage was to set the jews apart in the old testament so therefor sincee Jesus died, that sets us apart so do what u want 2 ur body and glorify god

  • avatar lolcopter says:

    Who ever posted on about her boob job is obvious delusional and uneducated about bobo jobs/makeup related things. She did not have a boob job. Her boobs look small, but I can tell her makeup artists used the boob/makeup technique as well as some padding.

  • avatar samantha says:

    okay, i personally believe that the bible has taught that its not holy, if its me or my children i will express this, but once id have been far more vocal and condemning, which i finally realised…. it is not our job to judge them, god will judge us all, as harshly as we judge others we will be judged, let he who is without sin throw the first stone, etc, and i realised im a hypocrit. i have friends who are gay and i have friends who commit other so called sins but i like them and i dont really think they are bad people, i realised now god would expect us to accept gay people we are not god we dont get to judge, we accept people for who they are if they are nice and happen to be gay so what, so i dont shout against gays and fight gay marriage, im happy for people in love whatever sex, but in my deepest beliefs i wouldnt follow that path, and i realise this soundfs a little confused, particularly as ive been a major sinner, and paerhaps i am confused, i sometimes think i know the right thing is to do this and this, so i try to change my thinking, but from church etc from a young age ideas werew put in me so that they are part of my beliefs now and when i try to change those veiws the voice in my head says its the devil getting to me…. please dont jump all over me im trying to be honest and say i dont wanna be prejudiced and i try not to be but inwardly i have been programmed and i fight it outwardly but it never really gos away…. just thaught this may be interesting for you to read,

    also, i dont like the big gap between her new boobs, wrong profile was chosen i believe, in fact maybe she needed larger profile to spread across her chest better, ya know wider so as not to have that gap.

  • avatar Deb says:

    She looks great, and anyone that says she doesn’t is jealous. She’s a beautiful girl. I have no problem with gay people and don’t believe it’s a choice they made. I also don’t fault Carrie Prejean for stating how she feels about gay marriage. She was asked for her “opinion.” And the gay guy (whatever his name is) that called her a bitch because he didn’t like her answer is the one who’s a bitch.

  • avatar Shannon says:

    Actually, Vic didn’t dispute any of your points made on gay marriage, only the fact that Carrie PreJean continues to claim religious persecution when she really isn’t that religious at all- Only when it (quote) “suits her needs,” which is exactly what I feel is going on here, regardless of her stance or anyone else’s (Even mine) on gay marriage. Cosmetic surgery IS a sin according to the Bible. Whatever your beliefs, she is acting hypocritical, esp. with the 8 sex tapes and the earlier disclosed nude pics which she knew she had out before she entered the pageant. I’d be sympethetic & understanding if she’d accept some blame instead of passing the buck. CPJ is using her faith as a crutch and there is nothing honest or respectable about that.

  • avatar Shannon says:

    When I say “Cosmetic surgery is a sin according to the Bible” I lump that in (Because it IS) with body-modification. And LOLCOPTER, by now you know that she did in fact have that boob-job you knocked whoever down for “incorrectly” stating she’d had. Either way, none of this really matters. She didn’t deserve to be crowned Miss USA and she wasn’t- Not because of her stance on gay-marriage (We’re ALL entitled to our own opinions) but because of everything she lied about from before the pageant, and everything that has come out since then. Now let’s give the real Miss USA her way overdue cred, and forget this other media-obsessed chick.

  • avatar DMBuffy says:

    First the comment about the bible not mentioning beauty pagents…the book of Ester does talk about how the king was looking for a new queen so there was a beauty contest to decide who was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Ester did win, and without any of the beauty treatments and adornments the other women used. That does not mean that those things are evil, it just means that she won without them. Let’s not read more into it. Second, this whole thing came from a woman being asked an opinion based question, and her stating her opionion. How is that wrong? Can we not have different opionions from different people? I like SUV’s and maybe you like Mini-van’s….I like pasta and my husband likes potatoes. Is one of us being discriminating towards one of the carb family? I do not have to support your choice, but I do have to accept that it is your choice. And, IF asked I may tell you my opinion.
    Done now.

  • avatar kgs says:

    Why can’t gays be happy with a civil union?? It’s the same thing as marriage, just a different name. Christians came up with the idea of marriage being between a man and woman and decided to call it that. Stop trying to change their opinions and force your ideas down their throats. Geez people what is so hard to understand about this? This argument is getting old. Though I don’t think Carrie is the smartest cookie in the jar, she gave her OPINION on a question asked of her. It is so much easier to criticize and find faults in others.

  • avatar Rose says:

    I love the hypocrisy with her. Plus the implants were bad. So obvious.
    As for the whole situation with Carrie and the backlash, Perez Hilton was the big hater behind her. And Perez is an ass who just wanted more people on his site. Simple as that. Carrie just milked the publicity and went on TV saying how people hate her and prosecute her when not many people cared. Hell, she’s the majority as unfortunate as it is.

  • avatar hi says:

    i completely agree with the thread started. I think she is hypocrite. She is sooo two faced and fake inside and out. Gross. And she can put on an act but i can clearly see those who do not accept everything that God put on earth (including gays) they are simply bitter haters. =) enough said. She is just another one of those Plastic statistic that made USA #1 in plastic surgery.

  • avatar icebox says:

    TO ALL: WHY CANT WE ALL BE FRIENDS?! For anyone to judge anyone & then back it up using biblical scriptures is a hypocrisy in itself. For it clearly says “do not judge lest you be judged!”Don’t get me wrong I believe in the bible wholeheartedly, but to just throw out bible scriptures to prove your point is not how God intended His word to be used. It specifically says in the bible that God sent Jesus NOT to CONDEMN the world, so why are we? And why is it we feel we have the right to say this sin is worse than that sin, that homosexuality is worse than heterosexual sin (people who aren’t gay sleeping around)? Sin is sin is sin is sin in God’s eyes! Who are we to judge? God in my mind just wants whats best for us, to love us, and for us to love him back and love each other with a pure love. Awe what the world would be like if we could just learn to love one another! As far as Miss California is concerned I agree with DMBuffy she was simply asked a question on her opinion and she told the truth, you don’t like the answer don’t ask the question! It’s a different story if she picked the subject herself and then went on a rampage against homosexuals! In closing, “All the world needs is love sweet love”

  • avatar Priya says:

    She had the right to say what she said, and perez should he condemned for all of his hate towards her.

    That being said, the issue that I have with her is that she IS a hypocrite because of her need to flaunt the preachings of the bible when it suits her needs. She preaches against homosexuality but has no problem shying away from dealing with her own vanity.
    I am a straight woman and I have a boyfriend. I have friends who are gay and I feel very strongly about how they should or should not be treated. They are people just like the rest of us and while I don’t believe in any sort of god I do believe that if one exists he/she would not have created group of people and then gone on to make those followers hate this group of people. Gay men and women are just like the rest of us and deserve to be treated the same way as the rest of the so called ‘normal’ population. They deserve to love whoever they see fit and marry those people. Ithink that people have a righb to their own opinions, but that if they’re rude, obnoxious or they might offend other people they should try to keep their opinions to themselves.
    Perez Hilton is an embarassment to gay people. He is creatng reasons for the rest of the world to dislike gay people…

  • avatar tara says:

    may i ask why the hell you people care if two homosexual people get married when there are children being beaten and raped, people starving and being murdered every day? seriously why do you want to waste your time whining about people you dont even know and who have no effect on you at all??

  • avatar Amanda says:

    What if God is real & DOES approve of plastic surgery? Ever think about that? Maybe God is so busy with other things that he does not have time to make everyone physically attractive so he granted man the intelligence to come up with plastic surgery so that the plastic surgeons could deal with people’s insecurities leaving God free to tend to more important issues. Vanity may be a deadly sin but it is not against the 10 commandments. Also EVERYONE is vain to an extent because everyone desires to look good. Who wants to be ugly?

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