Keith Urban’s Hittin’ The Botox


It looks like Keith Urban is taking some cues from his wife, Nicole Kidman, and is get some major botox injections. Keith recently showed up for the American Idol finale looking just a little to metrosexual (for my taste at least…).

Keith Urban before and after botox

keith urban plastic surgery botox

It looks like Keith has recently had botox, facial fillers as well as a blepharoplasty (under eye tuck). Keith Urban is 41.

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  • avatar Teatime says:

    The difference in Keith is not Botox it’s Sobriety! he still has all his wrinkles and looks great with them so get a life will ya?

  • avatar jen says:

    You can’t go by pics in magazines. I just saw him up close at a concert recently. He’s got plenty of wrinkles. He looks great to me.

  • avatar Frank says:

    (Respond to his pic and comment no.1)PLEASE!!! Look at his plastic wife,that can’t even smile properly,he absolutely has to keep up with her. And sobriety?PLEASE! Are you saying, that all the pretty looking stars in Hollywood are not doing drugs ?That is just NAIVE!!!!! PLEASE get REAL! LOL

  • avatar Sickitten says:

    gay as the day is long and his “wife” is the new Michael Jackson.

  • avatar Alex says:

    he looks better now.

  • avatar Botoks says:

    Scientists are warning that the anti-wrinkle treatment Botox used by millions of women every year can spread from the face to the brain.

  • avatar Stefania says:

    HE LOOKS SO HOTTTTTTTTT!!! Keep taking care about ya!

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    I think that he also got some lip injection on his lips. What a miracle a guy with lip injections that looks normal!

  • avatar Magnus says:

    Three years of sobriety has taken years off my face too.
    Leave the guy alone.

  • avatar marcelo says:

    On the second picture he looks 10 years younger.
    If due to photography, plastic procedure or not I dont know.

  • avatar elizabeth l. says:

    he looks sexy as always!i wouldn’t change a thing i thought he looked sexy before and i think he looks sexy now . i don’t think it’s right to change anything .he will always be drop dead gorgeous to me!he always makes me smile no matter what he does.i would’nt believe any kind of photo.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    I agree that it’s probably not botox but sobriety! He also is in different lighting & is so freaking hot either way!

  • avatar cheray says:

    nice smile….he looks real good…..

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